10 Interesting Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

10 Must-Have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Interesting Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an incredible smartphone if you’re looking for a large form factor and premium build quality. Samsung took a sweeping turn when it comes to design the previous season, and it has paid off in the shape of great sales. These 10 interesting accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are not going to drastically change what you do with your smartphone, but they will augment the existing experiences and make them so much better.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 also comes with a unibody design and a premium finish. However, there were some drawbacks to that stylishly designed body. For one, we lost the ability to expand storage space, and we also lost the ability to swap out batteries. Regardless of that, people really adore the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and have purchased it in droves.

So naturally accessory manufacturers were highly interested in this particular smartphone and had made some amazing products. Some fine examples are the cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that come in large varieties and different materials. Due to the different nature of the accessories, they are not arranged in any particular order. So without further ado let’s start with the 10 awesome accessories forSamsung Galaxy Note 5.

1. Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAh

Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAh

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a rather large battery, and it can endure a lot of screen on time. However, as much as we would like our smartphone to go on and on there is bound to be a time when the battery is completely drained. And we are not near a power outlet always, or there is a local blackout thanks to a blizzard. This is exactly where a quality power bank can come to your rescue.

The Xiaomi Power Bank has the capacity of 20,000 mAh and can easily charge your smartphone at least five times. There are two USB ports located on the power bank, and both of them provide full voltage. So even if you have another device that needs charging, this power bank will be up to the task.

Another great thing about this power bank is that it is shrouded in a sleek looking aluminum casing making it sturdy and durable. Another great feature of this power bank is that it automatically adjusts the output level based on the connected device so that you always get optimal charging times.

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A very large capacity.

Looks beautiful, especially in the white color.

Automatic adjustment of power output.


Despite its small size, the power bank is not light. It can become cumbersome to carry it around in your purse or bag all day long.

2. Tronsmart Quick Charge

Tronsmart Quick Charge

A lot of people have car chargers these days, and they work fairly well for a single passenger. However, if you’re into carpooling or traveling with family and friends, that single port charger will pose a problem. Frankly speaking setting out smartphones from a single USB cable can become tiresome, especially for the driver.

Thankfully you can easily purchase this inexpensive charger and have access to not only just one but 4 charging ports. It is one of the highest rated accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and there is a good reason behind that. One major reason is that it is very inexpensive; another is that it is compatible with virtually any device.

Now all you need to do is purchase at least two other micro USB cables, and you are ready to take on any situation on the road. Don’t forget to install a good quality music app for Android and enjoy music on your way.

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Four charging ports in one.

No need for taking turns.

Compatible with virtually any Android device.


You need to buy the cables separately.

3. MOGA Pro Power

MOGA Pro Power

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a large 5.7-inch screen that is Super AMOLED in nature. The Quad HD resolution of the display makes it a joy to look at. The pixels are being pushed by a rather powerful GPU as well. It will be a real shame if the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is not used for intense gaming sessions.

For those long gaming marathons, you should invest in a comfortable controller like the MOGA Pro Power. This controller will not only help you enjoy the games more but also do better in them. For example, by using the controller, you will be able to top any leaderboard on FPS games for Android.

You will also have better control of your character in the best RPG games for Android. There is no downside of owning this great piece of hardware for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, well except the hours you will spend gaming instead of being productive.

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A full-size controller that is comfortable to hold.

Has big analog sticks for immense accuracy.

Can accommodate almost any smartphone.


Is not much of a con but the controller can be a bit expensive for some people who are not into gaming that much.

4. GripTightGorillaPod Stand

GripTightGorillaPod Stand

This is a unique tripod stand for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 simply because of its design. It’s called a gorilla pod because of the moldable legs are featured on the stand. Unlike other tripods, this one is extremely versatile and can even latch to different objects.

The unique design of the legs allows them to move anywhere and yet remain stable all the time. So you’ll be able to grab the legs around a tree branch if you want and the tripod will work perfectly fine. I have the tripod for my compact camera for a while now, and it works beautifully so I’m pretty sure that it will work just as well with smartphones.

Make sure that you order the version that supports larger smartphones; it’s only a few dollars expensive than the standard version. This flexible tripod will be great for taking low light pictures as well as making stable videos. If you are into video blogging, this stand will also come in handy.

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A unique and innovative design.

Will hold your smartphone securely between its jaws.

Is only limited by your own creativity.


The only problem with this tripod is that you won’t be able to make the stand taller as there are no retractable legs here.

5. Samsung Fast Wireless Charger

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with wireless charging capabilities. It may seem like a small feature but, once you start using it, is one of the best ones available on the smartphone. Simply dropping your smartphone on a wireless charging pad without the need of inserting any kind of cable in is simply blissful.

How many times have you avoided charging your smartphone because getting up and grabbing the USB cable was a little uncomfortable?

