Alarmy App Review (Android): Sleep If You Can challenge

Alarmy App Review (Android): Sleep If You Can challenge

If you are one of those people who sleeps like a literal log, you may find yourself getting late for everything. Alarmy is an alarm clock app that knows how to wake you up and keep you awake. Other normal alarm apps are simple to set to snooze. I have tried a ton of different alarm apps, and in the end, I have always gone back to sleep. Alarmy is my all-time favorite to wake me up.

Note: Alarmy was tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. This app has been in my use for a while now and has never failed to wake me up. I have also tested the app on Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note IV smartphones.

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The Good

The app is great at what it is meant to do, which is to wake you up when you need it. I recently got into taking power naps but realized that those short naps were actually 4-6 hours long. Naturally desperate times called for desperate measures and I started using Alarmy again. Suffice to say my naps are now significantly shorter.

The interface is user-friendly and the wake-up mechanics are amazing. The picture method works amazingly and does get you out of bed. The downside is that you will curse the past for doing this but become thankful when you are fully awake.

The Bad

The photo method is a little too strict in judging angles. Also if you use flash while taking a photo, you will need to use flash again for the app to register a match. The app also has advertisements on the exit prompt. This is just annoying as you have to select OK to exit.

The Bottom Line

Alarmy is an amazing alarm app and will serve you quite well. The free version is fully capable of waking you up either by the innovative photo method or the shake to stop one. The interface is great and the app is very easy to use. There are abundant options to make your experience personalized. All in all I wholeheartedly recommend this app to those who are constantly getting late for court hearings and posting letters.

Getting The Alarm

Getting the app on your Android device is very easy. All you need to do is to go to the Google Play Store page and simply click on install. The free alarm app for Android will be automatically downloaded and installed on your device. Once the app is downloaded go to the app drawer and simply tap on the icon. This will open up the Android alarm app.


The app makes it extremely easy for new comers to understand the app. There is an elaborate tutorial for your convenience. By elaborate I mean it explains almost all the functions of the app which will enable you to use it immediately.


Some of the functions are pretty standard for an alarm app on Android but some are relatively new. I highly recommend that you check the full tutorial out before going on to actual usage.

The Interface

The interface is very usable and presents absolutely no problems whatsoever. The app will automatically import all your alarms which you may have arranged using the stock alarm app. Or if you are regular Joy of Android reader, you may have been using one of the other alarm apps for Android. Alarmy knows that you hate setting alarms again and again.


The settings are actually pretty great for an alarm app and give you everything you may need. I love detailed apps and this one certainly fits the bill.

Setting The Alarm

Setting the alarm is very easy, simply tap on the Add Alarm button on the top of the screen and you are ready to roll. The app will take you to a detailed alarm adding screen:


From here you can set the time, the repetition, the ring tone and even vibration. This is very much a standard among any alarm app you use. However the Alarm method reveals some additional goodies.


If you tap on the Alarm off method button you will see that there are two different options available. Take a picture and shake. Another option is recently added which is the solve math problems one, the only problem is that it comes with the paid version alone.

The Methods

Let’s talk a little about the new methods to turn off alarms. First off is the take a picture method. This method involves a semi-asleep you, a ringing alarm and a smartphone camera. I think you are getting the picture here (pun intended).


If you select the take a picture option you will need to actually take a picture of anything. The app will save it and when the alarm rings you will need to take that picture again in order to turn it off. This is a great method which works almost 70 percent of the time. If you took a picture at night the app will have a difficult time recognizing it in the morning. I suggest you take the picture the morning before to avoid confusion. Once you have taken the picture all is well from then on.


Another great method is the shake method. While it may seem simple at first, it is actually not. You may be thinking this is a great way to shut off that annoying alarm, a flick of the wrist and the sound goes away. WRONG! You will need to shake the phone for around 20-30 times depending on your settings. This means you will be fully awake before the last shake.



The app is capable of sharing your location. But if you ask me it is only for the weather reports it gives you right after you turn off the alarm. Still a warning is a warning. Other than that there are no anomalies I can spot about this app. It’s no wonder it’s the number one app in our best alarm apps for Android list. Type a comment below if you have any question about the app or the review itself. Now take a nap, rest easy as Alarmy is going to alarm you on time!


Well, to me,  Alarmy is one of the best alarm apps on Android. It is the one app which can wake me up on time no matter what. Although I wouldn’t actually use the image alarm feature daily, it is certainly a great way to make sure you wake up for your wedding. If you have any questions or suggestions, just comment below.


Is Alarmy available for iOS platform?

Yes the Alarmy app is available for both android and iOS platforms

Is the Alarmy app free?

Yes the Alarmy app is free. There is also an in-app purchase option to completely remove the ads in the paid version.

Does the Alarmy app need Wi-Fi ?

No the Alarmy app does not need Wi-Fi for working properly. Most of the features work fine without internet connectivity.

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  1. Hi Billa,
    I am using Alarmy.
    But some time it doesn’t rings. I had check FAQ, in which it is saying for Sony Phones check Caution option.
    Which is under Alarmy-> Menu -> Caution

    But i am not able to find the the Caution option.
    Were you?

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