4 Best 4G LTE Tablets You Can Buy Now

Smartphones and tablets are quite similar in every way possible but there are things better done with a tablet. If you own both devices, you’ll understand what we mean. The best example to emphasize the difference of each device is the size of the display screen.

Surely, some would prefer to have a tablet as their daily drivers over a smartphone. Unfortunately, the majority of tablets available in the market does not support cellular connectivity.

With this in mind, along with your desire to purchase a tablet, we listed down 5 of the best tablet that features a SIM slot, 4G & LTE connection, and some corresponding cool to have accessories.

Best 4G LTE Tablets

Best Over AllSamsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/LTE
CheapestGoogle Nexus 9
Highly RecommendedSamsung Galaxy Tab A (2019,4G/LTE) SM-T515 10.1″
Best ValueMicrosoft Surface Pro 6 LTE Advanced Newest Version

4 Best 4G LTE Tablets

It’s an undeniable fact that tablets are slowly declining in the market. Consumers find purchasing tablets irrelevant with the availability and options that buyers can get with smartphones and flagship models.

With that in mind, here are 5 of the best Android tablets that features cellular connectivity, slim sot, and supports 4G & LTE network.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019,4G/LTE) SM-T515 10.1″


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ 2019 edition is one of the best and most affordable 4G LTE tablets in the market.

The key factor that makes this tablet worth recommending is the value it offers for its price. You get a tablet with a 10.1″ IPS screen display, a tablet with a thickness of just 7.5mm and aluminum body, Android 9 out of the box, Exynos 7904 (14 nm), a non-removable Li-Po 6150 mAh battery, Bluetooth V5.0, and more.


Additionally, it is available in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB internal storage and supports an additional storage expansion with MicroSD up to 1 TB.

If you want a tablet that offers the latest in tech and doesn’t break the bank, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ 2019 is highly recommended.


2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/LTE


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the brand’s flagship tablet model for 2019. This tablet is a 2-in-1 model that can be set up as a portable PC. It is available in 2 variants in 128 GB or 256 GB.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 features the latest in Android, Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855 (7 nm), aluminum body frame with front glass, a 10.5″ Super AMOLED display, speakers tuned by AKG, a USB Type-C 3.1 with magnetic connector, fingerprint (under display, optical), a non-removable Li-Po 7040 mAh battery, and more.

The tablet also comes with an S Pen that lets you pause and skip at the press of the button. Additionally, you can markup papers, sign documents, and take notes. You can even attach it magnetically for easy storage and charging.


This tablet is so powerful that you can even play demanding games like Fortnite with it without hinges and lags.


If you want the ability to use this tablet as a PC or set it up that way, you will need the Keyboard Case designed by Samsung.

3. Samsung Tab S6 10.5″ (T860) Bookcover Keyboard


With its sophisticated texture design and intuitive pogo pin connectors to simplify setup and speed up usage Time, the Galaxy Tab S6 book cover keyboard is equally practical as it is pleasing to the eye.


Microsoft Surface Pro 6 LTE Advanced Newest Version best-4g-lte-tablet-microsoft-surface-pro-advanced

One particular tablet that we can consider on par with the latest from Samsung is the Microsoft Surface Pro. The Surface Pro is considerably a computer in a tablet form factor. It’s capable and powerful enough to run applications that you would usually use with your laptop or desktop as it runs on a Windows operating system.

If you want a table that you can use and work on the things that you would usually work using your computer, then the Surface Pro tablet is the tablet to consider for.

It features a large RAM capacity of 8 or 16 GB letting giving this tablet an ample amount of storage space to eliminate any slowdowns and lags.


Additionally, you can convert this tablet into a laptop using the keyboard cover that Microsoft designed for it.

Microsoft FMM-00001 Type Cover for Surface Pro

This cover does not only offers an additional keyboard function but it can also be used as a trackpad with its built-in 2-button trackpad. The keyboard is sturdy with enhanced magnetic stability along the fold so you can adjust it to the right angle and work on your lap, on the plane, or at your desk. Since it’s designed just for Surface.


4. Google Nexus 9


And of course, everyone’s favorite, the Google Nexus 9. Despite the fact that Google has pulled the plug for the tablet market, their last tablet collaboration with HTC is still and by far the consumers’ favorite tablet.

The Google Nexus 9 was considerably the epitome of a gaming tablet since a company that specializes in graphics developed its processor which is the 64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1 chipset; 2.3GHz dual-core Denver CPU; Kepler DX1 GPU.


The tablet may seem to be outdated and support for it from the manufacturers has ended but it’s still the coolest tablet back then. It was first released in 2014 and it was the result of Google’s continuous effort in the tablet market. Unfortunately, the big giant decided to leave the tablet market due to its decline over the past years.

You can, however, still find stores that sell this tablet.


Finding the Best Tablet with 4G/LTE

Finding a tablet that supports the use of cellular connectivity is not as challenging as it sounds. A closer look at the market will reveal that consumers are left with few options to choose from. This is due to the continuous decline of demands for tablets over the past recent years.

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As a matter of fact, tablet sales have plummeted for the 20th quarter in a row. Popular brands are slowly pulling the plug and leaving the tablet business due to poor sales. The most recent company that decided to end its tablet business is Google leaving the Google Pixel Slate as the company’s last tablet in the market.

Google Pixel Slate


Google Pixel Slate was the brand’s effort in matching up Microsofts’ Surface Pro products. If we are to look at its hardware, the tablet is overall impressive but what makes this tablet a dark horse is its high price paired with poor software performance and sluggish overall user experience.

But on the brighter side, Pixel Slate is a great Chrome OS device but unfortunately, it’s not enough to woo the consumers.


Ultimately, there are still plenty of tablets to choose from that supports 4G/LTE. The best model will always come to individual preferences but with limited options, you’re better off purchasing a tablet that offers more value for your money.

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