Samsung Galaxy S6

20 Best Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S6 to Get the Most Out of It

Samsung Galaxy S6

Usually, when we purchase a smartphone, we are committing for almost 2 years of our lives to it. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a smartphone worth of having for 2 years. This is exactly why we need some great accessories for Samsung Galaxy S6 to make our journey together a fun one.

The best part about the accessories you purchase is that 80% of the time, they can easily be carried over to the next smartphone you get. So, think of these great accessories for Samsung Galaxy S6 as an investment, an investment for an exciting present and a comfortable future.

I have tried to include accessories that can also be used with other smartphones in this list. Sure, there are many accessories which can only be used with the Samsung Galaxy S6, but with a little bit of finesse you’ll be able to use them with other smartphones as well. Overall, these are the accessories that any Android lover should own to make their experience complete.

The point is that these accessories for Samsung Galaxy S6 are not in any particular order, so calmly go through it all to find awesome accessories for yourself. Without further ado, let’s start with the first necessary for Samsung Galaxy S6.

1. Trianium Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

Trianium Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

What is the first thing you should do on any new smart phone? Install a good quality screen protector. I know there are a lot of cheap ones available easily and they would come in a pack of three pieces but you should invest in a quality tempered glass protector for your device. I used to install the cheapest screen protector on my smartphones until I found that they need replacement every six or 10 months.

After that, I always install a quality screen protector that is specially made for my smartphone. Truth to be told, the one I installed on my Galaxy Note is still crystal-clear. The screen protector is made for Samsung Galaxy S6 only and is the thinnest tempered glass screen protector coming at only 0.2 mm.

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2. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad is surprisingly affordable and is fully compatible with your device. It is designed very beautifully and really complements the aesthetics of the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. One of the best things about this wireless charger is that it comes in two different colors. So if you want to go with the white one, there is an option available.

The black charger uses Qi inductive charging technology that allows you to wirelessly charge your smartphone. This particular one comes with a one-year warranty, so even if it stops working you can easily get it replaced.

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3. Samsung Adapted Charging Wall Charger

Samsung Adapted Charging Wall Charger 1

The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with adaptive charging technology that allows you to charge your device in a very short amount of time. When compared with the regular charger, the fast adaptive charger works really well. The QUALCOMM charge 2.0 technology allows the device to reach 50% in no amount of time at all. While in a few areas Samsung is providing the adaptive charger with the smartphone, it is always better to have a spare one just in case.

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4. iClever BoostCube

iClever BoostCube

If you travel frequently and require multiple devices to be charged at the same time, then iClever BoostCube is one of the best options available. While the charger might seem a little bit expensive but it is one of the most powerful Chargers available. The 36 W, 7.2 A triple USB output allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time without compromising the charge speeds. The sturdy design allows you to keep this charger inside your luggage and carry it without any problems at all.

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5. Samsung Galaxy S6 10ft Cable

Samsung Galaxy S6 10ft Cable

Not every room comes with a wall socket in each corner, and God forbid if you’re stuck in such a room you will have to sit like a junkie near a wall socket. Thankfully, with this ten feet male to micro sync and charger cord you will have a comfortable time charging your smart phone. How do I know this? Well, I recently moved into a new room that had a single wall socket that was far from my bed. Obviously, the standard 1-foot cable wasn’t to reach my bed. So I got myself this cable and the best part is, it is usable with almost any other device as well.

How do I know this? Well, I recently moved into a new room that had a single wall socket that was far from my bed. Obviously, the standard 1-foot cable wasn’t to reach my bed. So I got myself this cable and the best part is, it is usable with almost any other device as well.

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6. PowerBear® Samsung Galaxy S6Battery Case

PowerBear® Samsung Galaxy S6Battery Case

If you are planning to travel by using one of the best travel apps for Android, then investing in a battery case will help you travel carefree. This battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 adds up to 130% extra power to a compact design. The added girth will make your smart phone look a little bit weird.

