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13 Authentic Samsung Galaxy S6 User Reviews

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is was meant to be the iPhone 6 killer before it’s release, and it’s a lot cheaper now following the release of the Galaxy S7.

Trying to decide whether or not to get a Samsung Galaxy S6? Rather than listening to us, why not check what the users had to say. We’ve collated 13 different user reviews to help you decide if it’s worth your hard earned cash.

We have positive, negative and average reviews, so you can have a look at what the general public think of the device. Let’s get started;

Positive Reviews

S6 Eg


“Samsung have once again upped their game. One of the top phones out there. They have fixed what everyone has been asking them to fix and are so close to nailing the perfect smartphone. It’s hard to not feel a little disappointed by the lack of Removable battery, Micro-SD card slot and waterproofing. Otherwise Samsung have worked hard to try and bridge the gap between the tech savvy feature lovers and the simple user and have created the closest phone yet.” User – Max-Putamorsi (Source)

While touching upon some of the worst problems, this is a ringing endorsement for the device. If you can get by with a lack of removable memory, then the S6 could be right for you.


“Near perfect phone, but not quite. Battery could be bigger. TouchWiz needs more trimming down. The screen is the best mobile screen. Amazing sharpness and detail (not like the 326ppi ones). Excellent colour calibration and white balance. The camera is incredible. Finally, Samsung made a good Galaxy S phone, since the S2.” User – E34V8 (Source)

When your product is described as near-perfect, you know you’ve done something right. The camera is continually mentioned by a wide range of users, and I’ve yet to see any complaints about the image quality. If you’re mostly interested in taking photos, the Galaxy S6 is a great option.


“Ok, so its been 5 months since I’m using this phone and I can say that this is the best smartphone you can get right now. It gives you some world-class performance, Stunning Visuals, Great Multitasking, the worlds best camera performance, in short it gives amazing all round performance. The only disadvantage is the battery life because its only 2550 mah which is not ideal for a QHD Phone. But the fast charger helps me overcome this problem. I love playing High-end games on this phone like MC5, Asphalt 8, Fifa 16 as it handles them quite easily and makes gameplay smoother. The UI is well polished and gives you a silk smooth performance. Its design is quite impressive and it offers you premium build quality. So the Verdict is that get this phone as soon as you can or you’ll regret it.” User – mhf20 (Source)

S6 Img

Wow. If this was the only review you checked out, you be forgiven for thinking that the Galaxy S6 revolutionizes the way we communicate. The S6 has great specs, which is always handy for the gamers out there. If you’re interested in a serious gaming device, the Galaxy S6 has you covered, but it will drain the battery quickly.

Battery life will be discussed in more detail below.


“I have had this phone since the 31st of August and I absolutely love it. The phone is super fast with lightning fast speeds. Battery could be better but is still good. The display is a complete monster. The best display of all phones. It almost looks like the S3 but just a little different. Finally, metal and glass. The bottom looks exactly like the IPhone 6 bottom. The speaker is super loud. I highly recommend this phone. Don’t look at the other reviews that say this phone sucks. This phone is a complete beast. Amazing job Samsung!!!! Keep at it!” User – PolishGeezus (Source)

This is another great review, which goes into detail regarding just how nice the phone looks and feels. Lots of owners have responded in a similar fashion, so if comfort is key the S6 could be the one for you.

Average Reviews

Sam Screen


“Have been enjoying the galaxy s6 so far due to performance and capacity nonetheless I believe that Samsung should rethink the battery.” User – NattyV (Source)

The battery is continually mentioned by most users, so be careful if you’re thinking of picking up a second hand device. The performance is always important, and the device is usually pretty snappy when you’re opening and closing numerous apps on the fly.


“This phone is a beautiful machine on the outside but the software is its biggest drawback. Its been nothing but a headache for me and I am very disappointed with google, who have time and time again proven that put their efforts into looks rather than focus on core structure.” User – mcadam1212 (Source)

This time, it’s the software in focus. It’s generally agreed that the hardware is incredibly solid, but brute force can only get you so far. The looks aren’t the most important thing, but when you’re competing with the iPhone your device has to be sleek.


