Apple Homepeod Mini - Review

Apple HomePod Mini Review- Best Choice of 2023

Are you a person who enjoys music at a loud volume in a public space or want to build a music system at home? Then speakers are the best way to fulfill your expected stereo sound quality. 

If you are looking for the best speakers based on your expectations, there are many options from budget-friendly to expensive prices. Even though there are a lot of options for you, Apple’s speakers always stand out from the competition due to its specific features. 

Do you have an Apple music subscription or are you an iPhone user who wants to get an entry into Apple’s universe? Here are the best picks among the speakers: Apple HomePod Mini. 

If you have heard about Apple HomePod Mini but are confused about whether to choose it or not, then don’t worry. By reading this blog, you will get a clear idea about why to go for Apple HomePod Mini and why it is different from other choices. 

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All about Apple HomePod Mini

Apple-Homepod-Mini review 2023

Apple unveiled the HomePod Mini in 2020 which was a better version of the original HomePod. The new version, HomePod Mini, is not only compact but is also better than the original version in the means of price, accessibility, and more. At the same time, Apple discontinued the original version of the HomePod. 

As the smaller version, the Apple HomePod Mini is the smart home speaker responsible for room-filling sound. Since it is available at a budget-friendly price such as $99, it sounds impressive to most users. 

The major factor that makes HomePod Mini different and unique from other speakers is its direct Siri access. So, the speaker is capable of taking voice commands through a smart Siri assistant, through which you can set reminders, send messages, and many more. Along with this feature, this compact wireless speaker offers smart home control.

As it is flexible, Apple HomePod Mini allows you to connect with other HomePod devices. You can easily pair up two devices to experience the immersive synchronized sound. 

Discussing the design, the HomePod Mini is smaller than the older or original HomePod by 3.3 inches in height. With a compact spherical design, the HomePod mini has a flat top. Its solid construction means the Homepod mini is coated with Apple’s audio-conductive mesh fabric. 

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Why should one buy an Apple HomePod Mini? 

  • Even though the Apple HomePod Mini is compact, it is known for its 360-degree audio performance. 
  • The speaker is capable of differentiating the voice of different people. 
  • Along with the intercom feature, the speaker offers an intelligent assistant.
  • The device is available in five colors.
  • The Sleek design makes it more impressive.
  • It allows quick control through the backlit touch surface on the top. 

Some Disadvantages of the Apple HomePod Mini 

  • Only iPhone or iPad users can operate the speaker.
  • The Apple HomePod Mini lacks a mute button.
  • Lacks direct Spotify integration.

How does the Apple Homepod Mini sound? 

Apple HomePod Mini Review
Apple HomePod Mini

It uses omnidirectional speakers, which are speakers capable of radiating sounds in all directions. The Apple HomePod Mini is omnidirectional that offers sound in 360-degree field. So, the speaker is good at producing high-quality sound from all angles. With dual passive bass radiators, the Apple’s HomePod Mini is responsible for offering a clear and crisp sound that can fill the room.

How to set up and control Homepod Mini? 

As said before, you need an iPhone or iPad to set up or control a HomePod mini. 

  • Switch on the HomePod mini and you will hear a startup sound.
  • Hold and unlock your iPhone close to the HomePod Mini. 
  • Wait until the HomePod mini card pops up on your phone. 
  • After the message pops up, you have to follow the instructions on the screen. 

You can control the HomePod mini easily with the words “Hey Siri,” The swirling light on the touchpad indicates the activation of Siri. It also allows you to attend the calls. Other than voice control, you can also use the touchpad to control the Apple HomePod Mini. You can even attend the calls through the speaker manually by tapping “audio” on your phone call’s screen and selecting HomePod. 

To connect and work smoothly, your HomePod mini and phone or laptop should be on the same network. You can easily use peer-to-peer Airplay if your Apple devices are under the same iCloud account. The only factor lacking here is that you can’t connect your HomePod Mini to your iPhone through Bluetooth. 

You can hold or place your iPhone near the HomePod Mini while playing music. This results in transferring the music, and your audio will start playing through the HomePod mini, not from your phone.

Privacy in Apple Homepod Mini 

Along with other features, you might want to know if Apple HomePod Mini collects personal data. The verbal requests are connected to random identifiers, not through your Apple ID. Due to this factor, Apple does not store any information even though the communication occurs directly between the devices. 

Apple confirms that the HomePod Mini only listens to you after the wake phrase. This can be disabled easily by saying, “Hey Siri, Stop Listening,” and you can re-enable it through the home app. Along with these, you can also disable the location services of the home app. 

Who should choose the HomePod Mini?

As an easy-to-use option, HomePod Mini is the best choice for iPhone users. Users who invest in the Apple ecosystem or have an Apple subscription can go for HomePod Mini. It is necessary to have an iOS and iPadOS to work and connect to other Apple devices. This can also work for controlling other Apple home kit accessories. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the HomePod Mini waterproof? 

Even though the Apple HomePod Mini lacks robust water resistance, it can withstand around 5-90% relative humidity. 

Is the HomePod Mini capable of recognizing multiple voices?

Apple HomePod Mini is capable of saving six people’s voices and giving different experiences to each one. 

Can HomePod Mini be connected via Bluetooth?  

HomePod Mini doesn’t work through Bluetooth. But it does for Apple Airplay. 

Apple HomePod Mini- A Better Choice for iPhone Users 

As a fabulous entry-level speaker, it is the best and most comfortable choice for all iPhone users. The Apple HomePod Mini is flexible and friendly in setting up and connecting with other devices. Even though it has some drawbacks, the HomePod mini has many impressive features like 360-degree audio performance, an intercom feature, direct Siri access, etc. 

Not only these features, but it is also affordable, making it ideal for those on a budget.  We hope this blog of Apple HomePod Mini Review will help all the users to know more about it’s features. Share your experience with us through comments if you are a HomePod Mini user. 

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