Android Knox

Android Knox: Your Guide to the Samsung App

Android Knox: Your Guide to the Samsung App | Joy of Android
Android Knox: Your Guide to the Samsung App

Whether you are a company staff who needs your Android device for your work or if you are a professional who wants to get things more organized, you need something to protect your work and company data. You also need something that will help you keep your work environment separate from your personal data. Armed with all safety and privacy features, Android Knox is the best app for you.

What Is Android Knox?

Android Knox, or Samsung Knox, is an app that is created only for devices made by Samsung. Its function is to separate your work and business environment from your personal files, apps, and documents. It will help you handle your workspace separately.

The primary benefit of the Android Knox is basically to improve privacy and security, especially when dealing with business and work. Everything in your workspace and business-related space is encrypted and is only accessible through a password. This password features an adjustable timeout setting for easy use. If you do not use the app for a specified length of time, it will automatically lock itself once again.

Android Knox: Your Guide to the Samsung App | Joy of Android
The Separation Between Personal and Work Space

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Work and Environment Features

If your personal and business-related data are separated, then your private files are untouched and are inaccessible to any other apps that are contained in the other environment. This means that if you want to give your phone to a friend or lend it, they cannot access any of your work and business-related information as long as they do not know your Android Knox password.

Using Knox, the user should choose which apps should be secured within the Knox environment. Usually by default, the apps that are operated within this secure environment include Gallery, Camera, Downloads, Email, Internet, Contacts, Phone, My Files and S-Planner.

Just keep in mind that some functions of your phone are disabled while the Android Knox app is enabled. This means that when you are using it, perhaps you cannot take screenshots. However, it has a device manager where you can adjust the settings.

Android Knox: Your Guide to the Samsung App | Joy of Android
Security Features of Android Knox

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Remote Control

One very important feature of the Android Knox is that it allows you to manage your smartphone remotely. In fact, here are some examples of remote control functions that you can perform using this app:

  • Find Now – This is a simple function that lets users locate your device at any point in Google Maps if you have lost it.
  • Lock Device – This is a feature that you can use to lock your smartphone remotely, especially if it got misplaced or stolen.
  • Wipe Device – This feature allows you to Factory reset your smartphone remotely. This wipes clean all the custom settings including the data from your Knox environment.
  • Lock Knox – This important function locks the Knox environment on your smartphone while everything else remains accessible.
Android Knox: Your Guide to the Samsung App | Joy of Android
Remote Features of Android Knox

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So, did you see the various features of the Android Knox? Do you think the Android Knox is the perfect app that you need for your daily tasks? Share your ideas in the comments section below, then share this with your friends who have a hard time organizing and securing their workspace in their device. 

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