Best ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7

The 5 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 to Try to Improve on Perfection

Best ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a remarkable smartphone, and the sales have shown its success as well. Samsung has outdone themselves this year, and it’s paying off big time. However, some people just don’t like TouchWiz want to get rid of it as soon as possible. This is the only reason why we are covering the five best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7; because despite being heavily skinned Android, Samsung’s custom Android skin is pretty good this time around.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Samsung’s take on Android. I’ve always flashed another ROM on my Samsung device as soon as I get bored with the stock features. However, this time around Samsung has done a great job in optimizing the custom Android skin they call TouchWiz.

This is the first time I’m having a fun time using Samsung’s TouchWiz on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. Although I may be satisfied, a lot of other people only want Samsung’s hardware, not their software. These five best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 are good, but they’re not totally there yet.

The reason behind this is that not many people are interested in flashing their newly purchased smartphone. This is entirely understandable because flashing a custom ROM on your new device voids any warranties. If you have your eyes set on a particular ROM, and you are a veteran Android user, you can try out different ROMs and go back to the stock one if you want.

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1. SuperMan ROM

1. SuperMan ROM

If you don’t want to part with Samsung’s TouchWiz so early, you can check out the Superman ROM that is based on stock firmware. As it is built on the TouchWiz user interface, there were a lot of familiar aspects to this ROM.

For example, everything on the customization side is directly lifted from the Samsung software. The only differences you’ll find here are the missing apps and some features. The ROM removes all the apps that can easily be downloaded from the Google play store to avoid bloating the ROM. As a result, the ROM performs exceptionally well and conserves a lot of battery life.

The developer, like me, also likes the TouchWiz this time and has done minor changes to the Samsung firmware. The ROM comes pre-rooted with SuperSU that can easily be selected in the Aroma installer. The ROM also comes with the ad blocker natively enabled, this is a great feature if you’re tired of full-screen pop-up ads.

2. KryxOS

2. KryxOS

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge have a few differences; the most prominent one is the curved edges found on the bigger smartphone. But what if you wanted those features of the Edge on your smaller Samsung Galaxy S7?

Well, with this ROM you can get them with ease. It is a stock de-bloated ROM that is based on the Samsung firmware. Almost all the features you would expect from a Samsung smartphone are kept intact. The core functions of the Samsung firmware are still available on the ROM, for example, themes, the ad screen and always on display are activated.

The ROM also comes with default Google apps like the dialer, camera, and photos, etc. One of the best things about this ROM is that it can boot up in only 15 seconds after the initial setup boot. This is remarkable because my smartphone takes around 40 seconds to load fully.

3. King ROM

3. King ROM

A lot of custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 are based on the stock firmware; it is because a lot of the other developers are not on its case yet. As the device matures, I’m sure we will see a lot of different ROMs for it as well. For now, we are stuck with stock based ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7.

King ROM is another one of the stock firmware based ROM that is trending at the moment on XDA-Developers. It is a deodexed, zipaligned ROM that comes with Busybox and is rooted from the get go. You will also have additional features baked into the core experience.

For example, you can get the traffic meter in the status bar to better monitor your data usage. You can disable signature check, enable outdoor mode in screen setting and even speed up the animations of the UI. Overall this is one of the most stable custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S7 right now.

4. Exyfire ROM

4. Exyfire ROM

Exyfire ROM is based on the latest Samsung firmware and comes pre-rooted and fully de-odexed. The goal of this ROM is to give full functionality without bloatware, so the ROM is stripped of all bloatware without affecting the functions. It also comes with aroma installer that allows you to install the ROM however you please.

One good thing about this ROM is that it’s only 1.57 GB in size. I’ve included this ROM on the best custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S7 list simply because how thorough the developer has been on the landing page. If you are new to the world of custom ROMs, this ROM will make everything easy for you.

The developer has even made videos explaining how to install the ROM even though it’s fairly easy to do. The developer is also very passionate in updating his ROM so you’ll be sure that it will be supported for a very long time.

5. SuperNexus Build ROM

5. SuperNexus Build ROM

Finally, this is the only stock Android-based ROM on this list simply because the others were not stable enough to be on it. This is one of the smallest Nexus ROM available for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and comes in at only 946 MB in size.

If you like the stock look of the Android operating system, then this is the app you should get. One of the best things about this app is that there was almost no bloatware on it. It comes with only 15 preinstalled apps, and that’s about it. Almost each of the 15 apps are stock Google apps.

The ROM also comes with on the air updates so you can easily update the ROM whenever needed. I highly recommend this ROM for the Android purists who don’t like what Samsung has done to the OS. Apart from that, there are several tweaks to the power usage and battery savings, but they are all behind the curtains.


These were the 5 best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 available right now. I’m pretty sure that as time goes on, more developers will take a liking to this device and exceptional ROMs will pop up. When that happens, we’ll be expanding this ROM list as well.

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Just like always, if you have any questions about the ROMs or the smartphone itself feel free to talk to us in the comments below.

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    1. Hi There,
      Do you mean that it will no longer be updated? If so, did you read this in XDA? Thanks for commenting. =-)

  1. I came across your website as I am interested in a pure android experience but on the Samsung S7. I read your piece on 5 best custom roms for the S7 & I think for me the SuperNexus build rom of most interest but in your article you say it will get updates but I am not clear what you mean will that be updates when Google updates os or when the developer of the rom updates his rom. I want to get updates from google i.e. upgrade from marshmellow to Nougat. Please clarify as I am looking for a good handset & at present considering S7 or Motorolla X force (2nd gen) or Moto Z force but at present motorolla are only releasing the Moto Z force in USA exclusively on the virizon mobile network. I like the fact the Moto Z force has a shatter proof screen & it is stock android so the SuperNexus rom will not be needed for this but if I did choose the Samsung S7 I need all the facts about the SuperNexus rom. Thank you for your time & please include as much details & advise as possible & I understand installing SuperNexuas rom on the S7 will invalidate my guarantee but is it possible to save the samsung software to a pc & if a rom developer ceases a rom I can always re-install the Samsung back to it’s original state.

    1. I think the author meant that the developer should update the ROM, since when you root and install a custom ROM you don’t get OTA updates. If you want to update to Nougat, you will have to do it manually. I have a Galaxy S7 Edge and I recommend it to everyone. It’s a great phone. Before flashing any ROMs, please make sure that the one you’re flashing was specially made for not only for you model but also for your variant. I’m sure you can find the right one at XDA.

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