“I’m going to be selling this phone. Between its ongoing memory leak problems -that over time cripple its responsiveness- and its abysmal battery life this is the most frustrating phone I have ever had. Let me warn you, if you are even a moderate user or above you will learn to hate this phone’s battery life. by 3 hours after I wake up its in the 70s. By noon its in the 40s. If I don’t charge it at work I’m done by the time I get home. Well my life doesn’t stop when I get home. I’m doing things and needing it. If you like your life revolving around baby sitting your phone’s battery, then this is your phone.” User – Chase Masters (Source)

S6 1

Again, the battery is mentioned in a negative light. (Wait until we get to the negative reviews.) Despite the issues, it’s probably fair to say that the owner would have happily used the device if it had a larger battery. If you plan on using your device a lot during the day, you might need to stay near a charger.


“It amazes me that so many folks rate highly about this phone when its one of the worst phones from a user experience. On paper its a beast but in the real world I get more speed from throwing rocks.

I found some pleasant things about this device, like the screen and build quality. However, most benefits of this phone were killed by Samsungs UI and poor ram management, which has yet to be addresses.” User – oconnell84 (Source)

The user experience is always really important, so sometimes it’s worth looking past the specs to see if a device is right for you. However, some ‘pleasant things’ about the phone were noted along the way.

Negative Reviews

S6 Edge


“My prediction…. the galaxy s6 will be the first flop in a long line of brilliant Samsung successes. Folks if you really want one badly I suggest you wait 3 or 4 months. This phone has a destiny. Its destiny is to become a provider freebie for new subscribers and a free upgrade for current subscribers. Samsung and the providers will find they have warehouses filled with expensive bricks and will be desperate to unload them. So folks hold out and save your money. Money is hard enough to earn now days and throwing down that kind of money on this money grab downgrade just does not make fiscal sense.” User – ILWU13 (Source)

It’s fair to say that this user isn’t very impressed with the S6. It might not have represented the biggest leap in technology, but it’s still a relatively powerful handset even now.


“It is LOADED and I mean LOADED with Google’s crap. Good grief. Power sapping, annoying, constantly popping up, constantly updating, never used crap. If I want Google Play Books I’ll download it! Or Google Play Stand. Who the heck wants that??? Of course not to pick on just Google….Samsung has done their share of crap program bombardment.” User – FFS2015 (Source)


Aside from the battery, most users seem to be pretty happy with the hardware. This time, it’s the bloatware that the user isn’t happy with. You can always disable apps and their icons, but it’s really annoying to see lots of useless pre-installed apps taking up space. (Especially since the device has no space for external memory.)


“I had a ton of software problems and was going to return it, but then my screen broke. Now, no one will help me without charging me $250. If Samsung doesn’t recall this phone, I’m never buying another one from them.” User – Crcgz8 (Source)

Here’s another user who had problems with software, and then the hardware itself. Software issues do appear to be quite common, but it’s unlikely that you will have issues with the screen.


“A well built phone with a major flaw: It currently operates like garbage. Google maps crashed 5 times in under a 1 minute. SMS showed glitched characters. Screen transition very glitchy. I reset the phone to factory settings. Still glitchy. For a phone that is 3 weeks old, its performance isn’t meeting its cost. 1 star for sure; if I were happy I wouldn’t be here as I had for my last 3 android phones, (none samsung) were well built and lasted each a while.” User – s_p_u_d_n_i_k (Source)

A common theme is starting to emerge here, and it paints a completely different picture to the positive sentiments found above. The phone has been updated to remove a lot of the problems early adopters experienced, but they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.


“I cannot understate how disappointed I am in Samsung for passing this fraudulent product on the consuming public. No removable battery or SD card slot (like in previous models), a smaller battery with practically no battery life (worse than any previous smartphone I have owned), and a design with glass! Whoever made the decision to put this in production should be fired immediately. You have damaged your company’s name, and have permanently altered my future purchase of any Samsung product. The only good quality about this device is its camera. It is outstanding.” User – tonywf (Source)

What a way to end. Calling the product fraudulent is extremely harsh, but that does seem to be how some users felt considering the problems the phone faced when it first came out.


With the release of the new Galaxy S7, the older model has instantly become a lot cheaper. There’s also more available on the second-hand market as people look to save money when upgrading, so there are lots of bargains to be had if you shop around.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the battery life will always an issue, so don’t expect the S6 to last if you plan on using it a lot throughout the day. It’s still a great device, but owners don’t seem to be as unanimous as you might have thought.

What do you think of the Galaxy S6? Are you tempted to get it? Let us know in the comments below, or you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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