What Is the Baby Crying Detector on Samsung Phones?


Are you aware that Samsung smartphones have a built-in baby crying detector feature? If you haven’t heard about it yet, then better check it out on the settings of your Samsung smartphone. But before you do, do note that not all Samsung phones have this feature.

The baby crying detector was first introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S5. It then has been a built-in function for every Samsung smartphone that came out after the Galaxy S5.

As the name suggests, the baby crying detector on supported Samsung phones sets your device to detect the sound of a baby crying. It then alerts you either by vibrating or by camera flash blinking.

What Samsung Phones has a Built-In Baby Crying Detector Feature:

As of this writing, we can’t confirm if Samsung smartphone models from different series such as J-series, A-series, etc.. have this feature. We can, however, verify that the following has this feature.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 and other model variants
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 and other model variants
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and other model variants
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and other model variants
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and other model variants
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 and other model variants

How To Use the Baby Crying Detector on Samsung Phones?

To use the baby crying detector of your Samsung smartphone, simply do the following:

  1. Open device settings.
  2. Proceed to Accessibility.
  3. Tap on Hearing. In some Samsung phone model, it’s Hearing Enhancement.
  4. On older Samsung smartphones, you should be able to see the Baby Crying Detector option. On more latest Samsung models, tap on Sound Detector. You should be able to see the option from there.

Your phone must be within 1 meter of the baby. The phone then vibrates when it detects the baby crying and also sends an alert to a separate device paired with your Samsung phone such as Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches. Additionally, any device that paired on your Samsung phone will also get the alert as well.

So, once it is all set up—which takes only a few minutes—you will have an effective baby monitor for free. There is no need to buy an expensive, separate system to monitor your pride and joy.

Why Should I Use This and Not a Baby Monitor System?

Baby Crying Monitor Detector

Well, for an obvious reason, it saves you money only if you have a supported Samsung phone already. Since a decent baby monitor can cost you extensively at a box store including having to choose from different brands and models such as those ones that can connect to a Wi-Fi or has a built-in camera.

The baby crying detector on your Samsung phone is an aid to help the parents that do not depend on electronics to raise their kids. There is no substitute for a parent’s intuition and instinctive care. Your child depends on you—not the people that make expensive electronics—to be healthy and happy. So, keeping it simple and affordable is the best way to monitor your child. Just like any other baby, they will be loud enough for you to hear.

Note: This feature is great for times like when they take naps throughout the day, but it is also important to remember that electronics are not perfect. It will never be advised to go ahead and leave the house to run errands while your baby is at home just because you are monitoring them on your watch. Any baby monitor or phone or watch could fail at any time. Keep this in mind when using aids to help with parenting.

But, I Can’t Use My Phone While the Baby Sleeps?

Yes, you can’t use your phone for other things if you plan to use it as a baby crying detector. Given that the device needs to be within 1m distance area from the baby. Unless you plan to sit with them while they sleep, which then defeats the purpose of the baby crying detector altogether, then your phone will be out of arm’s reach.

If you can’t afford to not use your phone, then here are a view alternatives you can do:

Ultimately, if all of these things just won’t work for you, then your last choice would be purchasing a dedicated baby monitor. If you’ve decided to purchase one, then we highly recommend VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor.

VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor (Best Alternative to the Baby Crying Detector of Samsung Phones)

VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor

If you rather not purchase an old phone or for whatever reason, you just can’t do any of the things we listed, then this baby audio monitor is for you.

This baby audio monitor has a ton of feature that you can configure. From simply setting at what level of noise to hear up to the ability to clip the hearing unit on your belt.


So, I Can Be on the Other Side of the House, and It Will Still Work?

Most likely yes, but this will all depend on the size of your home. On older devices the connection is via Bluetooth, so you’ll need to research your devices to determine how far their Bluetooth connections extend. Walls and floors can also interfere with Bluetooth connections, so the distance you can actually travel will probably be less than the advertised signal distance.

On newer devices, Wi-Fi makes this problem go away as it will use the internet connection to give you your notifications. If that is the case, enjoy going anywhere around your home that you wish.

Why Does the Phone Vibrate When It Detects a Baby Crying?

That is a good question. It seems like it is a waste of perfectly good vibration. However, it could be used to wake a parent up that has not slept in four days and is in a borderline coma. The brain reacts to movement and touch feels like vibration differently than sounds.

While you sleep, your brain is in, well, sleep mode. Sounds do get to the brain, but often, they are not processed in a way that would bring you out of a sleep state. Most of the time, a sound would need to be loud enough as this gets processed in a separate part of the brain that invokes a panic type of feeling.

This is why smoke alarms, home security systems, and environmental warning sirens are so loud and obnoxious. Of course, a sound like this could just upset the baby further, not to mention get picked up by the baby crying detector, so Samsung stuck with simple vibration notification.

How Well Does the Baby Crying Detector Work?

Baby Crying Monitor Detector Samsung

There are virtually no false alarms, so you do not have to worry about running in and out of your kid’s room every minute.

If your kid is in a quiet room, which they should be, then the detector will notice as your baby begins to fuss, hopefully allowing you to get to them before they start screaming. If your baby’s room is next to yours and you are a stay-at-home parent, it is safe to nap when your baby naps. If your kid sleeps in the same room as you while they are itty bitty, you can keep the phone on you so you can feel it vibrate and sound the alarm, too.

However, you will have to play with the setup you have. You will know the best way to use this aid to help you and your bundle of joy be healthier and happier during the first years of their lives.

Are There Any Hacks, Tips, Tricks, or Changes That Would Make It Better?

The way it is now is great. There really aren’t any tricks to it and no magic involved. Just follow the instructions it gives you on the screen before it lets you turn it on. It is simple and easy. The only change to the baby crying detector that would make it better would be having a sensitivity sensor on the phone. This would give the parent complete control over the feature and would offer the freedom of customization. Some babies do not cry very loud, and some cry too loud, so having options would make this feature perfect.

Also, if Samsung would make a standalone device that was small and affordable to replace your phone, that would be even better. The device would not need to be fancy or do anything other than sense the sound your baby omits and send an alert to your phone. Having that separate device, coupled with a sensitivity sensor, would be the ultimate system in baby monitoring technology. However, the way the system is now is just fine, especially for people who want to keep it simple and affordable.


Please use this feature with caution. Samsung has put a disclaimer on this feature to remind parents that aids like this are not substitutes for parenting, which could not be truer. The electronics you put in your kid’s room to help you cannot do anything for him or her. Only you can, and you must be alert when caring for your child.

Having said that, using aids is essential for parents in the modern world as we are so busy with so many things. This feature helps you stay organized throughout the day, so you can plan ahead to catch up on sleep and feel safe doing it. Do your research on other aids and affordable ways to help you care for your child because this is just one of the hundreds of other options out there, including hiring a nanny with a proper British accent that carries an umbrella with her everywhere she goes.

Tell Us Your Thoughts

Have you used this feature in your own home? Do you have any other favorite features or apps that help you take care of your family? Do you have any questions about the baby crying monitor feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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