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5 Useful Apps for Deaf Users or Hard of Hearing

Technology surely has changed the way we live and one particular benefit that it gave us is enhancing the lives of individuals who suffer from some form of impairment.

In this article, we will list down 5 useful apps for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Simple apps that can enhance the way they interact with technology as well as with their lives. These apps are available in Google Play Store.

Additionally, we also recommend checking out the best cellphones for individuals who are deaf or suffer from hard of hearing.

5 Useful Apps for Deaf Users or Hard of Hearing

1. Glide – Video Chat Messenger

App Logo - Glide - Apps for Deaf Users
Glide App Logo

Glide is one of the most popular apps for deaf users. Its video call quality is excellent without any glitches and stable as well. Send a 5-minute long video to your loved ones and it would be like sharing the moments in real-time.

Moreover, Glide is not just all about video calls. You can also send photos and messages to your contacts and is compatible with Android Wear OS.

Features of Glide:

  • Live video
  • Messaging
  • Share videos
  • Video filters
  • Compatible with Android Wear OS
Google Play

2. Evernote

App for Deaf Users - Evernote - App Logo
Evernote App Logo

Evernote is a helpful app for deaf users. It keeps track of the important things, organize your notes, and helps you access information. It can also be synced from different devices to give you the convenience you deserve. Aside from the journal, you can create and share ideas through your notes.

For deaf users, you can discuss your ideas by typing your response through the notepad. It can be a digital notepad, word processor, or a planner. You have it all with Evernote.

Features of Evernote:

  • Variation of format
  • Scanner
  • Attach documents
  • Sync to other devices

Download Evernote, an indispensable tool that would help you from journals, plans, to conversations. Gather all your thoughts and discuss it with your friends and family through Evernote.

Google Play

3. ASL Translator – $4.52

App for Deaf Users - ASL Translator - App Logo
ASL Translator App Logo

The ASL Translator is an app that features a text-to-sign generator and ASL phrases. Meaning, it contains 30,000 registered words as well the translated hand sign versions of those words.

The smart translation algorithm of ASL Translator makes translated phrases be exactly what it means from its English phrase.

Moreover, you can translate an entire book or just a phrase from the Internet. When you translate a text, a video translation would immediately start in real-time.

4. BuzzCards

App Logo - BuzzCards - Apps for Deaf Users
BuzzCards App Logo

For people who suffer hearing impairments, it is hard for them to communicate with people who do not know sign language. This is a communication barrier that will surely lead to some misunderstandings. Buzzards are like flashcards that you can just show to the person you are talking with.

It is easy to write the message and save the cards. You can even make communicating easier by saving messages that you use every day. Do not worry, you can make unlimited buzzards.

Features of BuzzCards:

  • Easy usability
  • Type response
  • Save response or frequently used messages

Download Buzzcards to easily communicate face-to-face with a friend!

Google Play

5. Live Transcribe

App for Deaf Users - Live Transcribe - App Logo
Live Transcribe App Logo

This is the latest release of Google that uses an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology. It can transcribe the speech into text in real-time. ASR technology picks up through the phone’s microphone and delivers it to the screen. This app for deaf users is convenient especially if you are having a conversation with a person who does not know sign language.

Features of Live Transcribe:

  • Supports over 70 languages and dialects
  • Supports bilingual
  • Type responses
  • Loudness and noise indicator
  • Save transcripts for 3 days
  • Haptic feedback signals
  • Private transcripts
  • Compatible with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and newer

Live Transcribe is in collaboration with Gallaudet University, the leading deaf and hearing impairment university in the United States. It would be best for the deaf community to have this application.

Google Play

For people who are not 100% deaf or loss the ability to hear permanently, hearing aids or hearing enhancers are now more advanced than ever before. Devices that enhance your ability to hear can now be paired with your Android phone. Letting you configure these hearing enhancers on your smartphone.

Air Conduction Hearing Aid

Air Conduction Hearing Aid
Air Conduction Hearing Aid

Hearing Aids for hundreds, not thousands of dollars…And Now you have ultimate control over your listening environment with the Hearing Assist HA-802 Hearing Aids and the Free HearingAssist app (available for Android & iOS devices). Optimize the ReCharge! HA-802 to your personal needs using the Hearing Check within the App.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a smartphone be used as a hearing aid?

With today’s technological advancement, most hearing aids need a streaming device to connect it with your device. However, a recent development allows you to connect your hearing aid wirelessly to your device. Furthermore, some smartphones are best for people with hearing impairment.

What is the best speech to text app?

Speech to text apps is useful for deaf users. You can convert the speech to text, this way you can read what the person has said. There is speech to text apps that are accurate. You will not have a hard time communicating with your loved ones with this speech to text apps.

Why is my mic not working?

There might be simple problems as to why your microphone is not working. It may be simply on mute or the volume is set to the minimum level. Do not worry! These glitches can be easily fixed. You can fix your microphone problem on Android with just a few easy steps.

Download an App for Deaf Users!

It is a blessing to have an app for deaf users. It makes their daily living and communication easier. We all know that deaf people are using sign language. However, not all the time all people understand sign language. Thus, it is quite an advantage to have an app that can help you communicate directly and in a simpler way.

We hope that you would find this article helpful. Tell your friends and family about this article, it might come in handy. Do you know other apps for deaf users? You can tell us about it in the common section below.

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