5 App Icon Generator for Android: Make Creative Icons on the Go

Who doesn’t want to customize?

We’d like to give a personal touch to something to truly make it our own. It’s a form of self-expression, a way of telling others that this is mine, that this is me. And one way of doing that with your smartphone is to use an app icon generator for Android.

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s this…

One of the best things about the Android platform is its customization abilities.

The best icon maker apps for Android take standard customization up a notch and allow you to make something truly your own. With these apps, you don’t have to be an expert in Photoshop or be that skilled at editing. If you just invest time in them, you will be able to churn out personalized icons in absolutely no time at all.

You can install incredible 5 free wallpaper apps for Android to refresh your home screen.

Or you can just as easily get 10 free live wallpaper apps for Android. There are endless ways to make the home screen truly your own.

Are you fond of customization? If you’re one of those people who meticulously change everything on their Android screen, read on…

If you are here by now you must have tried out the best launchers for Android and have selected the one for yourself. And you might have checked out the best icon packs for Android launchers but were not satisfied with them.

Do you wish to make something more personal? Do you want more customization options?

That’s what an Android icon app creator is for. So without further ado, let’s proceed to the best app icon generator for Android.

5 App Icon Generator for Android

Now start making your own app icon to make your home screen truly your own. Be creative and add a personal touch.

Check out the apps below and pick an Android icon generator.

1. Simple Text

Simple Text, as the name suggests, is an icon maker that allows you to make simple text-based icons. This goes amazingly well with minimalistic looks.

If you’re a fan of minimalistic icons placed on pure black and white home screen, then this app will work for you remarkably well. Combine these icons with a text-based clock and clear background and you will have a clean and sharp looking home screen in no time at all.


  • RGB color picker
  • Widget supports
  • Customizable shadow effect
  •  Alpha transparency
  • Gradient Effect
  • Text rotation

The app itself is fairly easy to use. There are sliders for everything you can imagine. While there is no tutorial per se, you will be able to make icons just by looking at the slider names. You can also enter text and easily convert it into an icon.

For those looking for an app that is so easy to use, then this is the best on the list.  Create quality icons for day to day usage.

2. Iconic: Icon Maker

This is not a clear cut Android icon maker app, it is more of a professional and design app. If you are a logo maker or a graphic designer, you will probably appreciate this app a lot more than an average user.

Sure, if you are making logos and icons professionally, you will be using dedicated desktop programs to achieve the best quality and customization. However, if you just want to make great designs on the go, this app is the best you can get.


  • Over 5,000 icons
  • General editing
  • Advanced editor
  • Multiple exports
  • Custom fonts
  • Randomizer
  • Material Designer

There are times when you just need to forward a plain idea to a client. Some do that by doodling on a paper and sending a picture, some do that by making a crude and fast illustration on their PC.

However, this app will allow you to come up with some neat ideas and send them easily, right from your smartphone. This icon maker for Android will allow you to work on the go.

3. Icon Pack Studio

This app is technically not an app icon creator. It’s more of an icon pack editor. Nevertheless, we decided to include it in the list for people who are looking to edit icon packs or in groups than creating a single app icon.

What is great about this app is that, unlike other icon pack apps, it does allow users to give a personal touch to the icons. It allows for more customization and offers advanced editor features.


  • Special filters
  • Advanced editor
  • Works with Smart Launcher
  • Works with almost any launcher

Instead of just picking an icon pack, this app allows you to make your own. With the Advanced Editor, you can resize and customize the app icons. You can do this by adding bezels, changing textures, shadows, lights, and other elements. Once you’re happy with what you’ve made, just apply the new icon pack and there you have it, your very own icon pack.

Note: This app does not work with Aviate and Xperia Home Launcher.

4. Logo Maker – Icon Maker

If you’re more into making your own logo or creating a brand identity for a client on the go, then this app is for you. It’s not just an app icon creator. It’s more of a mobile graphics editor. With thousands of editing options and graphic elements, you can create logos, icons, brands, and other designs.

Instead of creating a logo from scratch, you can also just edit an existing app icon and make it your own. Y0u can do this by changing the icon’s color, texture, gradient, background, and using custom filters. With just a few personal touches, the icons can look very different.


  • Over 100 Backgrounds
  • 3D Rotation
  • Textures and Overlays
  • Transparent BG
  • Custom filters
  • Advanced Editing

But don’t be intimidated by this Logo Maker app. While it’s for graphic designers, it is very easy to use. Thanks to its tons of Textures, Backgrounds, Colors, and Arts to choose from. For advanced users, you won’t feel bored when creating a professional logo or editing app icons. Just use its professional photo editing feature.

Give this app a try and start creating app icons, logos, signs, labels, and brands wherever you are in no time.

5. Material Icon Maker

Material Icon Maker may not be the best Android icon generator out there. But it’s not a bad app at all. While it lacks a wide range of customization options that the other icon creator apps offer, it is a great choice for people who just want a simple basic app to start with.

There are just 4 steps on making or generating your own app icon. The first thing to do is to choose a base icon (you can choose from more than 900 material icons). Then you just customize the background, apply tints and shadows, and then export it and use. It’s as simple as that.


  • Over 900 material icons
  • Import images
  • Design custom icon packs
  • Use on custom launchers
  • Supports Dark Mode

You can use the app icons both for personal and commercial use. This app is better for personal or non-commercial use though. It’s because it lacks advanced editing features fit for graphic designers.

Make your home screen look more attractive by using the icons that you’ve made on supported custom launchers.

What People Ask

Can you change the icon of an app?

Yes, you can. The best way to do that is to use an app icon creator.

Can I rename icons in Android?

Yes, you can. To do this, just click on the app you’d like to rename. At the top, you’ll see “tap to change label.” Tap this. Write a new name in the rename shortcut dialog box.

What size should an Android app icon be?

The ideal size of an app icon for Android is 48dp. In pixels, that would be 48 x 48 (mdpi).

Wrapping Up

There you have it, some of the few great app icon creators for Android.  Makes you wish though that there was an app that provides an option of porting the icons over to Photoshop so one could edit them some more. Nevertheless, these apps offer more than what one would need to bring a personal touch to icon-making.

If you only have access to an Android tablet or phone, these apps will do the job well.

Do you have any questions or did you run into some problem while using the apps? Feel free to comment below and we will be there to help.

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