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7 Apps Like Shazam!

Have you been searching for apps like Shazam? Don’t worry; we got you covered.

Remember all those moments where you’re just loving the song that you’re hearing?

And you end up listening harder, trying to find a piece of the lyrics that you can search up online.

And when you finally do find it and listen to that song again, it fills you up with excitement?

Yeah, I remember all those moments, and I remember when Shazam first came along.

Shazam is an app that gives your phone the function to recognize songs playing in the background.

When Identified, it also shows the lyrics of the song.

Imagine bringing out your phone and pressing an app, and within 5 seconds, you have the song title of what you’re listening to.

That and a good visualizer would certainly do for a beautiful bohemian night.

Apps Like Shazam! - Get it?
What a superpower

I remember the time that Shazam dominated the market, being the only one of its kind, people flocked to the app.


Looking for Apps like Shazam?

Shazam had its issues…

A lot of people caught up; people made apps that covered the weaknesses of Shazam.

Because of this, people tried other apps, apps like Shazam that emphasized and added different functions that Shazam lacked.

Other apps included a music player alongside the app and others that valued simplicity more.

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If you’re having trouble looking for the right alternative for you, relax!


While Shazam still is a good app, and it’s still popular and used by millions of people…

We’re only here to help you find the right one for you based on your preferences.

With that said, here are 8 Apps Like Shazam!

Apps Like Shazam!

When choosing among a plethora of similar apps…

It’s always nice to choose what best suits your needs; your preference should still be your primary basis.

What you would need and what you would use are our top priorities in making this list.

With this in mind, check out our list below and choose the right app for you!

1. Google Assistant

Apps Like Shazam? Why not use google!
Use Google Assistant!

Let’s start with what you already have on your Android phones.

Your Google Assistant can detect and identify songs playing in the background, and this is all without installing a separate app for it.

Looking for Apps Like Shazam? Try Google Assistant
Try using your Google Assistant!

You can just go to your Google Assistant and ask it what song is playing

Users of the Google Assistant are giving good reviews about this function.

So, if you don’t want to download a separate app, you can just go on ahead and use your google assistant!

2. SoundHound

Apps Like Shazam? Use SoundHound
SoundHound Logo

SoundHound is particularly the most popular top alternative to Shazam.

With SoundHound being the app’s closest competitor, it’s bound to be one of the best.

Apps like Shazam? Try SoundHound!
Press the orange button!

To use the app, open the app and press the orange button.

The App also has a hands-free functionality which gives you better accessibility and control over the app.

You could be driving and listening to the radio while asking SoundHound what’s playing.

When used, SoundHound also shows you the lyrics of the song, the music video, and sharing capabilities.

Apps Like Shazam? Try using SoundHound
SoundHound Interface
Apps Like Shazam? Try SoundHound with lyrics!
SoundHound uses Google search to look for your lyrics!

You can also add songs that you’ve found in Spotify, as well as searching for information about artists, charts, and songs.

Perhaps the greatest function that the SoundHound app has is its ability to recognize songs from humming, although it isn’t perfect.

It’s a function which Shazam doesn’t currently have.

Find out more about SoundHound on the Play Store!

Google Play

3. Musicxmatch Lyrics

Apps Like Shazam? Use Musicxmatch!
Musicxmatch Logo

Musicxmatch is a device that I used actively before. It’s a music player by heart, but it can also identify songs and provide lyrics for the song in question.

Apps Like Shazam? Try Musicxmatch with a smooth UI
Musicxmatch UI

One of the most significant benefits of using Musicxmatch is its lyrics database, in which it is one of the biggest that is currently on the market.

To use the music identifying function, you need to tap on “identify lyrics” inside the app, unlike SoundHound, which has a hands-free functionality.

Apps Like Shazam? Search music with Musicxmatch
Press the Musicxmatch logo
Apps Like Shazam? View lyrics with musicxmatch
Lyrics from Musicxmatch

The app also has a “LyricCards” function for aesthetic content.

You can also search for lyrics, artist biographies, and the latest tracks.