However, when you can easily watch movies on the plane, I don’t see any problem installing it during the flight. The case also comes with something called dual charging which allows you to charge your smart phone and the power case simultaneously using only one cable.

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7. Lumsing Harmonica External Power Bank

Lumsing HarmonicaExternal Power Bank

I have been using a power bank from Xiaomi and it has served me really well over the past one year. However, this Chinese brand is not easily accessible in the US so I have to select another great power bank for Samsung Galaxy S6. This external power bank comes with 13,000 mAh capacity and will last you a really long time. It is very compact made power bank that can easily slip into small purses as well as jacket pockets.

Even though there are some thumb-sized power banks available in the market, it is advisable that you invest in quality products that can at least charger smartphone three times before exhausting. This is one such power bank and will last you a good deal of time.

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8. Stalion® Quick Charge

Stalion® Quick Charge

If you have a car then I highly recommend Stalion® Quick Charge 3.0 USB adaptive Foss charger for cars. This is a universal charter for Samsung Galaxy S6 and its skins including the relatively new Galaxy Note 5. It is stylishly black car charger that can seriously reduce charging times while you drive to your destination. Usually, many car chargers come with sub-par technology and charge really slow. Thankfully, this charger has adaptive fast rapid charging technology, and I just didn’t come up with this terminology it’s on their Amazon page as well.

Many car chargers come with sub-par technology and charge really slow. Thankfully, this charger has adaptive fast rapid charging technology, and I just didn’t come up with this terminology it’s on their Amazon page as well.

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9. iOttie Easy One Touch XL Car Mount

iOttie Easy One Touch XL Car Mount

This product has a very expressive name and says almost everything right and its title. It’s a great car mount holder for almost any smartphone you have. While it is not designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, it’s highly adjustable nature allows it to accommodate the smartphone well. The One Touch mounting system can easily lock and release the device with a simple push of a button.

This one, a lot of people demand in a car-mounts and it makes it a One Touch system has really helped this car mount become popular. A point to be noted here is that the extra large suction cup attaches to the windshield or any other smooth surface with absolute ease, the best part is it stays there as well.

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10. Samsung HM1950 Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones

SAMSUNG HM1950 Hands Free Bluetooth Headphones

Now that we are already talking about driving cars, it is also important that you don’t look at your Samsung Galaxy S6 while driving. So what if you get a call and need to answer it in the car? Well, you can get a surprisingly inexpensive Bluetooth headset for your smart phone. This particular Handsfree Bluetooth is made by Samsung themselves so, pairing it with your smart phone won’t be a hassle.

In fact, the simple pairing technology automatically connects with the close by enabled device allowing you to receive calls in a matter of mere seconds. It even gives you voice prompts in your ear about the battery as well as usage information. While it may not look like your Iron Man but this headset sure makes you feel like him.

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11. Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

This is one accessory which is not for everyone. The Samsung Gear VR is a great entry-level virtual-reality device that can pair well with your Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone. All you need to do is simply place your smart phone in the headset and enjoy virtual-reality. I have used the headset extensively in office because we have been developing video games for VR and I have to say it is surprisingly light.

When you compare this VR headset with the likes of Oculus Rift, it feels very comfortable to wear. However, if you’re looking for high-powered VR headset, this one is not made for that. It is an entry-level device that can provide quality entertainment by using the processing power of your smartphone.

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12. SteelSeriesWireless Gaming Controller

SteelSeriesWireless Gaming Controller

After using SteelSeries mice and headsets on my giving PC for years, I was expecting a quality product from them. However, the wireless gaming controller to have made is a little bit flimsy when it comes to materials. But if you want a Bluetooth controller that you can carry anywhere with ease, this is the best one you can get.

I know that you can easily use your PS4 or Xbox One controllers with Android but the amount of freedom this little controller provides is astounding. I would have paid a little bit more to get a more premium build quality but this one trumps everything else simply because of its small form factor.

