Adventure Games for Android [Venture Out and Stay in at the Same Time]

We live in a world where leisurely pleasures are hard to come by. Our daily routines have no time for awe and wonder. Thanks to our smartphones and some insanely great adventure games for Android, we have the ability to wander around while sitting in the chair at work.

I’ve been a huge fan of adventure games on consoles for a long time. There’s something magical about exploring a new fictional world. We have already listed platform games that take cues from Super Mario. Now with this list of action games for Android, we will be expanding in a different direction.

The word adventure can hold different meanings for different people. For some driving around in a fast car in a racing game for Android is an adventure. Others consider questing around in RPG games for Android an epic adventure.

Thankfully for me, I have already made extensive lists about those games. So this list will introduce you to a different brand of video games.

Note: All of the games in the great adventure games for Android list were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III and Sony Xperia Z smartphones. The screenshots you see here are all taken on the Sony Smartphone to reflect the mid-range optimization of the video games. The games performed fine, and no problems were faced during testing. The apps are not in any particular order.

1. Daddy Was A Thief

Daddy Was a Thief Icon

I came across this game when I was researching for the best endless runner for Android. Technically the game can be categorized as an endless runner but this one has some other nifty ideas as well. The name of the game is really intriguing for first-time players.

There is also a cute story behind all the smashing that ties in the game really well. You are a thief, who apparently likes to smash into people’s houses and collect cash. While the premise is simple, the gameplay is even simpler. Simple touch controls are very easy to understand and master.

You get to smash walls and floors alike. The game also has some really great particle effects for all the breaking that you do. That’s not all, there are multiple playable thieves, as well as many awesome power ups you can collect. That’s what makes the game instantly playable.

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2. Reaper

Reaper App Icon

Reaper might look like a mellow action game, at first sight, but it is anything but tame. The game is an action-adventure title and features some of the best on-screen effects I have seen. The game looks absolutely gorgeous on any smartphone or tablet I played it on. It can easily be categorized as a full on Action game for Android while simultaneously being on the best looking games list.

There are role-playing elements in the game as well, that keep it surprisingly fun for a very long time. A good sense of progression will keep you tapping away in the game for a while. There are hundreds of armor, swords and accessories to find and equip.

The game also comes with Google Play integration, cloud saves and leaderboards. Reaper is fully compatible with third party controllers for Android as well. It is one of the best-rounded Android games I have tested in a long while.

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3. Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon App Icon

Just like the name implies, Pixel Dungeon is a rogue-like game with pixel graphics. The most direct and popular comparison we can make here is with Legend of Zelda, but this game is a bit harder in some aspects. This adventure game for Android isn’t for casual gamers. It is a hardcore role-playing game that not only depends on your luck but also on your decision making skills.

One of the best features of the game is the permanent death. Yes, you heard me right, the game features permanent death. Thankfully the game also comes with procedurally generated levels which guarantees that every playthrough will be fun and unique. If you are a fan of games like Dark Souls on PC and consoles, you will have a good time playing this high intensity adventure game.

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4. Yurei Ninja

Yurei Ninja App Icon

I have tested and played almost every mainstream endless runner game on Android. Yurei Ninja is one of the few that really managed to impress me. The game allows you a certain level of control that is not available on other endless runners.

The adventuring part of the game can be masked behind the hectic gameplay. However, some environments just beg to be explored at a slower pace. The cherry trees in the game look extraordinary, even though the graphics lover in me knows that it is just a texture.

There are various enemies you can encounter, and thankfully there are multiple weapons you can use against them. The game provides the opportunity to feel nimble and agile as a shinobi, a feeling seldom seen in a video game.

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These were some of the best adventure games for Android. Adventure is once again a subjective term, for some it might mean running around in the jungle while for others surviving a tough puzzle. Thankfully, I have littered this article with a lot of other great lists that will have you gaming for a very long time.

If you have a particular taste in games that you want me to cover, feel free to comment. I may have missed a particular genre in my lists and will love to fill that void with quality games from the Play Store.

Questions? Suggestions? A million dollar deal to sign me as the next Batman? Do talk to me in the comments below.

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