The 5 Best Event Management Apps for Android: Our Recommendations

Managing anything is hard enough, let alone big events. Thankfully, there are some great event management apps for Android that will lend you a hand and make sure that you don’t lose your mind.

I decided to throw a birthday party for my friend once; it was a huge mistake and I haven’t been confident enough to host another event myself. However, with one of these event management apps on my side, I’m now feeling a lot braver.

Managing a whole event is a different beast than throwing a small party at your house. Sure, the basic concept is the same, but there are so many wheels in the cog that you can lose sight of what’s important. This is exactly why you need an event management app to be your assistant.

Note: the best event management apps for Android were tested on a Vivo V9 smartphone. The apps worked perfectly fine and no problems were faced during the testing. Some features will require an active Internet connection to work properly. The apps are not in any particular order because they all offer something unique, we highly recommend that you try them all out before settling on one that suits your needs.

1. Eventbrite Organizer

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Eventbrite Organizer is an extremely well designed app that caters to a lot of different events. However, is more suited to those who host big gatherings and aim to monetize them.

There are several features that allow you to organize and manage the event easily.

If you’re an event creator, you’ll have the ability to easily monitor ticket sales in real time, check the attendees in, and even track the audience live. Creating events on your smartphone is made fairly easy on this app.

The app also allows you to easily enter description, quantity, and type of tickets and a lot more. You can easily edit event listings while on the go. I really like the feature of solving customer requests rapidly, you can also check orders, read issue, and refund or cancel them right from the phone.

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2. Eventory

Apart from having a catchy name, Eventory also has a beautiful interface that is very easy to navigate. It is a great tool that allows you to handle marketing, event management, and even networking with ease.

Planning an event with this app is fairly easy, as the app guides you sufficiently throughout the process. Event schedules, attendees lists, and even messages can be managed right from the app. The app also allows you to list the events and discover them as the pop up from other organizers.

Eventory also makes it easy to market the event if that’s your requirement. You can even established an event website and send out invitation emails directly from the app. There are also quality assurance features that allow you to evaluate event quality.

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3. Event Manager –

Coming with the familiar Google’s material design, Event Manager will feel like an app that you have already used. It is a tool dedicated towards organizing an event easier by providing you with all the necessary tools.

The main screen is a dashboard for each event that allows you to monitor how it is going on. There is a performance graph that makes it really easy to keep an eye on things. From number of views to attendees, everything is there for you to take out.

The app also allows you to view attendees, tickets bought, and even the payment status. It also allows you to keep an easy record of a free attendee that shows up at the event. Managing check-ins or promoting an event is fairly easy with Event Manager App.

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4. Wrike

Wrike is not a dedicated event management app for Android, it is however a great tool to have in your smartphone if you’re into event management. The app allows you to manage large projects with ease and keep track of them without the need of extensive data keeping.

Wrike is a project management app and it deserves a place at our best business apps as well as best apps for working on your phone lists. Quickly accessing projects, assigning tasks, scheduling activities, and even making dedicated folders for different things is fairly easy on this app.

If you are managing a large project with a lot of different collaborators, Wrike is one of the best apps around. It will not only save you the headache of messaging each individual member of the team, but also allow you to coordinate in an efficient manner.

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5. Huddle

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Huddle is a relatively new event management app for Android but it keeps everything simple and easily accessible. On the main screen you’ll find large buttons that will allow you to access different features with ease.

Basically Huddle enables you to take your event digital. The app provides a great platform for attendees to interact with you, provide feedback, and even share their experience with others. The app provides you a dedicated event app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

All you need to do is to design your event, get the app, and share the link with attendees. This unique feature makes it one of the most innovative apps on the best event management apps for Android list.

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Parting Favors

These were some of the best event management apps for Android. They are quite diverse but will mostly benefit big events. I tried to find apps that would cater to smaller events as well but there were none to be found.

However, I highly recommend the best to-do list apps for Android if you simply need to host a Christmas dinner or a bachelorette party. Those apps will provide you with almost the same features that these big shots would do.

So what event are you planning to manage? Most importantly will there be free food in them or not? And even more importantly, can you send us an invite as well. We would love to crash your wedding and gobble down expensive food.

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