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Amino App Review: Don’t Download Without Reading!

After using the Amino app for a few days, I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with it. As someone who has a fair amount of international friends, I find the Amino app to be the perfect tea time spot to discuss our obsessions together. My favorite thing about this app is that we can watch videos/movies together online while chatting simultaneously. That way you’ll get to discuss every little detail with your online friends like you’re together.

Still not impressed? What if I tell you, it has a wide range of interests for you to choose from? To list some; art, anime, fashion, music, movies, sports, literature, K-pop, and much more. You name it, it has it. 

You can also create your own community with your interests like gamer groups and art communities. Not only that, you can create anything you want with the custom building.

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The Good

Amino app is truly an amazing choice if you’re looking for like-minded people who share similar interests. You can express yourself truly with or without revealing your true identity. Most prefer to stay anonymous, I will recommend you do the same as well.

You can make countless friends in it to share your thoughts and ideas with. It lets you go live, take part in events, votes, polls, chat and so much more. With the Amino app, you can keep up with multiple fandoms simultaneously and obsess over them. No matter how lesser-known your fandom/ artist is, you can find your tribe here. 

The Bad

The app seems to have loads of glitches that are just straight-up annoying. And don’t even get me started on the awful amount of ads I have to watch to earn coins. It just makes the app feel more cluttered and shady. It is extremely laggy as well. On top of that, the bugs are taking the cake for me. 

There used to be a disabling feature for ads, but guess what? Not anymore. You have to watch the whole thing that pops up every now and then. Despite disabling the ads, it still pops up at the lower screen, making using the app very irksome.

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Verdict on Amino App

The amino app is a great place to find people of similar interests and make friends with them; however, it comes with its own consequences. Even though the app is rated 12+, I don’t think it’s for someone who has not yet been in their teens. And I’d like to add that it’s not for every teen, as it may contain intense mature content, trigger factors like self-harm, and unsafe/ illegal content. 

The guidelines list that the user should be at least 13 or above in the U.S and 16 years of age in the European Union countries. But I would say it really depends on the person’s maturity or ability to consume mature content, and it’s completely alright for some to not be ready yet.


amino app
Amino App – Installation Page

The size of the amino app is 96 MB. You can download it from the Play Store, to which I’ll be attaching the link down here. It takes just a minute to install depending on your WiFi speed.

The next step is to signup/login. You have the option to sign up via Google or Facebook.

You can download the Amino app here.


After logging in, you will be asked to choose your interests, to which you can either start picking or skip for later. It asks for your gender first, then makes you choose at least 3 interests to personalize the content you see. You can pick topics like food, pets & animals, reading & literature, spirituality & belief, art, and much more.

Once you have finished, the interface will look something like this:

amino app
Amino App – User Interface


Amino’s main feature is the ability for users to join communities dedicated to a specific topic.

Users can also interact with other members of a community via text, voice, or screening room, which enables users to watch videos while voice chatting.

Some fun features of the app include:

Lives: Just like popular social media apps, the Amino app also has the option to go live. You can go live by yourself or join any live show with this feature. 

Polls: You can host or vote for your favored choices in the polls held there.

Blog post: Just like Tumblr, you can post blogs here as well. You can read/write whatever you’re into in a blog post.

What You Need to Look For?

It may sound discouraging, but you cannot prevent unnecessary, strange, or toxic people from joining the app. You may also become addicted quickly since this allows you to express yourself freely and share your passions, which you may not be able to do in real life. Raiders and spammers frequently send inappropriate images to people who never asked for them via private messages, chatrooms, and posts. 

The content on the app, for the most part, is not appropriate for children and young adolescents, despite the fact that these age groups constitute a sizable demographic of Amino users.

Here is a list of questionable items found on the Amino app.

Mature content: On the app, there are several communities devoted to intimate topics. You may be exposed to nudity, and encouraged to participate in roleplay and online intimate activities.

Cyberbullying: The Amino app, like most social media, has cyberbullying. You may be bullied at school, which may continue when you get home and use the app. Cyberbullying can lead to mental health issues.

Foul language: Teens nowadays frequently use expletives and lowbrow humor. Your child is exposed to the ugliest aspects of the internet when they use an app like Amino. They may become insensitive to foul language over time.

Drugs: Amino, like any other social media app, has communities centering on the use and reference of drugs.

Violence: On the app, children could be subjected to realistic, cartoon, and fantasy violence. This could range from two cartoon characters massacring each other to petty crimes just for attention, and chat groups where violence is the main theme.

How Can You be Safe Around There?

By educating yourself and the children on internet safety, you can mitigate the possible harm. This includes not sharing your full legal name, address, phone number, or any other personal information with strangers.  Knowing what all your trigger factors are and staying away from them. Be able to voice out your concern and reach out for help if you feel unsafe or blackmailed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Amino app safe?

Amino is just like any other social media app, depending on your age and maturity level the answer varies. It obviously has some intense content that can be triggering to some and then there are people who are having fun in it. So it depends.

What age is Amino for?

Amino is only available to members aged 13 and up (and 16 and up in the EU).

Does deleting Amino accounts delete everything?

If you deactivate your amino account, all the data will be deleted permanently after 7 days. 

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Saying Goodbye

Like the two sides of the coin, social media has its good and bad sides. Everyone has different interests and trigger factors, so it’s crucial to be aware of what we are getting ourselves into first. One last thing I’d like to add is just because all your friends have this app, doesn’t mean you should also just for the sake of it. Don’t fall prey to peer pressure. Always prioritize your mental health and online safety. I would recommend you download it only if you’re 16 or above. 

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