Best Top 7-Inch Android Tablets (Cheap and Expert Reviewed)

It is handy to have a tablet that has a smaller screen. However, it can be tricky when choosing the right Android tablet. You have to consider the features and specifications the device can offer. Other than that, there is quite a number of the best 7-inch Android tablets in the market that can surely meet your needs.

Why do most people prefer 7-inch tablets?

Consumers want portable gadgets, the body size of these Android tablets makes it easy to carry around. It easily fits in bags or purses. Other than that, the price range of these Android tablets is cheaper than the 8-inch Android tablets and 10-inch Android tablets.

For students, a tablet this size is best for studying and reading e-resources. They can comfortably hold the device for hours as it has a smaller screen size and lightweight. Meanwhile, for parents, their children can play educational games with these Android tablets that have 7-inch display as it is compact and lightweight.

Read more to know which among these tablets is right for you.

The Best Android Tablets with 7-Inch Display

Best Over AllLG G Pad V400
CheapestRCA Voyager Pro
Highly RecommendedLenovo Tab 7 Essential
Best ValueSamsung Galaxy Tab A7

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What are the best 7-inch Android tablets?

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is the best in its class. Its design, features, specification, and performance makes it stand out. You can easily carry it around as its 7-inch display makes it slim and lightweight.

With its small screen size, you can actually entertain yourself as it offers a clear and vivid display resolution. Other than that, it delivers adequate performance for everyday tasks. However, you may be discouraged with its 8GB internal storage capacity. Fortunately, it supports storage expansion up to 256GB. Hooray! With a little help from a microSD card, the storage inadequacy will be resolved.

However, with the Android operating system evolving, the Samsung Galaxy A7 is still running with Android 5.1 Lollipop. You can multi-task, but you have to be patient as its operating system is still outdated. You have all the time though, it can survive up to 11 hours of continuous use.

Best 7-inch Android tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7
Front screen of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7
  • Display size: 7-inch
  • Display resolution: 1280 by 800 resolution
  • Operating system: Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • Rear camera: 5MP
  • Front camera: 2MP
  • Average battery life: 11 hours
  • RAM: 1.5GB
  • Internal storage: 8GB (expandable up to 256GB)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 is actually listed for $139.84. However, as of 5/16/19, you can have it for $107! Who wouldn’t want a 23% discount? Moreover, if you purchase this 7-inch tablet, do not forget to protect it with a heavy-duty case!

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2. RCA Voyager Pro

The RCA Voyager Pro is impressive enough for a budget tablet. It may not be as powerful as a fully developed laptop, but it has a performance as a mid-level cellphone. It can supplement some abilities of your phone.

It works with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it is not the latest operating system and it may cause lag and slow response. However, you can still finish your work or watch a movie with this 7-inch Android tablet without the apps crashing.

Another drawback is, you may need to bring a decent power bank as it can only survive up to 7 hours of continuous use.

Best 7-inch Android tablet - RCA Voyager Pro
Front screen of RCA Voyager Pro with a virtual keyboard connected
  • Display size: 7-inch
  • Display resolution: 1280 by 800 resolution
  • Operating system: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Rear camera: 2MP
  • Average battery life: 7 hours
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Internal storage: 16GB

Get the RCA Voyager Pro for only $55.89 as of 5/16/19, it includes a keyboard case to easily input texts. If you want a 10-inch screen Android tablet, the RCA Tablet 10″ is for $103.66 and you do not have to worry as it comes with a detachable keyboard.

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3. Lenovo Tab 7 Essential

The Lenovo Tab 7 Essential was released after Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential. The design and build quality of this tablet are not that impressive. It has a full plastic body, gladly it does not feel cheap. Not to mention, you can use the LTE version of the Lenovo Tab 7 Essential to send text messages and make calls. Get the LTE version if you want!

It only has 5MP and 2MP camera resolution, you cannot expect to have a great picture quality. However, if you are not into photography, you can still make use of it especially if you are fond of having video chats.

If you are fond of playing high-resolution games, you will expect occasional lags. The hardware and performance of this tablet can easily launch simple apps but might slow down as you open several apps. The device is not for multitasking.

Best 7-inch Android tablet - Lenovo Tab 7 Essential
Front and Back of Lenovo Tab 7 Essential
  • Display size: 7-inch
  • Display resolution: 1024 by 600 resolution
  • Operating system: Android 7.0 Nougat
  • Rear camera: 5MP
  • Front camera: 2MP
  • Average battery life: 9 hours
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Internal storage: 16GB (expandable to 32GB)

Lenovo also offers a 10-inch Android tablet, the Lenovo Tab 4. It is a high-performance Android tablet that you can only purchase for a low price of  $149.95!

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4. LG G Pad V400

The LG G Pad V400 is quite an impressive 7-inch Android tablet, it can compete with the other 7-inch Android tablet as it has an exquisite build, performance, and an affordable price. The only noticeable drawback of this device is its 8GB internal storage capacity and its model is only offered in Wi-Fi only model. Gladly, you can expand the storage up to 64GB.

It runs with Android 5.0 Lollipop and supports dual-window capability that allows you to multitask. However, you do not expect to experience fast transitions as it uses an outdated OS version and 1GB RAM.

This tablet is good for e-mails, Web browsing, and occasional playing of mobile games.

Best 7-inch Android tablet - LG GPad V400
  • Display size: 7-inch
  • Display resolution: 1280 by 800 resolution
  • Operating system: Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • Rear camera: 3MP
  • Front camera: 1.3MP
  • Average battery life: 10 hours
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Internal storage: 8GB (expandable up to 64GB)

Amazon offers the LG G Pad V400 for $109.99 as of 5/16/19. However, we also recommend LG G Pad V410, it is also a 7-inch Android tablet that runs with Android 4.4 KitKat. Experience satisfaction, because with LG, life is indeed really good!

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FAQs about 7-inch Android tablets

What is the recommended 7-inch Android tablet for kids?

There are two most recommended 7-inch tablets to help your children learn on their own through virtual educational plays. You can choose between Fire 7 Kids or LeapFrog Epic, their operating system is based on Android. You can let your kids explore the best Android mind games for kids.

Is 1GB RAM enough for Android tablet?

You can expect that most Android tablets have 1GB to 4GB RAM. 1GB RAM is enough for those who use the tablet for entertainment purposes. However, it can be annoying if you use it for work and productivity. The higher the RAM, the snappier performance. If your tablet lags, here are some steps on how to free up RAM on Android.

Which is better: a smartphone or a tablet?

Smartphones and tablets offer their consumer different services. Both devices are portable to carry around, however, tablets cannot make phone calls. Acquiring a tablet is purposely for productivity and luxury. We have a list of smartphones that are reviewed by the experts for you if you want to purchase the best budget Android phone.

Have you thought which 7-inch Android tablet to carry around?

Some of the 7-inch Android tablet mentioned above is the latest and greatest 7-inch Android tablets. We recommend these tablets as it is quite appealing and helpful as its features, specifications, performance, and design are of great value.

Do you find this article helpful? Share it with your friends, colleagues, and family who are looking for a great Android tablet with 7-inch high-quality display. Other than that, you might want to add some information. Feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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