accessories for samsung galaxy a5

10 Accessories for Samsung Galaxy A5 to Buy if You Have Some Extra Cash

Accessories for Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung has upped their game a lot when it comes to designing premium looking and feeling smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy A5 is a prime example of a midrange phone that feels great to hold in the hands. This list is about 10 interesting accessories for Samsung Galaxy A5 that will make your smartphone even finer and make your experience a lot more pleasant.

The 5-inch smartphone comes with a super AMOLED screen with HD resolution. Despite the apparent midrange specs, the smartphone manages to impress with its full metal body with a premium matte finish. Even though the smartphone has a metallic chassis, it still manages to be only 123 grams heavy. So naturally, you will be able to attach additional accessories to the smartphone without making it uncomfortable to hold.

These accessories for Samsung Galaxy A5 will augment the utility and usefulness of the smartphone and might be able to entertain you as well. Due to the difference in nature of these accessories, they are not in any particular order, so I highly recommend that you go through the whole list before selecting the ones that fancy your choice.

1. F-color Screen Protector

F-color Screen Protector

That big beautiful screen of your Samsung Galaxy A5 needs protection from scratches and minor drops. The screen protector is made with ballistic tempered glass that will provide exceptional protection for your screen. Even though the smartphone comes with Gorilla Glass 4, it is still prone to scratches from objects that are considerably harder.

Sure you might avoid scratches from keys and loose change in your pocket, but why would you take a chance in the first place? It is a very inexpensive solution to a common problem, and I highly recommend that you get tempered glass protector simply because it feels great to the touch.

Another good thing about glass protectors is that they are also scratch resistant so you won’t have to worry about changing them more often.

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2. Generic Triple USB Car Charger

Generic Triple USB Car Charger

Imagine going on a road trip and taking turns charging your smartphones with buddies. While Android does provide some excellent navigation apps for traveling, having to charge your phone on the road can be a hassle if there is only one port on the charger. This triple USB car charger allows you to charge three devices simultaneously saving you the pain of swapping out smartphone after smartphone.

Now almost everyone in the car will be able to charge their device and frankly speaking, a fully charged Android is a happy Android. The Samsung Galaxy A5 also features a great camera so you will need to keep your device fully topped up so that you can take awesome pictures and capture epic full HD footage with your smartphone.

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3. ArunnersTM Mini Spotlight

ArunnersTM Mini Spotlight

While this accessory for Samsung Galaxy A5 isn’t exactly designed for the smartphone but it can work well with it. It is a mini-Spotlight that allows you to cast light on subjects that are in extremely low light situations.

One of the best things about this Spotlight is that it can be rotated to either accompany the back camera or the front facing one. So you will be able to take exceptional pictures even at night by simply rotating the spotlight to the backside.

But mostly it will be used when taking great selfies with the front camera. You can even use it as an actual flashlight and because it features LEDs, it won’t drain the battery that much.

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4. Eversame BundleMicro USB

Eversame BundleMicro USB

I’m one of those few people who have lost their micro USB cable 10,000 times. Whenever I need to transfer some data, it’s not there, and I have to use the one attached to my charger. After that, I can’t even charge my phone because the one I took is also lost.

Thankfully, with the inexpensive bundle of five micro USB cables, you will never face this problem again. One great thing about this bundle is that it comes in multiple colors so you can even color code your micro USB cables.

You might as well call dibs on the silver one because it looks fantastic. Another good thing about these cables is that they are 6 feet long, so they will probably reach your pillow with ease.

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5. EZOPowerDual Port Charger

EZOPowerDual Port Charger

The Samsung Galaxy A5 comes with a standard charger, and it is a good one. However, if you have a single wall socket available in your room, it might pose a problem. Thankfully you can purchase this dual Port USB wall charger inside of all your problems in one go.

Sure you can buy an extension and plug in two different chargers in it but why would you go to that length when you can simply get a powerful charger doing all the heavy lifting for you. This way your roommate and you will not have to fight over who charges their phone first, and you’ll get excellent quality charging as well.

Another post point of this charger is that it is almost the same price as the standard Samsung charger so you nothing can go wrong with it.

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6. Xiaomi Power Bank

Xiaomi Power Bank

Whether you live in the city, suburbs or a farmhouse, you will be hit with the total blackout at least once a year. And with that global warming thing changing the weather drastically, we are sure to see some uncalled for thunderstorms as well. But what if the power goes out on a day when your Android is not fully charged?

