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5 Great Apps for Finding a Side Gig

You have your regular 9-to-5 job but it’s not enough or you are back home from college for the summer and need a side gig to make respectable dough.

Introducing 5 great app for finding a side gig that will make you wonder why you actually go to office every day.

No matter if you are a regular suburban mom or a teenager during winter break, these great apps for finding a side gig will surely get some money into your pockets.

I started writing when I was strapped for cash in University and I needed a side gig to fuel my gaming addiction.

Thankfully, there were numerous gigs available around the campus that I didn’t feel the need for an app. However, once out in the open world, it became increasingly harder to land a side gig. Then I decided to check on the Internet for some help and was surprised to see multiple driving websites that offered great side gigs that you can either perform physically or through a computer.

You can look for a job board as well that can help you. You can also easily check out the job postings in the local newspaper or even Craigslist but if you’re looking for something specific, these apps will help you land a side gig that you can endure for a very long time.

Note: The 5 great apps for finding a side gig were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. I have personally used the first 3 apps on the list and have consistently been landing side gigs for 5 years. I started back when there were no apps for these services and it was only a web portal, but subsequently moved to the Android apps once they became available. All of the apps on this list worked perfectly fine and no technical problems were faced during the testing. Of course, I’m only talking about the apps here, not the services they provide, they may vary from person to person.

1. Fiverr

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If you’re only looking for a side gig that won’t take a lot of time, then Fiverr is the app you should look at. There are a lot of gigs available here that you can complete on your PC in a very short amount of time. From digital marketing to programming services and from logo designing to animation for mobile videos; everything can be sold here. I’ve even seen people making handmade cards on this app and selling them for a nifty profit. If you have any kind of skill or hobby that you can foresee being a cash maker for you, you can easily sell it on this app. While I recommend the full desktop experience that is available on PCs and Macs, the Android version of the service does hold up quite well. Here’s a tip, if you want to be active on this gig service, download the Android app and always be available to handle a gig. This way you’ll increase your visibility and increase chances of you being hired.

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2. Upwork

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Formally known as Odesk and Elance, this merged powerhouse provides exceptional freelancing opportunities for those looking for a side gig. I personally started using this website back in 2011 and have been consistently using Upwork to land numerous side gigs. I even discovered JoyofAndroid through this service, and have been really satisfied by their prompt support as well as a huge number of opportunities available. Even if you are not skilled in any particular field, there are easy jobs that you can complete here without having any experience at all. From making full on video games for Android to simply entering data numbers in an Excel sheet, you can find a wide variety of gigs available on this platform. If you want to take your side gigs to another level, I highly recommend that you start with this app. It may start slow but is a reliable and consistent service.

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3. Freelancer

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This is one of the most polished apps on this list because it incorporates every element of the website into a handy app. From creating a “your app”, adding a photo, listing your skills to exporting jobs, everything can be handled on the app itself. I really enjoy simply window shopping through categories to see if I suit a certain job or not, mostly because it pays off to know what skill sets are in demand these days. There are hundreds of jobs so that you can browse through that match your skills so there are no shortage of jobs on Freelancer. If you like a job, all you have to do is place your bid and submit your proposal. If you land a gig, you’ll be able to communicate directly on the app with your clients and even accept job offers wherever you are. Overall it’s a great app to work on and the service is also par with the first 2 apps on the list.

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4. Truelancer.com

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Truelancer is relatively a new player in the side gig business but its gaining traction really fast. The app is called Search Jobs and Higher Freelancer, which to me is odd. Nevertheless, the app provides an exceptional experience especially when it comes to tracking your funds and earnings. The interface is clean and the app is very easy to navigate through. One great thing about this app is that it allows you to track multiple gigs right on the main screen on your Android smartphone. Bidding for projects is quite easy on the app as well. While you can easily browse multiple jobs on the app, you can even list your services and sell them around the clock if that is more of your style.

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This ends the 5 great apps for finding a side gig list and I hope by the time you’re done playing through these apps, you have landed a few gigs yourself. I would highly recommend that you flesh out your profile so when an interested employer sees it, they see a professional willing to go above and beyond the normal side gig enthusiasm.

What sorts of gigs are you into? Do tell us about your preferences in the comments below and start a conversation.

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