Alexa vs Google Home - The Ultimate Comparison

Alexa vs Google Home – The Ultimate Comparison in 2023

Alexa vs Google Home The Ultimate Comparison! let’s get into it right away from scratch.

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What is Google Home OR Google Assistant?

Alexa vs Google Home The Ultimate Comparison
Alexa vs Google Home The Ultimate Comparison

Google Assistants are your own personal Google device which is ready to help you at any time. The Google assistance is based on artificial intelligence that will enable the user to have a two-way conversation with the voice-activated speaker, Google Home, along with third-party assistance like smart phones and Android wear. 

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a personal assistant from Amazon. Alexa uses automatic speech recognition and natural language processing that can control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system. Alexa uses weak AI to perform tasks like voice interaction, music playback, making a to-do list, streaming podcasts, setting up an alarm, providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information such as news and it will play books.

The Ultimate Comparison – Alexa Vs Google

QuestionsGoogle HomeAlexaWinner
Navigation98% of the time right72% of the time rightGoogle
Music10 platforms8 Platforms( 2 Amazon platforms)Google
Shopping list7+ online outlets2 outlets including AmazonGoogle
Streaming from your phone8+ options including BluetoothOnly BluetoothGoogle

Control smart Home

Yes have more products connecting to
Phone calls. Timer and reminderYesYesTie

Support up to 6 users and automatically swaps between accountsSupporting households and swaps between accounts
Option to block explicit content or music from playing


Requesting music20 out of 2015 out of 20Google
Text MessagesNOYesEcho
Receive calls on device audio OR videoNO,Yes bothEcho

Hands-free TV

Netflix, CW, CBC, HBO, NOW
All Access like Netflix, Bravo, CBS, CNBC, NBC, FiOS, Hulu, Play station view, and more

Reading BooksNO Audible, KindleEcho
Checking Knowledge with a battlePerfect at almost allMisses a little bitGoogle
Comparison Tablulor column

These are the most common features between them:

  • Making calls using the phone number or Business name.
  • Intercom room to room calling and caller ID.
  • Whisper mood.
  • Beatboxing and wrap
  • Snooze option and answers can you repeat that again?
  • Timer and multi-room audio.
  • Find songs using lyrics and play albums or music.

For more clear and in-depth information visit HomeAlarmReport’s 100+ Point on Alexa Vs Google Home.

Now we will get into the pros and cons of Alexa and Google Home.

Pros And Cons of Alexa vs Google Home again with the ultimate Comparison table.

Alexa ProsGoogle Home Pros
Hands-free and say no to buttons and clicking.Hands-free and no buttons and clicking.
Connects to unlimited and premium music same as paid.Could connect to music but you must pay and have automatic music suggestions according to your music taste.
Connects to Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, & Echo. Spot, etc.You can use Google assistance through third-party smart speakers.
You can create your own skills through Amazon’s Blueprint.Have access to Google’s search engine so that you don’t have to take your phone or laptop to search for an answer.
You can purchase products and can pay online.Online payments and online shopping are available.
Pros of Alexa & Google Home

Let’s see some of the Cons that are observed. With Only the pros we can not jump in to a conclusion, right? Let’s see who has the biggest Cons and let’s compare and get to a conclusion which will suit you the best and your smart home.

Alexa ConsGoogle Home Cons
Always works with the Internet.It must be plugged in all the time to work properly.
Takes more than 24 hours to update.Can not read or send messages.
Don’t understand More languages and Accents in English.Does not have many buttons for manual use.
The cloud bases service will get paused if the cloud has a problem in it.The cloud-based program will also get stopped when there is a problem in the cloud.
Cons of Alexa & Google Home

For more in-depth information and analysis read Active My Home blogs.

Google Home

Alexa Vs Google Home - Google Home
Alexa Vs Google Home – Google Home

Image Source: Google

Offers personalized elements like Google calendar, Gmail, Video calling or meeting apps, understanding of context, recognizes different voice profiles, and supports features like continued conversations, lengthy conversations, and interpreter mode.

Google Assistance will allow you to control all the smart home devices, acts as a translator, and talking partner, accesses information and reminds you of events from your calendar, runs a timer, receives commands like alarms,  can save any phone number, and find information online in the trillions of databases available than any other AI devices.

You will find Google Assistant on numerous devices from the Nest and Google Home speakers and smart displays. You can also connect it with third-party devices, speakers and smart displays, Google Pixel phones, android phones and headphones, Android TV, and smart and Android cars which support Google assistance. Any devices that have access to or can download the Google Assistant app like iOS, smart cars, smart beds, smart speakers, smart blinds, smart windows, or anything that supports the Google Assistant app that will be the next Google Assistance that will accept your commands and act accordingly.

Alexa Vs Google Home - Google Home
Alexa Vs Google Home – Google Home

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Alexa Vs Google Home - Alexa Mobile App
Alexa Vs Google Home – Alexa Mobile App

Image source: Amazon

Alexa is the voice assistant AI of Amazon. So long as you have an internet connection, Alexa will be happy to help you anywhere and anytime, and at any cost. The smart feature makes your smart home even smarter. Alexa can play your favorite songs, read the latest headlines, dim the lights in your living room, close the blinds, or switch on and play your favorite show. The basic logic behind Alexa is to make your life easier, more meaningful, and more fun by helping you with voice control both at home and while on the go.

Alexa and Echo work hand in hand as partners so that you do not have to use your hand to use either. But while there are a lot of Echo devices on the market to choose from, there is only one Alexa.  Alexa features in Echo smart speakers, screens, and wearables. Alexa is basically functioned by Cloud, so we can say Alexa lives in the cloud but if there is any problem with the cloud Alexa will not work until it is solved this is the cause in all the AI-based smart Devices

You can ask for help from Alexa in Echo, Fire TV, Fire tablets, and other compatible devices. Alexa is also accessible on your smartphone. Alexa accessibility makes it more possible with Alexa will continue to open possibilities and new ways to experience the world. Alexa’s accessibility features are helping people to be more connected, more entertained, and more independent.

Alexa Vs Google Home - Alexa Echo Dot
Alexa Vs Google Home – Alexa Echo Dot

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Alexa cost a month?

Alexa does not cost you anything but rather connects with the smart products that you already own. 

Can Alexa respond to Google requests?

Yes, Alexa can respond to Google requests. If you say, “Alexa, I have a question,” you’ll hear “what’s up?” as a response, and then you can ask Alexa, and Alexa will respond to Google’s requests now.

What is the difference between Alexa and Google Home?

There is not much of a difference when it comes to Alexa and Google home, where Google has more data resources to bring you the best result in all, but amazon Alexa has more smart devices that could connect to Google Assistance.

The Struggle is Real When it Comes to the Ending

Alexa vs Google home are compared in many different ways, but the final choice and the already built smart home of yours hold the answer. However, in comparison to Alexa vs Google home, Google home is better in many features as you could visibly see in the research, because of its trillions of databases and its fast performance. Where the Alexa Echo shines is best in playing music unlimited and ultimately but with a paid subscription. Remember that Amazon products are purchased wholly, so if you purchase Amazon Prime you can use prime shopping, prize online streaming, Prime music, etc.

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