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2 Best Android Wear Watches with NFC in 2021: Your Complete Guide

I’ve always been really into smartwatches, but let’s admit it…

Before, an Android Smart Watch with NFC just wasn’t an option.

Now, I think that the tables have turned.

Near field communication or NFC is a recent development in smartwatches. And as I search more about it, the more I realize that using it is a breeze. I discovered how it makes my life easier.

With all my fascination with this new technology, I’ve put together my top two recommendations for the best Android Wear watches with NFC.


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Best Android wear smartwatches with NFC

Huawei Watch 2: China’s Contender

The Huawei Watch 2
The Huawei Watch 2

The Huawei Watch 2 is a Chinese take on the Android Wear watch. It is a flagship model, but with an affordable price tag. I included this model on my list because best doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive. The best Android wear watch with NFC can often just come down to good quality that you can afford.

Huawei is known for packing features in an affordable unit and Huawei Watch 2 tries to tuck in as many features as possible into the device.

All those capabilities do come with a bit of a downside though. The amount of processing power needed to keep the device going will require a lot of processing power. The Huawei Watch 2 falls a little short in this category as it can be a little sluggish if a lot of apps are kept going.

However, I just have to love the attractive design of the Huawei Watch 2. Just one look at it and I can tell an owner is a person of class and refinement – or at least looks like they are.

I also appreciate just how many features come in such a compact device.

Now I mentioned that Chinese brand name electronics tend to have a lower price tag than their Korean and US brand name counterparts. That’s true for the Huawei Watch 2, but it still comes with a hefty price tag.

Still, the Huawei Watch 2 is worth a look, especially for someone who wants to check out NFC technology.

Why You Should Buy It:

  • Elegant design
  • NFC connectivity
  • Affordable price
Selection of Watches
Selection of Watches

Just take a look at all the available designs and tell me you aren’t the least bit intrigued.

LG Watch Sport: The Total Package

The LG Watch Sport
The LG Watch Sport

I prefer my smartwatches comprehensive and I like high-quality watches with plenty of features. In other words, I want my watch to be a total package that could give me the complete experience.

So I love the LG Watch Sport. It is the most complete smartwatch experience on the market today.

Don’t be fooled by its 1.38-inch display. Just because the screen is small doesn’t mean the device can’t have a top-notch resolution. The LG Watch Sport contains a 480 X 480 P-OLED display, giving the wearer one of the best displays available.

It is in fact, a fine addition to LG’s line of high-end offerings.

The LG Watch Sport packs quite a punch in the processing department as well. It has a 1.1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and 768 MB of RAM. For the uninitiated, that means that the proud owner of an LG Watch Sport has in his hands one of the snappiest and most powerful of the smartwatches.

The LG Watch Sport can run any app with ease, even if you’re running several at a time.

In addition to NFC, the LG Watch Sport also has GPS and LTE features. Some call this the holy trinity of connectivity. This Android watch with NFC is probably one of the best when it comes to connectivity.

Perhaps the only caveat I can give for the LG Watch Sport is that it is big and, compared to the Huawei Watch 2, not the prettiest. But if you want the best Android wear with NFC, the LG Watch Sport deserves consideration.

Why You Should Buy It

  • Packed with many features including NFC, LTE, and GPS
  • Performs even under challenging conditions
  • High-end hardware for its class
LG Watch Sport
LG Watch Sport

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFC?

NFC is a new technology used in smartwatches. NFC stands for New Field Communication.

What does NFC do?

Basically, it allows your device to interact with other devices in close proximity. NFC or New Field Communication provides a wireless connection between devices within a specific radius.

Which is the cheapest NFC smartwatch?

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Oxy smartwatch is among the cheapest if not the cheapest smartwatch available out there. It is a fitness tracker and comes with a blood oxygen monitor.

Which is the best smartwatch with camera?

Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch is smart fitness tracker with a 1.9 MP camera to a new 2 MP sensor. The camera quality is decent and comparable to any mid-range phone’s front camera quality.

Final Words

At the end of the day, NFC is an amazing new technology that is only now being integrated into smartwatches. If you don’t want to miss out take a look at the models I showed you today and appreciate what they have to offer.

Now let me know what you think! Don’t forget to comment, share, and subscribe.

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