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Our Top Recommended Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Line

The Samsung Galaxy S8 series has a revolutionary design that begins from the inside out. These devices have virtually have no bezel and feature the biggest screens currently available on the market. To truly get the most out of your device, try the top recommended accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and S8 Active to enhance its features even more!

Our Top Recommended Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Line | Joy of Android
Our Top Recommended Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Line

1. Caseology Samsung Galaxy S8 Cover

Caseology Samsung Galaxy S8 Cover

If you have a brand new Galaxy S8, the first accessory you want to buy is a case for your S8, S8 Active, or S8 Plus. The Galaxy S8 case Parallax Series from Caseology boasts of a slim dual layer case made with TPU & PC materials. Its shock-absorbing design and high-quality build will ensure unparalleled protection for your smartphone.

Accessing your phone’s ports and buttons is a breeze with its responsive button covers and precise cutouts. It also has a raised lip protection feature that will safeguard your phone’s camera and screen.

If you would like to protect your S8 with this phone case, it is available in Burgundy, Black, Black/Orchid Gray, and Navy Blue.

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2. Yootech Galaxy S8 Plus Charger

Yootech Galaxy S8 Plus Charger

One of the other essential accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is high quality charger.

Check out this universal Yootech Wireless Charger. It has an exclusive multifunctional Intelligent Protect Technology that controls the temperature, protects the unit from power surges, and prevents short-circuit. It also has an Intelligent Temperature Control System that ensures a cooler but more efficient charging time.

This wireless charger performs its best when the phone is charged without a casing or in one that is less than 4mm thick. It is also advised to remove any metal or magnetic object near the device when in use.

It has an LED indicator light and a sleep-friendly mode so the light will automatically turn off after 16 seconds of inactivity. This Galaxy S8 plus accessories pack comes with a Qi Wireless Charger Pad, a 3.3-foot Micro USB Cable, and a User Manual.

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3. Pleson S8 Wireless Charger

Pleson S8 Wireless Charger

If you are looking for a fast-charging S8 wireless charger, you can never go wrong with this PLESON Fast Wireless Charger. It is lightweight but not flimsy and has a sturdy base with an anti-slip mat that makes sure it does not tip over or slide off your table.

This easy-to-use universal  Samsung S8 wireless charger can power up your unit either vertically or horizontally. It has a simple but sleek design and is compatible with most types of phone cases.

Some users have found that the magnetic or metal objects in their phone cases do not hinder the function of this wireless device. The Fast Charge Mode of this wireless charger probably makes it one of the best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8 line around!

This sleep-friendly desktop charger has an LED indicator that lights up once you place your unit on it and automatically shuts off after 10 seconds of inactivity.

What’s good about going wireless is that you don’t have to deal with messy tangled wires anymore.

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4. Ailkin Samsung Galaxy S8 Car Charger


If you are always in the car, one of the accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8 that you must have is a car charger. The Type C Adaptive USB Car Charger from Ailkin has great reviews.

This power charger has a dual port adapter allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously at high speed. It comes with a 6-foot USB C nylon braided cable that can prove to be very convenient if you are charging and are seated at the back seat.

It also has a built-in IC chip that protects your unit from overheating and overcharging. This means that even if you forget to unplug your unit, it will automatically stop charging when your battery is full.

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5. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Charger


I’m one of those people who likes to keep a charger handy in every room, so I have plenty in my collection of accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This Adaptive Fast Charger from Samsung will make sure your smartphone is charging at every opportunity you got. It comes with a reversible USB-C cable needed by the latest generations of Samsung smartphones such as your Galaxy S8 Plus.

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6. Samsung S8 360 Camera


Are you a professional photographer or a hobbyist who love to take photos and videos to share on your social media site? This S8 360 camera will be useful for you. It has four times the resolution of a regular HD camera which gives you 15MP photos and 4K videos with the help of its dual 180° lenses.

It has an easy-to-hold design and an IP53 water-resistant rating so you can use it even when there’s a chance of getting it a little wet. However, like what I always say, it’s best not to test every feature that your gadget comes with unless utterly accidental.

This easy-to-use camera device lets you preview and edits your videos using the Samsung VR app. It operates on 1 AAA battery and is also available in a model with expandable memory.

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7. Techo S8 Camera Lens


If you love to take and share photos on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook, either as a hobby or for your online business, then you will love this S8 camera lens.

The universal TECHO smartphone camera accessories feature a 12x zoom telephoto lens which will allow you to bring your subject closer in your photos even if you capture them from a distance.  The wide angle lens allows you to have a more peripheral vision when taking photos with wide ranges such as landscapes.

Its fisheye lens gives you the option to create panoramic or hemispherical images, usually in the form of artistic and fun rounded images. Did you know that fisheye lenses were originally developed for meteorological purposes? Well, now you know. It also comes with a macro lens that helps you capture your subject in a detailed close-up photo.

With so many options to make your photos come out the way you want it or differently, this set of camera lenses is a great buy for every amateur or professional photographer.

It comes with the aforementioned lenses as well as a mini black tripod, a small pouch, a retail box (so you can wrap it up nicely if to be given as a gift), a user guide, and a universal holder.

It also comes with a 45-day money back warranty and a 12-month replacement warranty.

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8. Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch


Want to get yourself or a loved one a smartwatch to use with the Samsung Galaxy S8?

This Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch has a sleek and elegant design that you will love. It has a customizable watch face and a circular interface with a rotating bezel for easy navigation.

It features text, news, and calendar notifications, touchscreen sensitivity, and built-in fitness tracking.  What it doesn’t have is a built-in speaker so you have to use Bluetooth headphones if you want to listen to music with it.

This Bluetooth and Wi-Fi smartwatch comes with a wireless charging dock and is available in a variety of colors.

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Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Whether at home, at work, or in transit, accessories the for the Samsung Galaxy S8 line like these will make your life easier. Use them to keep your phone in tip top shape or to expand your smart device’s capabilities even more.

Do you own any of these accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8 already? Are there any that you know want? Do you have a favorite that you think should have been put on this list? Let us know in the comment section, then share this post with your friends!

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