5 Best 4K Android Smart TV to Buy in 2020

If you’re looking for the best Android 4K UltraHD Smart TV that you can buy, then you’ve come to the right place. UHD Smart TVs that run on Android OS is quite becoming popular these days. So, for this article, we will list down 5 of the best 4K Android Smart TV that you can buy..

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According to IHS Markit, Android alone controls over 40% of the smart TV market share in 2018. This, of course, includes both the full Android TV implementation and modified versions. IHS Markit also expects that Android will continue to strive through 2022.

Android TV Market Share
IHS Smart TV 2018 Market Share Graph

However, Smart 4K TVs that uses Android as its built-in OS is quite difficult to find. In the United States alone, 4K Android TVs are so few that it became a market dominated by Philips, Hisense, and Sony, excluding Chinese brands. Whereas the brand Philips brings in their very first Android 4K TVs in the US called Philips 5704 and 5904.

5 Best 4K Android Smart TVs

Best OverallSony XBRA9G Ultra HD Android Smart BRAVIA OLED TV
CheapestToshiba Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR – Fire TV Edition
Best ValueHisense Class H9E Plus UHD Android TV
Highly RecommendedSony XBR X950G UltraHD Android Smart TV
Runner UpsSony X750F Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

1. Hisense Class H9E Plus 4K UHD Android TV

Hisense 2018 Model 65" class H9100E Plus (64.5" diag.) 4K UHD Android TV
Cheapest 4K UltraHD Android Smart TV

The Hisense H9E Plus is a high-end 4K Android TV of Hisense. It is available in 55 or 65 inches display. It features a patented ULED display technology, support for Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10, Ultra Motion Rate 240, and Local Dimming.

Key Features:

  • ULED 4K TV
  • Android 8.0
  • Wide Color Gamut
  • Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10
  • Ultra Motion Rate 240
  • Google Assistant Built-in
  • Local Dimming
  • Quad Core Processor
  • 30W Built-in 2CH Speakers

If you want a 4K Android TV that’s capable of reproducing stunning and vibrant image quality that doesn’t cost you over a grand, then this TV might just be the one for you. The only downside of this TV is that it uses a VA panel. With VA Panels, the image quality degrades when viewed at an angle.

You can purchase from either WalmartBestBuy, or Amazon.


  • Ultra Motion Rate 240
  • Google Assistant with Android 8.0
  • 30W Speakers
  • ULED Technology


  • VA Panel
  • Can’t Produce Deep Colors.

2. Sony XBRA9G 4K Ultra HD Android Smart BRAVIA OLED TV

Sony Bravia XBR A9G OLED Android 4K Smart TV Ultra High Definition UHD
Best OLED Android 4K Smart TV

When it comes to 4K Android TV, Sony is the brand to look for. Since the majority, if not all, of its 4K Smart TV, are running on Android. So for this one, if you want an Android TV that features 4K Display, Stunning Images, and that uses OLED Technology then the Sony XBRA9G OLED 4K TV is the one to look for.

The Sony A9G is probably the only OLED 4K TV on the market that runs on the latest Android system. So, if you want the best of both Android and Picture Quality, we strongly recommend to look out for the Sony A9G. The Sony A9G is the latest and top of the line OLED TV of Sony for 2019.

Key Features:

  • Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate
  • OLED Display
  • Android OS TV
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+™
  • TRILUMINOS™ Display
  • Google Assistant and Alexa Compatible
  • Super Bit Mapping HDR
  • Motionflow™ XR
  • 4K X-Reality™ PRO
  • Pixel Contrast Booster™

If you want the best Android TV available on the market, the Sony A9G should be on your number 1 list. This TV will be the king of all Android TVs for 2019. With all these features, you should also expect a stunning selling price.


  • Tons of Patented Sony Technology
  • OLED Display
  • Google Assistant and Alexa


  • Price, Hella Expensive.

3. Sony XBR X950G 4K UltraHD Android Smart TV

Sony XBR X950G 4K UltraHD Android Smart TV
Best LCD 4K UltraHD Smart Android TV

If an OLED TV is not to your liking and you find it too expensive, then the Sony XBR X950G might be the one you are looking for. The X950G is also a high-end Android 4K TV from Sony. It’s their top of the line 2019 LCD model. It features Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, full-array local dimming backlight with X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, and is available in 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches.