I know I have escaped on charging my device for the whole night because it was dark in my room. Thanks to the Samsung fast wireless charger you’ll simply have to put the phone on the charger, and it will charge itself. And the best part is, it’s not even that slow, so you’re sure to get a fully charged device in a very short amount of time.

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It’s a very simplistically designed product.

Comes in two different colors.

Highly convenient to use.


The only thing slightly bad about this is the price tag of almost $50. Is not a con per say but it might turn off budget conscious users.

6. JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector

JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with Gorilla Glass 4, the beautiful screen on it can still be scratched with a hard object. Sure you don’t have to worry about scratching the screen with keys or coins running amok inside your pocket. But certain objects can easily scratch this beautiful piece of technology and believe me you don’t want to scratch this amazing looking smartphone.

Thankfully, you can simply install a tempered glass screen protector on the smartphone and gain instant protection from scratches. The glass protector feels really good to the touch and is also scratch resistant. I have yet to replace a tempered glass screen protector from any of my Android devices, and some of them have seen rough usage. It is a good investment to make if you want your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 screen to last a little bit longer.

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Dust and fingerprint free installation.

You can easily install it yourself without the worry of bubbles.

Comes with a cleaning cloth.


The cover only actually covers the screen, and that’s about it.

7. E LV Galaxy Note 5 Case

E LV Galaxy Note 5 Case

No list of the best accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be complete without a sturdy case. This is a full protection case for the smartphone that will not only be able to save it from scratches but also from falls. The versatile case is specifically designed for the smartphone so you will have complete access to all the ports and buttons on the device.

The case is made with a shock absorbing silicone based exterior and a polycarbonate interior so you will get maximum protection from drops. The edges of the case are further reinforced so that even if the phone falls on one of them, it will remain somewhat protected.

Overall this rigged case is a great option if you are going on a vacation and want to keep your large smartphone safe. If you’re interested in more options, you can simply check out the 10 best cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 list as well.

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The case is made from sturdy materials.

Reinforced edges provide extra protection.

Precise cutouts for all the ports and buttons.


Might make the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 a little bulky.

8. Anker SoundCore

Anker SoundCore

The speaker situated at the bottom side of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an open one at best, but it is not a great one to have. While the loudness of the speaker is exceptional, the sound quality takes a backseat on this Samsung flagship smartphone.

While other manufacturers have moved towards dual front facing speakers, Samsung is insistent on using a bottom mounted speaker that is in no way a great place to locate it. Thankfully you can simply purchase a Bluetooth speaker and enjoy robust sound quality.

This Anker SoundCore speaker is an outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker with great bass. But that’s not why it has made the 10 interesting accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 list. It is here because it is a waterproof and dustproof speaker with a great number of over 10 hours. That’s not all, though, this little yet loudspeaker comes with a built-in microphone so you can answer your phone calls as well.

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Small design that is surprisingly pocketable.

The speaker is water and dust proof.

You can take it on the beach.


The only downside is the thickness of the speaker and how it feels uncomfortable in your pants pocket. You can easily carry it in a purse or a bag, though, so it is not that much of a problem.

9. MophieJuicePack


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a large battery but unfortunately is not removable. So a lot of power users were turned off by the idea of a unibody design. Thankfully with products like this juice pack, you will be able to use the smartphone for a lot longer than it can go on a single charge.

This particular pack case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a 2500 mAh battery located on the back. This means that the case will be able to provide up to 60% extra battery life on the go. Despite carrying a large capacity battery on the back, the case is surprisingly compact. One of the best things about this case is that it provides easy access to all the ports and buttons, which also includes access to the S pen.

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Fits like a glove with ease.

Provides extra juice while on the go.

Looks decently good.


Is priced very high and might not be affordable for a lot of people.

10. Jelly Comb Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

Jelly Comb Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

Jelly Comb Universal Bluetooth Keyboard, as the name suggests, is a Bluetooth keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It is an inexpensive keyboard that can work well with any Bluetooth enabled device. The Bluetooth 3.0 technology provides a clutter-free connection that can be sustained for at least 10 m.

The best thing about this keyboard is that it’s not only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but also with virtually any other Bluetooth enabled device. Another good thing about this keyboard is that it will provide up to 700 hours of continuous usage. While not in use, the keyboard will automatically go to the sleep mode and will awake when you tap any key. The sleek and thin design allow the keyboard to be highly portable as well.

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The keys have a surprisingly comfortable feel.

The keys are separated by a respectable space.

Works well with almost any Android device.


It is not a bendable keyboard so you’ll have to be careful while carrying it with other stuff, especially heavy University textbooks.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an amazing smartphone, and frankly speaking doesn’t need that much to become a powerhouse. However by using one of these 10 great accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you’ll be able to enhance your whole experience. If you’re looking to change the way the smartphone looks and feels completely, you can check out these ways to customize your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. What if you need a little bit of extra protection for your smartphone you can check out the best leather cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as well.

If you have any questions about these interesting accessories or have one in mind that can make the list, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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