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Best 4 Anonymous Texting App for Android [2022]

There are a number of reasons why you would want to keep your number private while texting or calling someone. Maybe you don’t want them to track you down afterwards, or there is a security reason behind, it is always good to have anonymous texting app for Android on your device. While I know that it may not be as commonly used as other texting apps for Android, there is certainly a need for this kind of app.

I’m also aware that a lot of people use this anonymous texting app for android to harass other people, so I want to make one thing clear here. If the authorities want in your country, they can easily track the number behind any kind of malicious call or text message.

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So, it is always wise to use these anonyms texting apps for android with caution and remember if someone is threatening you, you can easily report them to the respective authorities. That being said, a lot of people are not comfortable calling their exes with their new number, for that purpose, these apps are a godsend.

Note: The best anonymous texting app for android listed here was tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I texted a number in the United States, Minnesota and all the apps were able to send text messages. I wasn’t able to test the call quality or even call but if texts are going through, calls will be as well.

The List of Best 4 Anonymous Texting App for Android

You will need an active Internet connection for all of the apps to work properly. Some of the apps will require you to purchase additional credits or in app purchases to have access to the full features.

1. Text Me – Free Texting & Calls

Text Me - Anonymous Texting App for Android
Text Me App logo

Text Me is an app that gives you your own virtual phone number that you can use for anonymous texting and even calls.

The interface is actually quite better than I expected and the app runs smoothly without using any extraordinary resources. You can send unlimited text messages to any phone number in US, Canada, Mexico as well as 40 other countries in the world.

The texting is actually free in the aforementioned countries however, I didn’t test the app for an extended period of time so it may change further down the road. You can also send SMS Text messages to 200 countries using credits but this was already expected.

Free Version

2. FreeTone Free Calls & Texting

This is basically a clone app of Text Me and works surprisingly like it too. It made no sense to me at first but then I noticed that this one only has free texts for Canada and the United States.

If for some reason the above app doesn’t work for you, you can give this one a shot. You will get a new number that comes with voicemail, and you can easily use it without your original number being listed anywhere.

You’ll be able to send real SMS text messages to any number you want as well. You can sign up using your email address, Facebook ID or even Google account. However, I would recommend that you make a separate email account so there is no chance of being traceable and remain anonymous.

Free Version

3. Free phone calls, free texting SMS on free number

Dingtone has the oddest name in the list but the app is as polished as any other app. I really like the clean and accessible interface this app provides.

This is a completely free app with no ads, you can make voice over IP calls and free international calls with the app. The app also allows you to send free SMS text messages.

The voice quality is also kept really good so you don’t have to worry about crackling voices while using the app. There is even a walkie talkie mode that allows you to simply push the button and talk.

There are premium features that allow you to block unwanted calls and call forwarding options. Overall it’s a polished app that provides good features.

Free Version

4. ImNot.Me Anonymous texting

Cover art

ImNot.Me is a fairly new app and is kind of unreliable, this is exactly why I placed it last on the best Anonymous texting apps for Android list.

The interface is fairly standard and the app does work but sometimes the text messages won’t go through at all.

The app says that every country around the globe is supported but I was unable to send messages to a Verizon user in Maine, which is odd. But then the message I sent to UK was received with ease.

So, I would recommend that you wait till this app gets a bit mature and bug free and try out the first 4 apps on the list first. If all else fails, you can check this one out as well because it has the potential to become one of the best anonymous texting apps for Android.

Free Version

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Frequently Asked Questions – Anonymous Texting App for Android

Can you text anonymously on Android?

Fortunately, there are several options for texting and calling anonymously. Change your phone’s settings. Go to the Settings of your phone app on Android phones. Once there, you’ll need to navigate to “Additional Settings” and select “Hide my Number” from the Caller ID drop-down menu.

How can I text without my number showing on Android?

Select the settings button by tapping the three dots in the corner. After clicking on call settings, go to further settings. Select Caller ID from the drop-down menu. Select the option to hide the number.

How do you send private text messages on Android?

To send a text message, tap the text box near the bottom of the screen and input your message. Press the Send button to send your message. It’s on the right side of the text field. Your SMS will be sent, but it will come from a different number than your actual phone number when it is received by your receiver.


These were some of the good anonymous texting app for Android that will keep your real identity and number hidden from the receiver. It is my hope that you will only use these apps for fun or serious usage and not to annoy or harass anyone.

Certain countries make it mandatory for the apps to give info about the numbers and their users if there is a threat, so make sure to be a responsible person.

Just like always, if you have questions about the app, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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