Android Security Tools for a Safer Mobile Experience

3 Android Security Tools for a Safer Mobile Experience

Cybersecurity has been one of the hottest topics of 2021, and it should still be prioritized this 2022. This includes the safety of your mobile device from looming threats. That’s why we’re going to discuss X Android security tools for a safer mobile experience.

By downloading and using these security apps, you are protecting your Android phone from malware and hackers. If you have these apps installed on your phone, you’ll experience a seamless mobile experience without worrying about cybersecurity.

So, without further delay, let’s start with our list of must-have Android security tools.

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Protect Your Android Phone From These Mobile Security Threats

It may seem that mobile security threats are generic, like malware and cyberattacks. However, mobile security threats can be classified into 4 different subgroups. These are:

  • Mobile network security threats – threats coming from unencrypted access to public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Mobile application security threats – threats from malware or spyware disguised as mobile applications.
  • Web-based mobile security threats – threats from websites filled with viruses.
  • Mobile device security threats – hardware-related threats like losing your Android mobile device and hackers getting their hands on them.

According to the 2020 MSI (Mobile Security Index), mobile security threats just keep getting bigger. There has been a 12% increase in security compromises on mobile devices and IoT from 2018 to 2020. This is alarming, especially if you’re a normal Android phone user that’s new to the world of cybersecurity.

Therefore, if you want all-around protection of your Android phone, ensure that the security tool can protect your device from all threat classifications.

3 Android Security Tools to Protect Your Android Phone and Online Identity

Luckily, there are security tools that improve the state of your online security. We’ve curated this list to help you decide which security tool is best for your cybersecurity needs.

1. NordPass Password Manager

If you’re looking for all-around protection for your passwords online, NordPass Password Manager saves and secures your online credentials. You can secure each of your accounts and personal information online so hackers won’t be able to access them. This way, you’re protecting your Android phone from phishing.

Here are some important security features that NordPass offers:

  • Save and secure unlimited passwords.
  • Easily save and import your passwords with a few clicks.
  • Log in automatically using autofill, even from browsers like Google Chrome and Opera Browser.
  • Replace vulnerable passwords with pre-made complex passwords.
  • Multiple-Factor Authorization (MFA), biometrics, and OTP generator for increased security.
  • XChaCha20 encryption algorithm to further protect important credit card passwords.

NordPass Password Manager protects your data from the 4 mobile security threats mentioned above. Even if your device gets stolen, your passwords remain protected.

2. Malwarebytes

If you want a security tool that can detect phishing threats before compromising your Android device, Malwarebytes can help you with your problem. Ransomware can be easily detected and prevented through real-time protection shields from this security app.

Malwarebytes also checks apps and websites that track your location and monitor your calls. This ensures that your device is safe from phishing and malicious hacking attempts.

One defining feature of Malwarebytes is the periodic privacy audit. This ensures that you always have a safe and seamless browsing experience. This app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and is compatible with Android 6.0 or higher.

3. Nox Security and Antivirus App

Nox Security tool is a complex tool that offers multiple levels of security on your Android phone. Its security features include:

  • Virus detector and cleaner
  • App lock
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Message security lock

These security features will protect your phone’s data from getting breached physically. By having a new layer of security on your apps, other people won’t be able to snoop on important information from your phone.

Must-Have Features of a Good Android Security Tool

Now that we’re done showing you the different security tools from the Play Store, we’ll use a different lens to look at them. Not all Android security tools offer the same level of protection, and you know that by now already. Thus, we’re going to differentiate the good and the bad of an Android security tool.

Here’s a shortlist of the different must-have features of a good Android security tool:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • VPN and firewall capabilities
  • Password manager and autofill
  • Antivirus protection

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

One of the core features of a security tool is its capability to provide layers of protection for your device. Multi-factor authentication (or MFA) ensures that you can only access your data if you authorize the access from another device. This protects your device from mobile device security threats.

You might be familiar with this feature from Gmail. Enabling two-factor authentication on your Gmail secures your emails by ensuring that you verify the access from another device. Without MFA, random people will be able to see your emails just by typing your credentials.

VPN and Firewall Capabilities

VPN (Virtual Private Network) and firewall are layers of security that protect your device from malware. These technologies encrypt your data to avoid getting hacked by cyber-attackers. They protect your Android device from the network, application, and web-based threats.

For example, if you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, you won’t expose your data to hackers trying to puncture the network. You can also control the network access and limit which apps can access the network through the firewall. Having these technologies on your Android phone help keep your device secured.

Password Manager and Autofill

Passwords need to be protected at all times because they are the first layer of security. For example, if hackers intercept your credit card’s password online, your money will be gone for good. Thus, keeping your password safe and secure is of prime importance.

Security apps should have a password manager to keep your passwords. However, autofill can be problematic at times. Other people can autofill your password and click the little “eye” to view it. They’ll be able to access your password without breaking a sweat.

That’s why password managers should be handpicked carefully to secure each of your accounts. This way, you can protect your Android phone from different mobile security threats.

Antivirus Protection

Last, but definitely not least, is the ability of your mobile security tool to ward off viruses and malware from your phone. Antivirus protection should be present on your mobile security tool. Without it, you’re exposing your phone to malware and other malicious threats on the Internet.

Increase Your Protection Now!

Cybersecurity threats are all over the Internet. One misclick and you will find your Android phone swarmed with viruses. That’s dangerous for your phone, especially if you have sensitive data on it.

That’s why you have to employ Android security tools for a safer mobile experience. We hope this article sheds light on why you should get one right away. Have a safe mobile surfing experience!

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