The 10 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is indeed one of the most touted Android phones at the moment. Not only does it have a superior operating system, faster processing speed, and better camera specifications than its previous counterparts, but the best apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus can really optimize your experience.

Want to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus?

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus!


VERYFI - The 10 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Veryfi is the ultimate app when it comes to automating your data. This brilliant app is used to automate data entry, automatically sort and reconcile receipts and expenses and allow greater synergy across teams. By doing so, Veryfi does away with the need for manual input, and that too on a HIPAA and GDPR compliant end-to-end machine platform.

Other features that Veryfi offers include a state of the art modern mileage tracking app. This logbook runs in the background while you drive, thereby tracking your trips. All of this is done while using as little battery as possible.

Google Play

2. Gentle Alarm

Gentle Alarm - The 10 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Gentle Alarm

Price: $2.08

Even in 2018, one of the main reasons why we use our mobile phones is to wake up in the morning. Lo and behold, we present to you the Gentle Alarm app!

Using full Lollipop integration, you can use the Gentle Alarm app to automatically activate a priority ‘night mode’ display, select which alarms should ring in a ‘no interruptions mode,’ and also use Google Assistant to set alarms via vocal instructions.

As the name suggests, Gentle Alarm gives you the option to wake up during light sleep with an optional pre-alarm. It can be customized using a number of display and media settings.

Google Play

3. Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn - The 10 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Battery Widget Reborn

Price: Free

Battery Widget Reborn has a holo-themed user-interface, and is the first of its kind to allow expandable notifications.

When using such a widget, we only have two main considerations – does it look good, and does it function well? Thankfully, these two concerns are laid to rest with the Battery Widget Reborn app.

Aesthetically, the circle battery level indicator fits pure Android design. Moreover, it supports both the main and external dock battery. There are also shortcuts to power summary, background sync, Wi-Fi, and BT settings.

A simple yet useful feature is the automatic power saving mode that is activated during the night to conserve battery.

Google Play

4. Meteor: Free Internet Speed & App Performance Test

Meteor - The 10 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Price: Free

Meteor works in a very simple manner: it calculates your ping rate, download speed and upload speed, and lets you select your favorite apps and check the optimum speed that they require to run.

You can also figure out if your Facebook app works faster at home or at the coffee shop, so that app usage can be optimized anywhere and everywhere. The app thus allows you to save your test locations so that you can manage and compare results.

Google Play

5. TouristTube Hotel/Flight Deals

TouristTube - The 10 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Price: Free

With the growing travel needs of millennials in this day and age, it has become crucial to have a travel app to serve as the one stop solution for such needs. Foremost, TouristTube helps in booking flights and hotels by comparing various rates.

This app lets you select travel sites and destinations by browsing through over 40 million pages worth of customized content.

TouristTube helps in saving and recording trips for future reference. By creating your own TourBag, you can have an organized virtual folder to save all your trips, sites visited and travel recommendations that can be shared with other users and can also be viewed offline.

Google Play

6. Erudite Dictionary, Translator, & Widget

Erudite Dictionary - The 10 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Erudite Dictionary

Price: Free

Erudite is a dictionary, translator, flashcards, phrasebook, and widget – all rolled into one. It will certainly aid your travelling and comprehension needs by having a variety of bilingual dictionaries: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese to name a few.

The additional features include a thesaurus to understand synonyms and antonyms, grammar, flashcards to learn basic vocabulary, a phrasebook that lets you practice essential phrases for conversation, and bookmarks for the words you search for the most.

Google Play

7. Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe

Pill Reminder - The 10 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Pill Reminder

Price: Free

With copious amounts of multitasking required in our daily schedules, it becomes more and more difficult to remember when to pop certain medicines and tablets. The Pill Reminder is therefore indeed the savior to remembering the myriad of pills that one has to ingest.

The Pill Reminder not only functions as an alarm system, but also educates people about their medicines, offers tips, provides curated prescription coupons and special offers. In addition, physicians can also tap into their patients’ adherence data and obtain health dashboards instantly.

Google Play

8. Google Photos

Google Photos - The 10 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Google Photos

Price: Free

With selfies having been made the buzzword in recent years, it is no surprise that a large amount of data on our smartphones comprises of pictures. Google Photos goes a step ahead in helping you take photos on a regular basis; it helps you make a new photo gallery based on a specific day or in a specific location.

The app also frees up space by allowing unlimited space for backing up photos and videos in HD.

All videos and photos are instantly searchable based on the people and places in them- so no tagging is required. Smart albums allow for high quality editing, and the app automatically creates movies, collages and panoramas. All your photo needs are simply a click away with this app!

Google Play

9. VPN Cloud

VPN Cloud - The 10 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
VPN Cloud

Price: Free

The information age has necessitated that private servers be setup, and that more secure firewalls are put in place. The VPN Cloud app, however, opens blocked sites and hides your IP. This allows you to access content that could not be retrieved earlier, all the while obscuring your internet ID.

VPN Clouds has been rated as the Best VPN for Android, and we couldn’t differ. It’s totally free and unlimited, and allows one click access to bypass blocked hotspots. You can surf the web anonymously and also download torrents for free.

Google Play

10. Dashlane Free Password Manager

Dashlane - The 10 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Price: Free

When it comes to the plethora of data, we all have to remember unlimited passwords. Dashlane Free Password Manager does exactly as it promises: it keeps passwords safely stored and encrypted on your phone with the Manager and Digital Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus .

As a secure password manager, Dashlane saves and organizes all passwords in a single vault. The best thing about it is that only you can access the passwords. Its password generator produces unique and secure passwords for all accounts, uses autofill and enables automatic log-ins for various portals and websites.

Google Play


Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 good for gaming?

Yes, S8 scored 70,546 in the 3D gaming tests, putting it above the iPhone 7 Plus and LG G6, which both scored 60,000. Surprisingly, the Galaxy S8 can be a good one for gaming.

How old is Samsung S8 Plus?

The S8 and S8+ were unveiled on 29 March 2017.

How good is the Samsung S8 camera?

You can purchase a Samsung S8 for a good camera quality. 

How many sims does S8+ have?

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ can handle two sim cards simultaneously.

Time to Get the App!

These 10 apps and many more are awaiting the tech-savvy Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus user. Even if you use a handful of these, we guarantee that you’ll be able to efficiently allocate your time and resources in a better manner. These apps for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are bound to help you manage your day to day tasks and activities as befitting an Android user.

So, are you ready to upgrade your shiny Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with the best apps in town?

If you’ve downloaded any of the above-mentioned apps already, we’d love to know your experience. Let the world know about it by leaving a comment!

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