4 Best Android Wear Games You Must Know

The Android Wear has been around for a while, so naturally there have been quite a few apps that you can get on it. However, if you are more of the party type or the business type, the best Android Wear games should be more to your taste.

For those who are not aware, Android Wear is a modified Android version running on smart watches. It’s made by Google, so you’ll get access to the Google Play Store as well so your choices are not restricted like they used to be. There are some really compelling games available for Android Wear and they will keep you entertained for a very long time.

Note: the best Android Wear games were tested on a borrowed Asus ZenWatch. As I had limited time with the watch, I was only able to test around 12 games. The shortlisted games performed well on the watch and apart from the usual small screen problems, no major problems were faced during the testing.

1. 2048 Android Wear

2048 is one of those games that you pick up and just cannot put down. While it has been around on Android smartphones for a while, it is recently launched on the Android Wear platform. It is still a number based puzzle game that will keep you entertained for a long while, even on a small screen.

One of the best things about this app is that it’s incredibly small size, coming at only 22 KB; it won’t take much space on your Android Wear watch. Another good thing is that you can sync it up with your smartphone, and enjoy the game on either device.

The gameplay is simple, you need to add same numbers and make a single tile that is worth 2048. While it may seem simplistic, the actual gameplay is quite entertaining and engaging. It took me a long while to reach the goal when I first tested this app for the best puzzle games for Android list.

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2. Tilt – Augmented Reality

Tilt is an interesting concept; it not only uses your smart watch but also your Android phone. Basically it turns your Android Wear watch into a 3-D arena. Your goal is to navigate that mazelike platform with the ball while catching all the red dots.

You can do so by tilting your wrist, hence the name. It is a fun little concept that in theory should work perfectly, however there are some kinks to be ironed out. For example, the smartphone is not able to keep up with rapid movements of the wrist, so you have to be deliberately slow down when playing the game.

Apart from that, the augmented reality game works well and provides some quality gameplay. There are multiple levels that you can play through and there is a chance of new levels being added because the game is totally open source. A point to be noted here is that there are no ads in the game and there are no in app purchases as well, so you won’t be seeing any huge ads on a small Android Wear watch.

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3. Wear Maze

So what if you don’t want to take out your smartphone to play Tilt? Well you can simply get this game instead. Basically the app displays amaze on the screen that you need to navigate by tilting your wrist.

Yes, it sounds exactly like the game we listed above and it works almost the same as well. Of course, you won’t need to take out your smartphone for this.

Controlling the ball through the maze by using the accelerometer of the watch is fun. However, there are not many deviations to the gameplay mechanics, so it can get stale. Thankfully, there are 25 levels to clear so it will take you a little while to completely exhaust through them.

A point to be noted here is that some people are having problems running the game, I think this has to do with the accelerometer in their watch not being compatible. However, it did work perfectly with the watch I was borrowing from my friend, so chances are it will work fine for you as well.

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4. Rontivity

If you’re a fan of minimalistic games then Ronitivity is going to put a smile on your face. It is simple material design game that comes with a very straightforward yet engaging gameplay mechanic. You control a ball that is rotating on a bigger ball while avoiding other smaller balls that get in your way.

Don’t worry. As confusing as it sounds, when you see the game in motion you’ll instantly know what to do.

The controls are swipe based, so you’ll need to have all fingers on your Android Wear screen. All you need to do is move to the bigger circle if there are balls on the smaller one. I realize that no matter what I say it will sound slightly confusing, but hopefully once you get the game you’ll love it.

While the game can be played on a smartphone or tablet, it is also optimized for Android Wear, so you won’t have any kind of problems there. I feel that the game is well-suited to the circular design of some Android Wear watches, even though it runs just the same on all of them.

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Game Time

These were some of the best Android Wear games you should download and play. While Android Wear is still not as refined as the main Android operating system, there is certainly a lot of scope to have fun. I should warn you though, if you’re going on a long trip and don’t want to drain your smart watch rapidly; you should avoid playing games on it.

Just like always, if you have any questions or suggestions about this article, feel free to talk to us in the comments.

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