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We are Tech Samaritan, where Technology gets practicalized

Our mission at Tech Samaritan is to help our readers understand technology in a practical way so that it can enrich their lives. What good is technology if it doesn’t enrich a person’s life? This is our mindset.

Beyond Tech Reviews and Tips

Well, there are a gazillion technology sites that do reviews, tips, tricks, and news. How does Tech Samaritan differentiate in this crowd?

  • We make Technology Simple.
  • We make Technology Practical.
  • We make Technology Personal.
  • We cover Technology Independently.
  • We make Technology useful to the human race.
  • …. not the other way around.

Our Modern Technology Ethos:

Our ethos is a guide that drives everything we do at Tech Samaritan. It helps us ensure that we are going towards our mission and not deviating from it. Here are the core pillars of our ethos.


We explain technology in the most simplistic manner that even a 5 old year old can understand. If it is not explainable in a simplistic manner then we don’t understand enough about it. If we don’t understand enough about it, what’s the point in preaching to the world!


With so much happening with respect to fake news, fake journalism and advertorials, we decided to be independent irrespective of outside pressure. It’s not that we don’t make mistakes, but if we do, we accept it and move on. But we never will submit to outside pressure to change our opinion or story. That’s a promise we’ve made to ourselves and to our readers.


If technology, at its core isn’t practical then the piece of tech is worth nothing. The world has seen enough tech gadgets and gizmos that look awesome, but was never practically used by readers. We ensure that we cover technology from a practical standpoint that even a 5 year old or 85 year old can understand it, embrace it and use it in their daily life.


If a particular technology isn’t personal enough for an individual, then the mileage one can get from that piece of technology isn’t great. We ensure that every work that we do is personal for the end user in a way that it touches their emotion and has a lasting impact in their life.


Technology has to be useful to the human race. Not the other way around! The value of a particular technology is derived by the usefulness in someone’s life or the impact it creates in society. We cover technology from a usefulness standpoint and enable users to try, test and make technology work for them.

Now for our official bio (for press use only!):

Tech Samaritan is a tech publication that covers everything about all apps and gadgets in the market, be it smartphones, drones, or even crypto and NFTs. We have got you covered. Our mission is to help everyone be a smart tech user.

On our blogs, you will find reliable, in-depth tech reviews, the coolest tips, tricks, and tutorial all in one place. We help you keep up with the hottest trends in the tech world and be a smart tech user that makes wise decisions when it comes to technology.

Our History:

We started as a small team of Android enthusiasts who wanted to help people get the best out of their smartphones. We understand the pain behind choosing trustworthy apps and gadgets. That’s why we started this blog to help our visitors make informed tech decisions. We have touched millions of lives by connecting people with their devices, in our journey so far.

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