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Accupedo Pedometer App for Android – Step Your Way to Better Health

Life of an app reviewer is easy; you just pick up an app and write about it. Just like undercover cops are told not to get involved personally in the crime lifestyle, an app review has to be cold hearted as well. I try to find the good in every app I test, and when I see lost potential, it makes me sad.

Accupedo Pedometer is one of those apps that could have been something amazing. I wish one day I could be the king of app reviews and help the developers better their apps.

Accupedo Pedometer is a good running app for Android, but it doesn’t work that well all of the time. Some aspects of the app are very well designed, and the app is also easy to use. But there are some issues that make Accupedo Pedometer a chore to use and quite frankly, hard to recommend.

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The Good

A robust start-up information form makes everything personalized. The app has a clean and easy to understand interface. When compared to the best pedometer apps for Android, the interface is a little cramped.

However, the readability and easy access to the features makes it a highly utilitarian interface. The app also comes with a history graph that allows you to gauge your performance on a daily basis.

The Bad

Accupedo Pedometer does its job well, but the step counts are way off. The app was off around 20 and 30 steps when I ran a 3 laps around a basketball court two times. I tried fiddling with the settings, but there was nothing to make the app more accurate.

Additional steps are fine in my book, but the app didn’t count 20 of the most precious steps I took, and this is unacceptable. The app also, for some reason, counted steps when I was returning home on my bike. This shouldn’t have happened; most pedometer apps on Android stop counting when you are moving unnaturally fast.

The Bottom Line

If you really dig the interface, Accupedo Pedometer will serve you as well as an average app can. But I cannot recommend the app because of two reasons. One is the lack of accuracy in the app, and other is random shut downs.

The app is also prone to crashing for no reason at all. I came to know about this when I accidently left the app on overnight and in the morning I saw a prompt telling me that Accupedo Pedometer has stopped responding. Therefore, I would point you towards Runtastic Pedometer app or any other you can find on the best pedometer apps on Android list. Accupedo Pedometer is not amazing in its current state.

Installation and First Boot

Getting the app on your smartphone or tablet is a standard procedure. You can head to the Google Play Store page and simply click on install button. The app is small in size and will be a quick download. There is no additional file to download once you have the main app installed.

Once the app is fully installed, you can launch it by usual means.

The first screen will be of a form. I recommend that you enter accurate information in it. Although many calorie counter apps and fitness apps use elaborate forms to deliver a personalized experience, Accupedo Pedometer fails to come close. I would have liked to see a skip option, but there was none to be found.


The main screen has everything you will need on it. Having everything in one place makes the screen feel a little cluttered and cramped, especially with the ads are displaying at the bottom. But if you like everything visible at all times, this interface will serve you well.

On the top, there is the history button, charts button and the obligatory menu button. Then there is the date and daily goal.

You can see the number of steps clearly just below them. There is also walking indicator that tells you if you are walking or not, I don’t think this is of any use. There is also a handy reset button that I highly doubt you will regularly use.

Towards the bottom of the screen, there is the pause button and the timer. There is also a distance, speed and calorie burnt counter displayed on the screen.

Lastly, there is the graph that you can quickly glance to gauge progress.


The app can obviously measure the number of steps you’ve taken. It also gives you an idea of calories burned, which is a great thing. For those of you interested, you can see how far you’ve gone and how fast you were walking or running.

The app has a good history feature that can be used to map out your daily progress.

If you are a regular runner, this feature will really help you a lot. Apart from the basic features you can also backup the records to a safe place. You can also share your progress on social media, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that on a daily basis.


Accupedo Pedometer is a good app but its tendency to miscalculate steps makes it hard to recommend. The app is sometimes 20 steps off in the total calculations. I even changed the sensitivity to a lower level, and the results were still off.

The app is also reportedly crashing on some smartphones which again is a bummer. I only had the app crash once, and even when it was not active. When using the app I have any problem with it crashing.

The app is incapable of distinguishing between a motorcycle going 80 miles per hour and a fat human who is struggling to run. It counted 4000 steps from the court to my house that is astonishing. Maybe the app is designed for The Flash as well.


The app only asks for your email address and may ask for additional social media account logins. This is because of the sharing feature. The rest of the app seems stable and secure. There are no suspicious permissions in this app.


Accupedo Pedometer would have been an amazing app if it were somewhat accurate and not prone to crashes. There is a lot of potential in the app that I believe can be unlocked by tweaking the sensitivity settings a bit. For now, I would recommend other apps before considering this one.

So what do you think of Accupedo Pedometer? Is it working well for you or not?

Leave your experiences with Accupedo in the comments below.

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