Best Amazon Fire Tablet Apps (Reader’s Choice)

Amazon Fire tablets have evolved throughout its first debut, allowing users to have fun with it more than ever. Its apps have also remarkably developed, offering a wide range of entertainment and productivity applications that you can choose from.

While it is true that the number of apps that you can install on an Amazon Fire tablet is not as many as the ones available on Google Play Store, there are still a lot of interesting apps to love.

We have curated a list of 5 different reading apps for you, bookworms, which you can install on your own Amazon Fire Tablet.

What Are the Best Fire Tablet Apps for Reading?

1. Goodreads – Free

Goodreads Logo

Goodreads is a must-have app for bookworms who are always looking for e-books to hoard. This app is one of our personal favorites because it enables users to read honest reader comments and ratings.

Do you want to know what is the best book on psychological thrillers? Goodreads hosts a yearly contest which showcases the best book in every category; fiction, non-fiction, thrillers, comedy, etc. You can even set a reading challenge so you can push yourself to read as many books as you’ve set in your goal.

Goodreads Book Search
Goodreads Book Search

There are at least 12 million books contributed in Goodreads, both from world-renowned authors to independent ones, which you can easily read or download via Amazon. It will, however, require you to sign-up to be able to use its full features and functionality.

Goodreads User's Profile
Goodreads User’s Profile

Goodreads has about 10 million members where you can interact and share your thoughts with. You can even check their profiles and see which book they are currently reading.

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2. OverDrive: Library eBooks & Audiobooks – Free

Overdrive Logo

How great would it be if the library comes to you? With OverDrive, it will.

With an easy tap of a button, this Amazon Fire reading app will let you borrow e-books and audiobooks straight from your local and participating libraries.

Overdrive Reading Experience
Overdrive Reading Experience

Are you worried about late fees?

With OverDrive, all e-books and audiobooks that you borrowed are automatically returned. It is perfect for students, book lovers, or baby boomers who enjoy reading or listening to stories during their free times. All you need is a valid account from libraries or institution, and you’re a tap away from your next favorite read.

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3. ComiCat (Comic Reader/Viewer) – $2.99

ComicCat Logo

Are you still reading your comics in PDF format? Do you need to be connected to the internet just to enjoy your comic book? ComiCat reads all popular formats like CBT, CBZ, PDF, CB7, and CBR so you can carry your comics everywhere you go.

ComicCat Reading Experience.
ComicCat Reading Experience.

This reading app auto scans your Amazon Fire tablet and its external SD. It sorts them as you’d like your comic books to be classified. Do you remember iPhone’s bookshelf? That’s how ComiCat presents your reading materials. Cool, yeah?

Manga fans will also love this app because it has multiple view modes with a right to left reading order. You can even assign gestures for page turns, fast reverse, or any navigation preferences.

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4. Wattpad – Free

Wattpadd Logo
Wattpadd Logo

We all know Watpadd, and it isn’t only available on your Android device, it is also free to download on your Amazon Fire tablet.

If you love to read and write stories at the same time, Wattpad could be your next favorite Amazon Fire Tablet App.

Wattpadd User Interface
Wattpadd User Interface

Wattpad doesn’t only provide free reading materials to its users; it also provides opportunities for potential writers to showcase their literary works. You can read novels, novelettes, or narratives written by millions of budding storytellers. You can even publish your own work too.

It has over 10 million free books from different categories; romance, Sci-Fi, psychological thrillers, detective, etc. You will also find novellas from renowned writers at Wattpad.

Connect with other Wattpad users by creating your own Wattpad profile. Interact, share ideas, and give re-constructive criticisms to get better at writing.

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5. Free Books – Free

Free Books
Free Books Logo

With at least 30 free e-books for you to choose from every day, it is no wonder that Free Books is one of the best Amazon Fire apps for reading.

Aside from the hand-picked free e-books, you can also purchase other books at an affordable price of $1, $2, or $3. It even tags the books showcased on this reading app as “Get It Now”, “Strongly Recommended” or “Recommended” so you can save time searching and sorting out literary works.

Free Books User Interface
Free Books User Interface

Its downside? Book covers will not be visible on the app so you’ll be choosing your books without those catchy jackets. Plus, if you are looking for a minimalistic and classy look, you’ll be disappointed because Free Books doesn’t have that.