Check it out on Google Play!

Google Play

4. Music Identification

Apps Like Shazam! Try Music Identification!
Music Identification Logo

With only one function, Music Identifier is for those who don’t want any excess features they don’t need.

Apps Like Shazam? Use a simple music identification app!
The simplest on this list!

The only thing this app can do it to identify the music you’re playing, but don’t get me wrong; the app is excellent at it.

Music Identification is a lightweight app.

With a measly 7.7MB size, this app is definitely for those who don’t want all the additional functions and will actually use the app for that purpose only.

Oh and the best part? It has no ads.

Check the app out on Play Store!

Google Play

5. Beatfind Music Recognition

Apps Like Shazam! Try Beatfind!
Beatfind Logo

Beatfind Music Recognition boasts its simplicity with a minimalist interface.

Apps Like Shazam? Try the straightforward Beatfinder
Press the search button while listening!

Beatfind also lets you play a preview of the identified song you were searching for as well as the option to listen to the track.

Additional features include exploring albums and artist information.

You can also search for the artist’s top track.

Beatfind can also be connected to your Spotify and Youtube apps.

It also gives you the ability to search the song online with the press of a button.

Apps Like Shazam? Try Beatfinder!
The app is uncluttered and straightforward!

While Beatfind Music Recognition may not be the best, a lot of people may like its interface.

Its limited functionality is beneficial to those who don’t want overcrowded apps.

Check it out on the Play Store

Google Play

6. Genius

Apps Like Shazam? Try Genius
Genius Logo

Genius is among the most popular apps on this list, almost on par with Shazam.

Genius is famous for posting videos of artists singing and explaining their lyrics.

Apps Like Shazam? Try Genius
Genius app loading screen

Their website is one of, if not the most famous sites for song lyrics and information.

So it would only be a waste if they didn’t make a Music Identifying app of their own, right?

What’s unique about Genius is that they also have information about how the song was made.

And, where some of your favorite lines in a song came from.

Apps Like Shazam? Genius User Interface
Genius User Interface

The app shows you the lyrics of the song you’re looking for and its music video, which you could then connect to your Spotify or Youtube app.

You can download lyrics for offline use, and explore their discoveries and artist information.

It also has a social section in which you can connect with other people and share what you like.

Google Play

7. MusicID

Apps Like Shazam! Try MusicID
MusicID Logo

The best thing about this particular app is that it’s uncluttered.

Apps Like Shazam? Try the simple MusicID
MusicID’s simple interface

It has the same primary function as all the other apps on this list.

Apps Like Shazam? Try MusicID
Chanel by Frank Ocean successfully identified by Music ID

Unlike the other apps on this list that have so many functionalities combined into one app, MusicID is for those who want a clutter-free experience.

It has a unique function in which you can note the memory of where you listened to the song and why.

Check out the app on Google Play!

Google Play

Use Your App!

Amazon Echo Dot

Apps Like Shazam? Get Alexa!
Alexa, play Despacito

Enjoy a fantastic Hands-off experience with the Amazon Echo Dot, and find out what music is playing by asking Alexa!

You can enjoy your own virtual assistant at home!

Available at Amazon now!


Are these Music Identifying Apps Free?

Yes, they are free to use with no hidden charges.

Can I use google to identify songs?

Yes, you can do this by holding the home screen on your android device and pressing Widgets. Look for the Google section and drag “Sound Search” to your home screen.

Can these apps identify humming?

Soundhound has been known to identify humming, compared to Shazam that has to listen to the original soundtrack.

Which app to choose?

On choosing an app, your preference is still your basis. Choose an app that would best connect with you.

If you want a music player in your app then Musicxmatch is for you.

If you want additional features, go for SoundHound, or Genius.

if you want simplicity then you could go for google assistant, Beatfind, MusicID, or Music Identification.

Basically, it all depends on how you’ll use the app.

If you have any comments or concerns, let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. On Android, there is the Sound Search Widget that can identify songs. It works just as well as Shazam

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