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Action Games on Android for the Everyday Thrill Seeker

Playing video games used to be hard for a guy who grew up in the 90s. Back in the day, you actually had to mow the lawn to get some one on one time with the family TV. These days, thanks to some of the best action games for Android, I can game while mowing the lawn. However, I don’t recommend you do that. I say this because this weekend I completely destroyed the sprinkler system.

Action games on Android are improving day by day. We’ve seen standard hack and slash games translating well to the touch platform. Now we are looking at almost console quality titles being released on our beloved Android platform. I would never have guessed playing an action-packed shooter would be possible while taking an exam. That my friends is the power of Android and laziness combined.

Note: The awesome action games for Android were tested on multiple devices over the course of several months. All of them ran fine on my daily driver Samsung Galaxy Note III, my backup smartphone the Sony Xperia Z and the Asus family tablet. Some of the apps will require an active internet connection to provide the full experience.

1. Shadow Fight 2

Icon 1 Shadow Fight 2

Arcade fighting games are hard to port to Android because they rely on physical buttons a lot more than other games. The precise input of the physical button is almost a necessity to pull off long chains of combos. When I was finally able to execute a complex combo in Shadow Fight 2, I surprised myself. Granted, it was no way near as elaborate as the combos you can perform on Street Fighter or Tekken, but it still felt great.

Shadow Fight 2 simplified the whole process of making your on-screen fighter look great. The game is a simple one on one 2D fighter, in which you have to take down your opponent. There are some of the best customizations I have seen in a fighting game for Android. Changing a weapon essentially changes the way you play the game as well. This is one of the best fighting games on Android without a doubt.

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2. Gangstar Vegas

Icon 2 Gangstar Vegas

If you are looking for the thrill of explosions and bullets, Gangstar Vegas gives you just that. This game is basically a mixture of Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row; thankfully, it joins the best parts of both series. Gameloft is famous for taking inspiration from a ton of well-established game series, and this game is not different.

This is a free roam sandbox game in which you will be able to partake in action-filled missions and races. There are even airplanes and jetpacks to give you total freedom in the open world. I like to walk around doing nothing and start a shooting spree to relieve tension.

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3. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Icon 3 Injustice Gods Among Us

Now that Batman Vs Superman is closing in on its much-anticipated 2016 release, this game is bound to get more publicity. After all, this game allows you to pit the Dark Knight against the Man of Steel. That’s not it, though; this game is the physical incarnation of the dream fights we had in our childhood.

Want to see Wonder Woman beat the living heck out of the Flash? How about Aquaman taking on Green Lantern? If fighting villains is more of your jam, the game has almost every major one available too.

The fighting mechanics are rather toned down though the game is anything but that. There are combos you can pull off, special moves that can be executed, and even finishers that are action packed to the brim. Game aside, the Injustice comic book is also one of the best ones around. This game can easily be considered one of the best looking games for Android.

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4. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Icon Modern Combat 5 Blackout

This is another action game for Android that packs an explosive punch. The game is the latest installment in the long-running shooter series by Gameloft. The game allows you to select 5 unique character classes that are highly customizable. The characters can then be leveled up by either playing the single player modes or the stellar multiplayer modes.

The progression system is robust and allows you to unlock signature skills for all 5 classes. The multiplayer mode is where the most action takes place, though. The squad vs. squad matches that are the same as team death match have the best design.

The maps are all high quality and boy! the game looks great running on my Galaxy Note III. The only downside is that you will need to be constantly connected to the internet.

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5. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Icon 5 Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Usually, games based on movies are quite bland. The only recent game that came close to being perfect was Mad Max, and that was released on consoles and PC. I was pleasantly surprised to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation do so well for itself. Don’t get me wrong, the game is far from being perfect, but the popcorn nature of the silver screen is translated well on the touch screen of Android.

The concept is simple; you enter a level, kill bad guys and move on. There’s nothing too complex with the plot of the game, and this is the way I like my action games. There is also a pretty good story in there somewhere, but you will be having a great time killing bad guys to notice it. The game offers a variety of weapons to you as the game progresses.

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These were some of the best action games for Android I’ve found on the Play Store. There are tons more, but I would recommend you check out the best shooter games, best racing games, as well as best 3D games for Android lists to expand your options.

What is your go to action game on Android?

Let us know if it helps you relieve some tension while on the go. Shoot some comments down below.

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