AnyTransⓇ for Android – A Comprehensive Review

AnyTransⓇ is a great solution for managing the content on your Android device. You can transfer your files from one device to another – even between different operating systems, from your phone to your laptop or computer. You can even use AnyTransⓇ download media files from popular sites like Youtube, Soundcloud or Ted to your Android device without any hassle. Or you can just simply manage your files from your Android device more comfortably on your personal computer. The clean and neatly organized design makes it really easy and eye-pleasing to view your files in this app. If it sounds like what you need, you can get the app by clicking on the button below.


Main Interface

With AnyTransⓇ, the connectivity possibilities are endless. You can connect your Android device to another Android device, or to an iOS phone – very useful for transferring content from one phone to another. Additionally, you can connect your device to a laptop or personal computer completely wirelessly – all you need is an internet connection and to scan a QR code. You can transfer any type of file, be it PDFs, music, videos, calls or messages – file sharing has never been more seamless and easy.


Media Collections

It’s easy to get your phone’s memory clogged up with all sorts of media files. Storing music, videos and tons of images on your device isn’t the smarter option. With AnyTransⓇ you can create media collections and easily manage them from any device. With only clicking a button, you can export all of your media files to your computer, freeing a considerable amount of memory space. You won’t have to think twice about filming your cat doing stupid things, storage is no longer a problem.

You can also transfer photos or any other type of media file between phones by installing the app on two phones. By doing that, you can share anything with your family or friends safely and quickly and with good quality, only using Wi-Fi.

Another cool thing this app can do is backup your files – ringtones, ebooks, videos. Back up everything and, when you get a new phone, transfer them so that you can pick up where you left off.

Personal Connections

Personally, migrating contacts to a new phone is a nightmare. We all got a “New phone, who’s this?” text message at some point. However, AnyTransⓇ promises to make it all better. The app offers to manage your personal information, like contacts and messages and back them up, to that you can view them on any device, but also have a safety net in case something happens to your Android device. Contacts, messages, calendars, and call logs can be backed up or transferred to another device with only a click of a button.

Personal Calendar

Apps & Files

We don’t know about you, but we tend to be app hoarders. We have apps that we thought were cool months ago, but we forgot about them and don’t use them anymore (or never even opened them!). Well, all of that takes its toll on your phone’s storage – cluttering and slowing your device down. AnyTransⓇ promises to aid with this as well. With this app, you can view all of your applications neatly listed down – and you can uninstall more in a bulk! Beware, unused meditation apps, your time’s up. Additionally, if you want to install some apps but only have the APKs, you can easily install them by dragging and dropping the APK file (or files, in batches!) in AnyTransⓇ, and you’ll find your desired app installed on your Android device. Pretty neat, right?

It also helps you backup your apps, so you never lose your game progress or interesting conversations – without necessarily having to keep the app. And, just like with ordinary files, you can migrate your apps to another device if you need to, all through AnyTransⓇ.

Another mini-disaster that tends to happen with Android phones is file management – there’s a zip file that never got opened, a dozen PDFs we no longer need, some other files with a weird extension and some calendars from 2 years ago? Why? Because we never get to see what files are on our device and we completely forget about them. However, with this app, you can see all your files organized beautifully, on categories and in different folders. We cried a little when we saw that. Tears of joy. So you can easily clean up unnecessary files, simply reorganize or transfer anything you want in a heart bit.


All-in-One Manager

This app gets close to a real personal assistant for the content on your Android phone. You can use the app to organize, clean up or transfer any files to your computer. You can back them up just to be safe – or to clean up precious storage space. You can connect more devices and share files mindlessly. All possible from a single app and a Wi-Fi connection. And the best thing? We can say goodbye to those pesky cables! Additionally, if you have any questions or problems, there’s a great support system that you can check out here – the staff is there to help you with your inquiries!

Where to Get It

There is no complicated installing process for AnyTransⓇ. You can download the app, both for your laptop / personal computer and for your Android device directly from the official site, here. You need to install the mobile app on your Android device as well, and then scan the QR code shown on your laptop in order to connect the two. Nothing simpler!

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