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13. SELNA Car Audio Stereo Aux Cable

SELNA Car Audio Stereo Aux Cable

If you are planning to go on a road trip by using one of the best travel apps for road trips, then you absolutely must get an AUX cable. This little cable allows you to connect your smartphone directly to your stereo in the car. Now you can use any of the best music apps for Android to play your favorite tunes on the big speakers. The best part is this cable is tangle free and braided so you will get easy management as well as sturdiness out of this auxiliary cable.

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14. Cable Matters OTG

Cable Matters OTG

The “on the go” adapter for Android makes it the best mobile OS around. The on the go cable basically allows you to connect any USB device to your Android smartphone. For example, if you have a USB lying around with data you need to access, simply insert the OTG cable into the smartphone and plug the USB into the female port.

Android will instantly be detected and you’ll even be able to navigate through the files by using your favorite file manager for Android. The best part is, you will also be able to simply attach a keyboard or even a mouse and they will work easily with your Android.

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15. E-Zigo® Portable Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker

E-Zigo® Portable Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a fairly good loudspeaker but it is not of the best quality. This is the case with almost any other flagship smartphone that has come out in recent years. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a portable Bluetooth speaker that you can easily carry around in your backpack.

Watching a movie on your smartphone while camping is insanely fun but the sounds of nature may drown your movie’s dialogues. With this rechargeable Bluetooth speaker by your side, you’ll be able to enjoy music and movies with other people as well.

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16. GranVela In-Ear Headphones

GranVela In-Ear Headphones

While the design of these in your advantage may seem a little odd but when you use them they are extremely comfortable. I use a similarly designed pair of Xiaomi Piston V4 earphones but they are a little expensive in the US, probably due to the import prices.

Naturally, I was inclined towards these good-looking earphones that also provide a similar experience. If you’re looking for an inexpensive replacement for your standard, stock Samsung provided earbuds then these will suit you just fine.

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17. GJT Portable Wireless

GJT Portable Wireless

If you require a potable speaker system that can easily play whatever you’re playing on your smartphone simply by a tap, then this is the one made for you. The wireless speaker Bluetooth 4.0 technology comes with professionally tuned 50 mm drivers that deliver dynamic and crystal-clear audio. These Bluetooth speakers also come with a larger battery that allows you 10 hours plus of playback. I also like that the speaker is available in seven different colors so there is a lot of option here.

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18. Dreaminex Selfie Stick

Dreaminex Selfie Stick

With the popularity of selfies, it is only fair that we include a good selfie stick on the list of best accessories for Samsung Galaxy S6 list. This particular selfie stick comes with a lightweight design and an extendable arm. The super pocket-size allows you to fit in almost any smartphone available on the market. One of the best things about this sophistic is that it comes with a built-in Bluetooth remote shutter.

Usually, people misplace the detached shutter and they are left with a useless metallic stick. The stick is available in three different colors as well. I have to recommend using one of the best selfie camera apps for Android with this pick.

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19. SELFIER Selfie Camera Light

SELFIER Selfie Camera Light

While some smartphones come with a fun freezing flashlight to deliver extraordinary selfies, many are devoid of this feature. Although the Samsung Galaxy S6 is not on the best selfie phones for Android list, it is still a capable device. With this Selfie Camera Light that can simply be inserted in the 3.5 mm Audio port of your device, you will be able to take amazing selfies in no time. As the name suggests, the ultra thin light is able to create some awesome looking pictures.

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20. Lightwish Mini Tripod

Lightwish Mini Tripod

No accessory list is complete without a stylishly designed tripod and this one is no different. The best thing about this tripod is that it is very small and easy to handle it also comes with additional goodies. The holder is easily adjustable and can accommodate almost any smartphone with ease. The package also includes a flash light that can be plugged into the 3.5mm audio port as well as a lens that can help you in getting better shots.

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This concludes the long list of great accessories for Samsung Galaxy S6. I really hope that you find at least one accessory that can make your life fun and comfortable. I highly recommend purchasing a power bank for those stormy days when you are forced to read a book, thanks to prolonged power outages.

Like always, if you have any questions or suggestions about this list, feel free to contact us in the comments below.

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