Book Reader Amazon App

Amazon’s Book Reader App, Audible, Gets Updated

Although not entirely the best, Audible has been a pretty good android app that lets users listen to the books they wish to enjoy. This app is developed by Audible, Inc., an Amazon affiliated company.

Book Reader Amazon App
Recently, Amazon must have finally realized that although users prefer to hear their books to reading them, it is still very important to have an intuitive user interface guiding the operations of this app. As, thus, the Audible android app has now been updated with a new, classic user interface that makes it easier to navigate through various functionalities. More so, the new design enhances the navigation experience and also simplifies the way in which users manage their libraries. We composed the design improvements implemented in the latest update into this list:

  • Beautiful new design
  • Enhanced stability
  • Increased performance
  • Simplified navigation and easier library management

Users will also see a new ’chapter-level’ progress bar within the player. Despite these improvements, the entire design is still dark.

The app is currently available in the Google Play Store in version 1.5 for free. To read the books though, you have to subscribe to a set number of titles on a monthly basis, or even buy books outright. The new improvements in this app are expected to increase the number of users downloading and sticking to it.

• Via EnGadget and AndroidPolice

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