Note: Free Books reading app is optimized for Kindle Fire Original Version and Kindle Fire HD.

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Other Fun Apps Available on the Amazon Fire Tablet

Of course, bookworms do need to get out of their imaginary world and do something else. Here are additional fun apps that you can install and use on your Amazon Fire Tablet.

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6. Wunderlist – Free

Wunderlist Logo
Wunderlist Logo

Wunderlist is our top choice to-do list app both in Android and the Amazon store.

Wunderlist User Interface
Wunderlist User Interface

One of the best things about this app is its interface. It is beautifully crafted and very easy to use. From making long to-do lists to planning a wedding, there is nothing this app cannot do. All the created lists are easily accessible not only from your phone but also your tablet and PC.

Plan anything by creating personalized lists and collaborate them with your family and friends by sharing your list. You can even start conversations about the tasks right on the app. Assign individual tasks to different people, and they can update the list as they complete them.

You can even attach photos, presentations, as well as PDFs to the tasks making it a perfect match for college students as well as office projects.

Read user reviews on the Amazon page of Wunderlist.

7. VLC for Fire – Free

VLC Logo
VLC Logo

VLC Player is one of the most remarkable pieces of free software we’ve seen. Not only is it lightweight, but it also offers almost every feature you would want from a video player.

The VLC Experience
The VLC Experience

VLC for Fire is a must-have app if you want to consume any kind of media on your tablet. Frankly, it would be a massive disservice to Amazon Fire Tablets to not enjoy media on them.

It is a completely free video player that can play almost any kind of format on your device. The best part? It works perfectly well with game controllers as well as Fire TV Voice Remote, so you have complete freedom of input.

It is surprising that a 17.2 MB app can deliver such a wholesome video watching experience.

You can check out reviews on the Amazon page of VLC for Fire.

How Do You Get Google Apps on Amazon Fire Tablet?

If you are previously an Android user and misses the countless apps that you can download on the Play Store, we will guide you with the easiest way on how to install Google Apps on your Amazon Fire Tablet.

1. Go to Settings > Security > “Apps from Unknown Sources”

2. Download all APK files on these links:

3. Select the downloaded APK Files. Go to your Home Menu and click on “Docs”.

4. Click Local Storage > Downloads

5. Click on the APK files one by one for it to download.

6. Confirm installation.

7. After installing, Google Play Store app should appear on your Home Screen. Tap it and sign in.

Android Tablet or Amazon Fire Tablet: Which is the Better Choice for Reading?

Because Amazon Fire Tablet is built and optimized for Kindle, we at JOA chooses this over Android Tablets for reading. Fire tabs are equipped with Kindle FreeTime, where you can download kid-friendly apps, movies, TV shows, and books.

Even if Amazon’s Appstore doesn’t come with a huge bunch of apps that you can play with, it does have the enough apps that can suffice your needs. Plus, Amazon Fire tablets are cheaper.

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Amazon Fire Tablet Users Also Bought These Cool Accessories

All prices are as of 03/04/2019, and prices on Amazon may change from time to time. So, grab these cool accessories for their current price today!

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – $5.99

two magicfiber microfiber cleaning cloths
MagicFiber Microfiber Cloths (2-pack)

This extremely soft microfiber cleaning cloths are great for cleaning those fingerprints off your screen after an entire day of binge reading. MagicFiber comes in 2’s at the very least, but you can also get it in 6’s, 13’s, and 30’s.


Earphone for Kindle eReaders – $12.99

black wired earbuds
Kindle Paperwhite Voyage Oasis Earbuds

These wired earbuds are super lightweight and will not hurt your ears as you read. All the while, it provides a crystal clear audio, perfect for your reading playlist — no matter the genre.


AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable – $10.99

mini displayport to HDMI cable
AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable (6 feet)

This Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable connects your tablet to an HD display, and it comes in three different lengths: 3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet, and 15 feet.

The AmazonBasics cable is currently on an 18% discount, cutting the price down to $8.99 as of 03/04/2019. Don’t miss this deal and click or tap on the Amazon button below!



Do More with Your Amazon Fire Tablet

The Amazon App Store has been continuously growing. It now has almost every major Android app available. With these, your Amazon Fire tablet can definitely become a powerhouse.

What do you think about these apps? Have you used them before on other platforms? Do you know any other reading apps or useful apps that we can add on the list? Share it us on the comments section below.

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