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Take Control of a Virtual World with These Android Simulation Games

Simulation games are not for everyone. Personally, I only love city building games that can be a bit toward simulation, but not too much. My best friend, however, is a huge fan of truck simulators for some reason; he even has a full wheel setup on his desk.

Android simulation games are never going to match the level of PC simulation games. At least not on smartphones or tablets, that is. However, if you are looking to experience some closeness to reality, these games do provide stellar experiences. If you are reading this article because you are looking for a similar experience to what’s available on PC but, on your smartphone, you won’t find it here.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for simulation features on the go, read on for some awesome games.

Note: The best Android Simulation Games were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked fine during testing, and no problems were faced. The apps are also demanding, not in the graphical sense but simulation one. I got around 2.5 hours of gameplay time on the first game on a full charge.

1. Flight Pilot

We have already covered some of the best flight simulator games for Android. However, this one was not on that list. Thankfully one of the readers recommended me this game and boy is it great.

The heft of the airplane is faithfully translated into the touch screen and smartphone controls. The tilt-to-control the plane function is as realistic as it can get.

A lot of flight simulators use tight and extremely twitchy controls for aircrafts that weigh tons. While this is great for arcade games, in simulation world it will feel odd. The game comes with pretty good graphics, but they are not that taxing on the hardware.

However, for some reason my Samsung Galaxy Note III got warm while playing the game.

Free Version

2. SimCity BuildIt

City management has been one of the most popular genres in gaming. While the games are strategic, they are not exactly like RTS games for Android.

SimCity is an old franchise and has been around for almost two decades. The mobile version of the game delivers the same level of detail but with a few restrictions.

The game is very streamlined to attract new players to the game. Some of the deep management mechanics are removed to make it more mobile friendly. However, the gist of the gameplay remains the same.

You are going to build and manage your city and try to keep everyone happy. This is easier said than done. You will need some pretty good planning skills to do well in this game.

The only downside is that it is a free to play title and hence is prone to usual time restrictions. The game would have benefited well from a paid version with everything unlocked from the get go.

Free Version

3. Bus Simulator 2015

Driving a bus is a hard business, and it’s reflected in the Bus Simulator 2015. Personally, I only like truck simulators, but this game is very similar to those.

There are several buses available for you to choose. The choices range from articulated buses to double decker ones; there are 15 buses that you can drive.

There is an open and close door button that allows you to board passengers and offload them as well. This Android simulation game has a weather system that makes the game all the more realistic.

The controls are also customizable so you can get the experience you want from the game. One of the best things about this bus simulator is that the buses have full interiors as well.

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4. Euro Train Simulator

Simulator games on Android are not known for being graphically impressive; Euro Train Simulator follows suit. I would have loved some enhanced visuals along the lines of the best looking games on Android, but that is not the case.

This train simulator has detailed trains, but the tracks and everything else is lackluster in terms of graphics. The train track is just a texture pasted on the ground, which to be honest, is a little disappointing.

The gameplay is kept simple but it is fun to play around with trains. There is a weather system in place to make the game more realistic too. This game is the first one in a planned series that is going to cover every major destination in the world.

Free Version


The Android simulation games are good, but they are not great. I had high expectations from these games, namely because I hadn’t tried a simulation game on Android.

However, all of the games leave something to be desired. Maybe I’m spoiled by the stellar simulators available on other platforms, or maybe the games do need to catch up.

If you are looking for a semi-casual simulation experience, these games will keep you entertained for hours on end. As much as it hurts me to say this, if you are seeking the definable experience, a PC will provide it exponentially better.

What do you think of simulation games for the Android platform?

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