Best apps for HTC One M9

10 Best Apps for the HTC One M9 Owners

Best apps for HTC One M9

The HTC One M9 might’ve been a bit older but it still capable of running some of the best apps available on the Google play store. This list is about the best apps for HTC One M9 that will renew your smartphone with great apps and provide entertainment and utility. You can also put a twist to the phone by using these Tips and Tricks.

The HTC One M9 comes with a 5 inch full HD screen and is backed by an octave core processor. The 3 GB of RAM and a 20-megapixel camera on the back makes it a capable device. If you’re into smartphones that are not gigantic, this is one of the best options available in the market today.

This is a great flagship device that deserves every praise it gets, especially in the design department. But you are here to check out some of the best apps for HTC One M9, so let’s start talking about them right away.

Note: the apps are not in any particular order and all of them are very different from each other. Highly recommend checking the list and selecting the apps that you find interesting.

1. CM Launcher 3D

CM Launcher 3d

Don’t get me wrong, I like what HTC has done with their own Sense UI but sometimes you need something different. CM Launcher may not be as elaborate as other launchers on the market, but it does have some beautiful looking interface changes that the HTC One M9 direly needs. After using the smartphone for a long time, any user will crave for change. This is a speedy launcher that comes with brand-new 3-D transition effects.CM Launcher 3d

I initially thought that the 3-D effects will bog down the speed of my smartphone but I was pleasantly surprised when the launcher worked perfectly fine. You also get access to thousands of free themes that allow you to personalize the look of the launcher. Another good thing about this launcher is that it uses fewer system resources than other third-party launchers. If you’re interested, check out our best launchers for Android list and mix it up with one of these Best Custom Roms for M9.

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2. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio

I stumbled across this gem of an app accidentally when I was searching for Photoshop on the Google play store. And boy, am I glad to have found this great app. Please don’t be thrown by the name of the app, this is a very capable photo editing application that allows you to achieve much more with your smartphone.PicsArt Photo Studio icon

From slightly editing your camera pictures to making something truly fun, this app allows you to do it all. The app has a global community of creative people uploading new ideas and creations on the app. There are hundreds of photo editing tools, the filters are customizable and editing tools are flexible. You can even add text, stickers and image overlays over an existing image.

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3. Zapya – File Transfer

Zapya – File Transfer

If you want to transfer large files to other smartphones or tablets, then Zapya is the one app you should get right away. It is one of those amazing utility apps that you don’t know you need until you use them. I have sent full 1080p movies to my other devices by using this great utility.Zapya – File Transfer icon

While you can do any of that stuff by using a native Android tools, but let’s be honest here, they are not well polished and are confusing for a lot of people. This app uses a simplistic interface to pair different devices together and simply sends data that needs to be sent. This is a must have app for any Android fan.

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4. Flash Keyboard

Flash Keyboard

Some people love using different emoji and stickers in their messages, this keyboard is made for those people. Emoji’s are a great way to express yourself without even typing anything else. This keyboard should be on the best emoji keyboards for Android list as well simply because of its ease of use and the number of different smileys. If you want to expand the sticker collection, all you need to do is simply download the font sets and you are ready to go.Flash Keyboard icon

All of this can be achieved with other keyboard apps as well, so what makes this one different? Well, you can easily customize photos into stickers and make your friend’s face into a hilarious emoji. I’m pretty sure your friend will be surprised as well as mad at you at the same time.

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5. Google Duo

Google Duo

Google has made some pretty great first party apps for Android and all of them worked really well on HTC One M9. Google Duo is Google’s answer to FaceTime by Apple and it works surprisingly well. It was recently released and has become one of my favorite video calling apps on Android. I’m even considering entering it into the best video calling apps for Android and the best Siri alternatives for Android list as well.Google Duo icon

It is a simple, well-designed and feature packed with interesting things. The knock knock feature allows you to see the caller before you pick up the call. The video quality is simply marvelous. What’s amazing is that Google is not restricting their app to only Android, you can use cross-platform calling from Android to iOS, removing the need for any third party app.

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6. SoundCloud


If you want to listen to free music and discover new tracks and artists based on your music tastes, then SoundCloud is one of the best apps you can get. A lot of artists are posting their new tracks on this app and it has been doing really well for all of us. I have personally used this app for quite some time now and I’m thoroughly impressed by its music selection.SoundCloud icon

From alternate rock to jazz and from electronic to rap, almost every genre is bursting from naturally talented singers and artists. If you like to explore and don’t mind listening to new artists and songs, this is the app made for you.

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Looking for a simple camera app to use on your HTC One M9? VSCO is the one you should be looking at. It is a fairly simple camera app that allows you to take pictures extremely fast. The camera interface is kept deliberately simple and the app interface is very user-friendly. Another great thing about this app is its association with almost any social app.VSCO icon

Click a picture, apply a desired filter and simply share it with ease. If you’re looking for inspiration then there is a section dedicated to discovering pictures taken by other users as well. I’ve seen some remarkable stuff from other smartphone photographers on this app and it is a great way to expand your horizons. This app was featured on our best camera apps for Android list as well.

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8. TuneIn Radio

Tunein Radio

TuneIn Radio is one of the biggest radio apps available on Android. With over 100,000 radio stations that broadcast round-the-clock, this is one of the best apps available to listen to news and music. Want to catch a live game but don’t have access to a TV?TuneIn Radio icon

This app will allow you to listen in with ease. You can listen to your favorite radio stations from anywhere by using Internet connectivity. Live coverage of every NFL, MBL and an actual game makes this app and essential tool in any sports buff’s app drawer. From enjoying great local stations like Seattle’s KEXP and Chicago’s WTMX to listening to sports radio gurus like WFAN, this app provides at all.

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9. Netflix


Netflix is one of those apps that is a must for all TV show and movie buffs around the globe. So naturally, it is one of the best apps for HTC One M9 as well. The app is very responsive and enjoyable on the 5-inch screen. The Netflix team has made sure that the app runs extremely smoothly on the native resolution on the smartphone.Netflix icon

There is a large collection of TV shows and movies ready to be streamed on your device. If you haven’t already installed this app, I highly recommend getting a Netflix subscription and enjoying ton of quality content stream directly on your HTC smartphone.

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10. Pocket


There are sometimes when you’re reading an article but for some reason cannot finish it. For example, you’re reading an article about coconuts during breakfast but you are running out of time. For those times, Pocket is the best app. All you need to do is save the article or video link to Pocket and you’ll be able to access the content off-line. What’s best?Pocket icon

The app automatically syncs across all of your devices so you are not bound to a certain device to access all the saved articles. You were killing time in the office while watching funny cat videos? Simply save the video links to Pocket and you can continue the fun on your smartphone on the way home.

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These were a few great apps for HTC One M9. I hope you enjoyed going through them and will install some of them to enhance your Android experience. If you run into any problems with the smartphone, check out the troubleshooting article on the problems of HTC One M9.

If you have any more questions or suggestions about these apps feel free to talk to me in the comments below and I’ll make sure to add your favorite apps to the list as well.

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