Now you can purchase a powerful power bank and enjoy the full day with your Android smartphone. I have personally used a Xiaomi Power Bank, and it has worked wonderfully for me. Even though mine was of a lower capacity, it was still able to charge the Samsung Galaxy Note III three times on one charge.

So naturally this 20,000 mAh power bank will be able to charge your Samsung Galaxy A5 at least five times. It even comes with dual USB ports so that another person can also charge simultaneously.

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7. Aluminum Camera Shooting Tripod

Aluminum Camera Shooting Tripod

This is a very straightforward product with a straight to the point name. This a tripod stand for your Samsung Galaxy A5 that can help you to capture some beautiful photos and videos. While there is no manual mode on the smartphone, the full HD video capture will benefit from a stable stand a lot. I highly recommend this quality stand because it is so inexpensive, and also because it is made of a high-quality aluminum.

You’ll be able to snap photos from afar without the fear of your smartphone dropping down and messing up the shot. Place your smartphone in and set the timer, the rest will be taken care of by the Samsung Galaxy A5 and this trusty tripod.

The best part is, the stand is compatible with almost any phone on the market so even if you upgrade from Samsung Galaxy A5, you will be able to use this tripod.

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8. EFOSHM U-Shape Self-portrait Monopod

EFOSHM U-Shape Self-portrait Monopod

This is one of the best accessories for Samsung Galaxy A5 because it provides a lot of functionality. First of all, it’s a monopod; that is also better known as a selfie stick, but it does come with a lot of features. The first thing you’ll notice about this monopod is that it has four LED flashlights on it.

These flashlights will allow you to capture great personal portraits even in low light situations. Another good thing about this selfie stick is that it comes with good button controls. The foldable design also makes it travel-friendly and easier to carry.

The grip is also sturdy and molded to provide exceptional grip. The stick is also available in two colors so you can get it in stark black or a simple white.

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9. OBLIQ Galaxy A5 Case

OBLIQ Galaxy A5 Case

No top accessories for Samsung Galaxy A5 list will be complete without a case, and this one is one of my favorites. I’ve seen it in function and love the brushed metallic feel it has on the back. This is one of the few cases that retain the sophistication of the original device.

Although it may not be able to replicate that premium metallic feel to perfection, it does come close with its slim design and exceptional protection. The way this case engulfs the Samsung Galaxy A5 without making it look odd is remarkable.

The case features a dual design that incorporates polycarbonate with metallized back. It is also available in four different colors, so you have a lot of room for choice.

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10. SteelSeries Stratus

SteelSeries Stratus

No list is complete without a good game controller, and this one is made by one of my favorite companies. SteelSeries has made a name for itself in the PC gaming industry thanks to its great peripherals, and it was a pleasure to see them make the jump to mobile gaming. This is the wireless controller for Android devices that connects to your phone via Bluetooth technology.

It is also compatible with Samsung VR that is all in the rage these days. It has a very compact design that makes it highly pocketable. There are for face buttons, full directional buttons, and two analog sticks on the small controller. You will have a great time playing some of the best racing games for Android on your Samsung Galaxy A5 with this controller.

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The Samsung Galaxy A5 is overall a great midrange smartphone. The highlight of the phone is its metallic body and slick looking design. The 10 interesting accessories for Samsung Galaxy A5 aims to provide you with extended functionality and utility.

If you have any problems with the Samsung Galaxy A5 also check out the 14 problems and troubleshooting for Samsung Galaxy A5 article. Looking to further extend the awesomeness of the smartphone? Take a gander at the 10 best apps for Samsung Galaxy A5 as well.

If you have any questions about any of these accessories for Samsung Galaxy A5 or about the phone itself, please feel free to talk to us in the comments below.

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  1. I have a question, what is the best app to track the location of another cell phone, with out the person knowing I doing it. I have a daughter and I’m concerned about the people she hangs with. I don’t want to keep calling her late at night, but could use a piece of mind, as a worrying father. I have an old Samsung Galaxy 3

    1. You can check with your wireless carrier; sometimes they have an option. Otherwise, you can see if this article has anything that will help you legally track your child

      Some areas have laws about this, so make sure everything is above board before you add something to her phone.

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