LG V20 Problems Solved

All of the Common LG V20 Problems Solved

LG V20 Problems Solved

I have to tell you the truth here; this article will be able to solve all of LG V20 problems. But it will most definitely render the major LG V20 problems solved. As I was researching for this article, I was surprised to see that there were not many problems plaguing the latest LG flagship smartphone.

This is a surprise because almost every smartphone these days comes with a plethora of different problems. Not going to say that this smartphone is problem free, it has been the subject of controversy then some people reported that the camera glass is randomly shattering, but that was in very minute numbers.

LG V20 is a remarkably well-designed smartphone and looks great and also performs equally well. I tested the smartphone out for around to 3 hours and was thoroughly impressed how much LG has improved their custom Android skin. The smartphone also comes with the signature to screens on the front; one is dedicated to notifications while the other is a standard one.

With some serious hardware backing it up, the LG V20 is a beast when it comes to running video games and apps. Naturally, there are some users have reported problems they are facing with their LG V20. Some of them are software-based and can be solved easily while others are hardware-based and you may need to send your device back to LG. This article aims to render all of LG V20 problems solved.

Problem 1: Performance Degradation

The LG V20 comes with some of the line specs, and it performs extremely well. However, some people have reported that the smartphone is hanging for rebooting randomly. There have been some instances of significant lag during normal usage as well.


  • Safe Mode: any app can be a pain in this scenario and the only way to identify it is to boot into safe mode. To boot into the safe mode, you need to turn off the smartphone and restart it. Just as the LG logo appears on the screen, you have to press and hold the volume down key until you reach the home screen. This will activate the safe mode. Check to see if there is a problem with performance if the smartphone is working fine, then one of the apps you installed is giving grief, and you need to uninstall it.
  • You can also download a third party app that can monitor the app usage. I recommend Greenify for the job as it is proven to provide accurate readings to the users. After running the app, you would know which app is consuming a lot of system resources. Then all you need to do is simply the app you restore full performance on your smartphone.
  • Even after that if the smartphone is not functioning as it should, you should try disabling some of the software features that you don’t actively use. If you are from the US, the chances are that your network carrier has installed some bloatware on the device. While you may not be able to remove the bloatware from your smartphone completely, you sure can disable them from the settings.

Problem 2: Battery Levels

Some users have reported that their LG smartphone doesn’t charge to a full hundred percent. It tends to stop around the 90% mark.

battery level - LG V20 problems solved


  • A lot of people have reported success by doing a battery reset off their smartphone. To achieve this all you need to do is simply drain the battery of LG V20 until it completely turns off. After that, you can plug it in until the LED indicator turns green and the device a basic be fully charged. Now remove the charger and start the phone. Don’t worry if the battery indicator is still not at 100%, all you need to do is plug it in again, and it should charge fully.

Problem 3: Unusual Battery Drain

Some people have reported that their LG V20 is draining battery way too fast. This problem arose on LG V20 offered by Verizon, T-mobile, and AT&T. There can be some reasons why this is happening, and I’ll try to list the most common ones in the solution.


  • One of the simplest solutions to this problem is simply restarting your smartphone. After restart check to see if there is any abnormal drainage.
  • You can also check the battery usage information to know which app is using up the battery most. To access that option, simply head to Settings > General > Battery & Power Saving > Battery usage. You can simply check which app has been using the most power. Facebook has been one of the most common apps that drain the battery a lot; I recommend removing it and installing the lite version.
  • If that doesn’t work, I recommend using the Battery Saver feature. This is, of course, a temporary fix.
  • You can try clearing the cache a partition of your smartphone. Head over to Settings > General > Storage > Cached Data > Yes. It might take a little while to completely clear that partition depending on how much data is stored there.

Problem 4: Fingerprint Scanner Woes

Some people are having problems with the fingerprint scanner on the LG V20. There are reporting that the sensor is not recognizing their fingerprint and even displaying a message saying, “fingerprint not working, if the problem persists restart phone.”

fingerprint - LG V20 Problems Solved


  • The LG V20 ships with a thin plastic sheet that covers the fingerprint scanner. If it still there it would be better to remove it, so this fingerprint scanner can contact your fingers completely.
  • If your smartphone is a bit dirty and dirt and grime accumulated on the scanner, you have to clean the scanner and the area around it with a damp cloth.
  • The Fingerprint scanner cannot read if your fingers are wet or covered in any liquid. Dry your hands and then try again.
  • Some of the protective cases for the LG V20 tends to interfere with a scanning process by not giving ample space for the finger to contact it. Try scanning after removing the cover.
  • Some people have reported that the scanner works well if you touch it lightly. Try this method out instead of pressing firmly, give it a lighter touch instead.

Problem 5: Speaker Quality

Many people on the forums are reporting that the speaker quality is blown out and speakers don’t sound decent at all. Some people are reporting that there are popping and crackling sounds coming out of the speakers when they play any music.


  • LG knew about this issue and released an update that tried to solve the problem. If you haven’t updated your smartphone in a while, head over to Settings > About phone > Software updates > Check for update.
  • Even after updating your smartphone to the latest firmware the problems are still there, you’ll have to return the smartphone to LG. This is probably a hardware issue, and you won’t be able to solve it yourself.

Problem 6: Camera Glass Scratched

A lot of people have noticed that the protective camera glass on the LG V20 is scratching quite easily.


  • We cannot do anything about the scratches on the smartphone. This is something that is not normal at all for a smartphone that aims to provide a sturdy exterior. Apart from using it a solid case on your smartphone, there is nothing else you can do about scratches.

Problem 7: Lose Jack

You may find that the headphone jack on the LG V20 is a bit lose. Even after you firmly plug headphones in, they can easily slide out.

LG V20 Problems Solved


  • Try to see if something, most probably a tissue paper is clogging the port or not. Sometimes tiny pieces of tissue paper tend to accumulate after regular usage the port.
  • If the problem persists, check if it also occurs with any other headphones you have sitting around.
  • Even after trying all these methods the headphone port is still loose, you will have to send your smartphone back to LG.

Problem 8: Charging

Users have reported that the smartphone is not charging as fast as it should. Some are also reports that the phone is not charging at all.



  • One of the most common solutions to this problem is the charger. Usually, the cable is broken and the charter it is having trouble making a connection. I recommend checking the cable and the charger. If the problem persists, I also advise you to charge your smartphone with a completely another charger to see if it is a charger problem or not.


These were a few LG V20 problems that we tried to solve here. Understand that there might be more problems, but they will most probably be of hardware nature. What do you think about the smartphone in general? Is it served you well since you got it? Tell us your experience in the comments below and just like always, if you have any questions or problems feel free to sound them off as well.

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  1. After 3 months of use, I have to say the V20 is the best smart phone I’ve owned. It’s incredibly fast and responsive, and no problems encountered yet. If it had a stylus it would be perfect!

    1. My only issue is the back of the phone constantly falls off. Since I purchased the phone new. Any one else have this issue

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