Best Accessories for the LG V20

10 of the Best Accessories for the LG V20

Best Accessories for the LG V20

The LG V20 is a remarkable smartphone with a lot of useful features. The smartphone offers a large screen estate coming at 5.7 inches as well as top-notch specs. The best accessories for the LG V20 will not only improve how you use the smartphone but also offer utility beyond anything that comes out of the smartphone box. Even though the LG V20 is fully loaded, sometimes you need a bit more to gain the most out of your smartphone and this list aims to do just that.

I love collecting accessories for my smartphones and sometimes they even carry over easily to the next upgrade. I’ve tried to include many accessories that can be reused on your next smartphone upgrade but some of the items in this list are tailor-made for the LG V20. This is why I love Android, many of the stuff that you purchase can be used on other Android smartphones.

Whether it’s the apps that you get on the Google Play Store or accessories like tripods and stands you get for the physical smartphones, there is always something that you can reuse. So, think of purchasing any of these accessories as a future investment because most of them can be used on any smartphone. Due to the nature of the accessories, the list is very random, so I urge you to check out the whole list and see what fancies your liking.

1. LG Battery Charging Kit

LG Battery Charging Kit

While many other manufacturers are moving away from the batteries in their smartphones, LG it seems is embracing it wholeheartedly. The LG V20 comes with a removable back and an easily removable battery. This means you can easily swap your depleted battery with a fully charged one.

That’s not all, the manufacturer has made carrying an additional battery extremely easy with this accessory pack. The LG battery charging kit comes with a battery, a battery case as well as the charging cradle.

So now you don’t have to use your smartphone to charge the additional battery, simply put it in the cradle and plug it in a charger, that’s all there is to it. The carrying case makes it easy to carry the battery around with you wherever you go as well.

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2. LG V20 Screen Protector

LG V20 Screen Protector

The 5.7-inch screen on the LG V20 is a gorgeous piece of glass and it would be a shame if something happened to it. Even though the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass, it is still prone to damage. This is exactly why a good quality screen protector is highly recommended for any smartphone.

This particular screen protector is made of tempered glass and will provide solid protection without being obstructive. The protector will even cover the secondary screen on the top of the smartphone. If you’re worried that the protector will hinder the ability to use 3D Touch, don’t sweat, it is fully compatible with that feature.

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3. SanDisk Ultra 128 GB

SanDisk Ultra 128 GB

I only purchase smartphones that come with a microSD card slot and thankfully the LG V20 does come with one. This means you can easily expand the internal storage by a large amount for fairly cheap. I have used SanDisk cards for a very long time and they are always reliable, as a matter of fact, I’m using this exact card in my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge right now.

It is ultra fast and is priced exactly right for the amount of storage you are getting. The card also ships with an SD adapter so you can use it with digital cameras as well. This card also ships with a 10-year limited warranty which I’m pretty sure you won’t even need to use.

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4. Anker PowerLine USB C to C

Anker PowerLine USB C to C

It never hurts to have a spare cable on hand even though you don’t aim to travel a lot. As USB type C 2 USB type C cables are rare these days because of the new format, it may be a pain to obtain one in an emergency. This cable ensures that you are always connected to your devices and have a cable to charge your smartphone even after you have lost the original one.

Anker makes some of the best accessories for Android smartphones and this one is no exception. Even though it’s a 2.0 cable, the data transfer and charging is good. Given that the other USB type C cables are so expensive, it is refreshing to see a company try to load the price down a bit without overly compromising quality.

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5. Anker USB Type C Charger

Anker USB Type C Charger

Now that we are on the topic of charging your LG V20, why not get a powerful wall charger as well. The Anker USB Type C wall charger comes with 5 ports that will not only charge your smartphone as well as other devices as well.

With 5 ports at hand, all your other Android tablets, Bluetooth speakers or headphones can be charged simultaneously without any fuss. This is a 60 W charger that allows fast charging as well. I have had one in my office for a while and it is working perfectly fine with a multitude of different Android smartphones and a singular iPhone.

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6. Otium Type C Adapter

Otium Type C Adapter

Even though the LG V20 comes within your USB type C port for charging and data connections, not many people own a USB type C cable. So if you are aiming to travel by using some of the best travel apps for Android, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a converter. This USB type C adapter can make the sole LG V20 Type C port into a micro USB port with ease.

That’s all there is to it, after inserted in your smartphone you can use any micro USB cable you can find and easily charge your smartphone or transfer data. This adapter is shrouded in premium materials and is a very small form factor, carrying it in your pocket won’t be a big problem.

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7. LG V20 Desktop Charging Dock

LG V20 Desktop Charging Dock

If you’re looking for an affordable charging dock for your LG V20, then this is one of the best ones available. Encased has done a remarkable job in making a sleek charging cradle for the smartphone. There is even a USB type C compatible report that will ensure your smartphone is ready to go whenever your dock it.

One good thing about this dock is that it is compatible with slim form factor cases. This is usually a big problem when using docs as most of the sturdier cases come between the dock and the phone making it hard place it on. You can also connect the dock to your PC synchronization compatible.

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8. Belkin Car Vent Mount

Belkin Car Vent Mount

Just as the name of the product suggests, this is a car vent mount that allows you to place your smartphone in a safe place instead of your lap while driving. The mount is able to rotate 360 degrees so you can easily use it in portrait or landscape mode.

I love to use navigation apps for Android while traveling to new places and having a smartphone readily available to display routes is amazing. Another great thing about this car vent mount is that it is compatible with any smartphone from large Android ones to Apple ones. You can also easily remove the smartphone from it in case of emergency.

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9. Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAh

Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAh

Owning a power bank can save you a lot of trouble, especially when you’re traveling around and there are no power sockets available. A good quality power bank can charge your smartphone up to 5 times and this one can easily achieve that number with LG V20. I’ve been using this power bank for a little over 6 months and it has served me perfectly well.

There are dual USB ports available on this power bank so you and your friend can charge their devices simultaneously. There are a ton of safety features in place to make this a perfectly safe power bank.

Another good thing about this power bank is the ability to automatically adjust the output level based on the connected device. This means you’ll get optimal charging speeds while using this power bank.

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10. Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ

Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ

The LG V20 is a great smartphone but it has feeble sounding speakers which can be a problem for a lot of people. Attest that with the persisting blown out speaker problem the smartphone has been facing, it becomes a very excruciating experience listening to music on this speakers.

Thankfully, LG ships a very good earphone with the smartphone but sometimes you need a bit more oomph. This is where this Bluetooth speaker comes in, even though it is not priced highly, it provides a great listening experience. One good thing about this speaker is that it doesn’t even distort sound at maximum volume.

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These were some of the best accessories for the LG V20 available readily on Amazon. What are thing about the smartphone and are you enjoying using it on a daily basis?

If you have any other suggestions and opinions about this list feel free to comment below.

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