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Android Safe Mode: A Diagnostic Mode for Android

Having problems with your Android device’s safe mode? Here are some tips and tricks for you, so read on.

Here’s the deal:

The Android operating system, developed by Google, is the most popular one when it comes to smartphones. As a matter of fact, Android users worldwide in 2019 is estimated at around 5 billion. That’s about 66% of the total human population on the Earth.


But, the truth is it’s nothing to be amazed at knowing that Android is a great operating system. It’ll just be a matter of time where Android will take a bigger chunk of the market share worldwide.


With that in mind, Android has reached a developing point where you can do almost everything that you can do with a computer. However, it is not as perfect as it looks. It also shares a couple of issues as well. As Uncle Ben says, “Great power comes great responsibility“. This quote can’t be true enough for the Android OS.

Dying Android
Sluggish Android Performance

But, to be honest:

One common issue that many Android users suffer from is a sluggish performance without any prior or obvious reasons at all. Google is aware of this and like a computer, they also now have incorporated a Safe Mode to easily find the culprits and address such issue.

What is Android Safe Mode?

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Android Safe Mode Reboot

Android safe mode is basically starting your smartphone or Android device with only the original software that came with it. As we have mentioned before, Google is aware that some apps can cause your device to act weird and perform sluggish such as restarting itself, freezing, crashing, or be slow. As a way to empower consumers to fix their devices, Google created Safe Mode for Android.

How to Turn On Android Safe Mode?

Reboot to Safe Mode
Reboot to Safe Mode

If one of your Android smartphone or tablet suddenly become slow for no apparent reason at all, then rebooting to Safe Mode as a quick fix to easily figure out what causes the issue is the way to go.

We wrote an easy guide on how to turn on or reboot your Android device into safe mode. If you follow our guide, you can easily master the process of rebooting your device into safe mode. It is an easy guide that details every possible way. As well as the benefits of doing so.

Discover the perks of rebooting Android device into safe mode.

How to Turn Off Android Safe Mode?

Turn Safe Mode Off
Turn Safe Mode Off

Safe mode is created in a way to verify if the apps that didn’t come with your Android device causes it to behave abnormally. Once you have verified, you can simply turn your device off to exit safe mode. Otherwise, if you got your Android into safe mode accidentally or by means of exploring, here are a few ways that you can do to exit safe mode.

Basically, simply turning off your device or rebooting it will do the trick. However, there are cases that rebooting doesn’t work. Some even find themselves stock inside the safe mode. With our guide, you’ll be leaving the safe mode in a jiffy. We covered all possible ways to exit Android safe mode.

How to Boot Android into Safe Mode?

Rebooting Phone
Rebooting Phone

As we have already mentioned above, there is only one way to get your Android smartphone into safe mode. If you want to know how to boot your Android smartphone into safe mode, we wrote a guide about that. Simply click on the link.

In our guide, we detailed out 2 possible methods to boot your Android device into safe mode. For the latest one, the power button should usually do the trick. Otherwise, we strongly suggest to read out guide.

Method 4: How to Keep Android Safe While Downloading?

Android Skating
Android Safety Precautions

Another Android safe mode that doesn’t require anything done to your Android device is using it responsibly. Since the Android operating system is a widely used platform, the Google Play store is not an exclusive place anymore to download apps. Furthermore, not everything away from the Play Store is safe. In fact, harmful files or apps can work their way into your Android smartphone.

That’s why we wrote an article about how to keep your Android smartphone safe while downloading files and stuff from the internet. In that guide, we discussed tips, tricks, and precautions to take when downloading a file from other sources online.


What does safe mode do on Android devices?

The safe mode feature on Android devices disables some apps. It also troubleshoots the devices’ problems. This is done so that the device can temporarily remove apps that are causing issues in your devices.

Is it possible to make my apps work on safe mode?

Yes. It is possible to run apps while in safe mode. You only have to make sure that the app is saved in the systems folder of the device.

Android Safe Mode for Children

Android Child Safety Modes
Android Child Safety Modes

Basically, there’s no Android safe mode for children. However, here are a few related articles that tackle about the safe use of Android devices for children.

Got Any Android Safe Mode Questions?

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or even violent reactions about Android Safe Mode, Safe Modes for Android, or anything related to it, hit us up in the comment section below. We’d be glad to know more about your thoughts!

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