Key Features:

  • Picture Processor X1 Ultimate
  • Full-Array Local Dimming
  • Acoustic Multi-Audio with Sound Positioning Tweeters
  • X-Wide Angle
  • X-Motion Clarity
  • Android TV platform and the Google Assistant built-in
  • HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision
  • 4K X-Reality™ PRO
  • TRILUMINOS™ Display
  • Live Color™ Technology
  • Super bit mapping™ HDR
  • 20W Built-In 2CH Speakers

The Sony X950G is the brand’s offering for those that want an affordable alternative to OLED TVs. Although if you plan to buy the biggest one, we’d recommend to buy the smallest A9G instead.


  • Tons of Patented Sony Technology
  • Affordable High-End Android TV with Full Array Local Dimming
  • Google Assistant and Alexa


  • Not OLED

4. Sony X750F 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

Sony X750F 4K UltraHD Android Smart TV
Best Budget 4K Android TV

If you have a budget to consider, the Sony X750F might fit your needs for an Android TV. For less than $800, the Sony X750F features a native 4K resolution, 4K X-Reality™ PRO, Motionflow™ XR 240 (native 60 Hz), and of course, an Android eco-system.

The Sony X750F is by far the most budget oriented Android 4K TV available on the market. It has decent picture quality that doesn’t change or suffer from loss of quality when viewed at an angle. The best of all, it features an IPS display panel. Giving you a true to life like color reproduction.

Key Features:

  • 4K High Dynamic Range
  • 4K X-Reality™ PRO
  • Frame Dimming
  • HDR10, HLG
  • ClearAudio+
  • Live Color™ Technology
  • Android 8.0
  • Live Color™ Technology
  • 4K UltraHD Resolution

If you want an Android TV that’s really cheap and offers the best in the performance category for its price, then we highly recommend that you check out Sony X750F. It is available in 55 and 65 inches.


  • Price
  • Sony Proprietary Image Enhancing Technology
  • IPS Display


  • Poor HDR performance

You can either purchase from Walmart, BestBuy, or Amazon.

5. Toshiba 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR – Fire TV Edition

Toshiba 43LF621U19 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR - Fire TV Edition
Best 4K UltraHD Android Smart TV – Fire TV Edition

You may find this unusual for us to include a 4K Smart TV – Fire TV Edition in this list. However, Fire TV Editions are actually Android TVs that is optimized and customized by Amazon. So technically, Fire TV Editions are Android TVs as well.

As the best selling Fire TV on Amazon (Best Seller as of 02/14/19), the Toshiba LF621U19 features 4K UltraHD Resolution, 60Hz refresh rate for fluid-like motion, and a Smart TV eco-system based on Android.

Key Features:

  • Alexa Support
  • Fire TV Edition
  • HDR10
  • Basic Function for 4K Smart TV

The Toshiba Fire TV Edition is by far the cheapest 4K Smart TV on our list. Available in 43, 50, and 55 inches with a price range of $250 to $400. The Fire TV Edition enables anyone to enjoy thousands of different channels all around the globe and various streaming apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO and more.


  • Fire TV Experience
  • Price, Hella Cheap


  • Mediocre HDR Performance
  • Non-Center Viewing Degrades Image Quality
  • Certain Functions Require Amazon Prime


What is the best Android 4K TV?

The best Android 4K TV on our list is the Sony A8G OLED Smart TV. It has all the best and latest features that you could get from a TV.

Is Amazon’s Fire TV Edition similar to Android?

Amazon’s Fire TV Edition like the Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition runs on Fire OS 6 which is an operating system Based on Android 7.1 (API level 25). This means that you will experience an eco-system that’s similar to Android but different as well.

Which is better, OLED or ULED?

OLED is by far the better display technology in terms of image quality reproduction than ULED. Generally, the hierarchy of display panel technology is as follows:
2. Quantum Dot
4. IPS
5. VA
6. TN

Is it possible to ROOT an Android TV?

Most of the times, Android TV devices can be rooted. However, you will need to find a way to connect a computer to the system of your Android TV to be able to root it.
Android TV Boxes can also be rooted. There are a couple of different ways to root an Android TV Box.

Do I need an Android TV Box with these TVs?

No, Android 4K TVs already has a built-in Android system. An Android TV box will not be necessary for this kind of TVs.


Choosing the best 4K Android Smart TV for you will depend on personal needs and preference. If you really want the best of the best, then the Sony A9G is the one that we can strongly recommend. Otherwise, the other Android TVs on our list should meet your needs and expectations.

If later on, you decide that you need a cheaper alternative or simply want to have your current TV run on Android, then we highly recommend purchasing an Android TV Box instead.

So, we hope that this list helped you in your journey of acquiring the best Android 4K TV. If you think that our list lack in some aspects or if you want to share your thoughts, please do let us know in the comment section below!

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