Android PDF – Replace Piles of Paper with a PDF file!

You’re at your desk, and there’s a pile of papers right in front of you – so big that you can no longer be seen behind them. Then you look to your right – clean desk, everything well organized. How is that possible? The answer is Android PDF files.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of Android PDF or just want to know more, we’ve written a couple of guides and recommended the best apps to improve the way you use pdf files on your smartphone. So let’s see what this is all about!

What is PDF?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a type of document file that is created by Adobe, into which almost any type of document can be converted. They’re pretty cool because they retain the way the original file looked like – and you can still make changes to it.

This PDF is so great, that once it used to be the fourth religion in the world, according to Google. Now, things haven’t changed much, it just went up the search rankings:

pdf religion
PDF Religion

Method 1: How to Open PDF Files on Android

pdf files
PDF Files

Since the PDF file format is so popular, there are many ways of using them. However, the first step in befriending these files is learning how to open a PDF file.

Since the process of opening a PDF file on Android is a bit different than on the other devices you may have, we’ve written a guide about How to Open PDF Files on Android in under 60 Seconds, to help you with your productivity and the piles of files you have to go through.How to View PDF Files on Android

Method 2: How to View PDF Files on Android

Viewing PDF Documents
Viewing PDF Documents

So now you can open PDF files, but you also want to improve the way you read them with features such as zooming in, skipping through pages, printing the documents or highlighting important parts.

There are countless apps that let you do different things to Android PDF files, but we made a list of the best ones you can get.

If you’re looking for a PDF viewer for your documents -that lets you customize your way of reading so that you can get all the information you need from them, we suggest you read our list of 7 Best PDF Viewer Apps for Android!

Method 3: How to Edit PDF Files on Android

Editing PDF Documents
Editing PDF Documents

Sometimes, you need more than just to view a PDF document on your smartphone. Perhaps you need to sign a contract, or fill out a form or correct some grammar mistakes.

There are a couple of Android apps that can even let you combine two PDF files into one. You can also share them with your co-workers or boss. If this is what you need, we highly recommend that you check out our list of 6 Best PDF Editor Apps for Android!

All the apps in our list are all available on the Google Play store. So you can try them all if you ever wish to do so.

Android PDF files – best friends of students and business people

Using the most popular file format on Android is quite simple – there’s an app for everything! Even if you just want to open them, or edit them, or send them to your boss, everything is possible with a couple of taps on your smartphone.

Any thoughts on Android PDF files? Do you find them useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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