7 Best Activities To Do While on Quarantine

With the Coronavirus spreading across the world rapidly, experts advise everyone to stay at home for their safety. Most establishments and events in affected countries have closed down to keep the people from going outside.

Here’s the thing:

Although staying at home would keep you safe, it wouldn’t keep you away from boredom. With so much time to spend, people would eventually run out of things to do.

Do you all agree?

During these tough times, people couldn’t help but worry about what’s going to happen. They need something to keep them healthy, distracted, stress-free, and entertained during the lockdowns and quarantines.

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Our physical health isn’t the only important thing to ensure at home. Mental health is also vital to keep us going during the quarantine.


Staying at home for a long can be tough when you’re running out of things to do. So to help you, we have here some of the best activities to do while on quarantine.

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Top Activities to do While on Quarantine

1. Watch TV Shows and Movies


Due to the quarantine, you’ve got lots of hours to spend at home. Maybe its time to keep up with your favorite shows and the latest movies out there.

Whether you’re stressed or looking to pass the time, you could watch TV shows and movies. Doing this can distract you and keep you entertained while at home.

Netflix App

If you’re asking where to watch tv shows with your phone, we suggest using Netflix. This app is perfect for movie and tv show marathons while you’re on quarantine.

With award-winning series, documentaries, films, and other specials, you’ll find a lot of entertaining things for you to watch. Maybe the only to worry about now is how to stop yourself from binge-watching too much.


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2. Play Video Games


Aside from watching movies, you can also play video games to keep you entertained. Whether the game is single-player, survival, or MMO, any genre will do as long as you enjoy it.

Due to the quarantine, you’ve got a lot of time to play videogames. Maybe its time to finally finish your favorite game or look for a new one.

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3. Read Books


Are you tired of playing video games or watching movies? Try reading books for a change.

Reading books can reduce stress and help you relax. It doesn’t only entertain people but improves their other skills such as writing, vocabulary, and memory as well.


With the technology that we have today, we can access books with our mobile devices. So, if you don’t have a book with you, you can now read with Android apps such as Kindle.

The Kindle app has over a million books that you can read wherever you are. Whether you’re looking for a fantasy, fiction, sci-fi, or other types of books, you’ll find it with this app.

Read your favorite books anywhere

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4. Exercise


Even if with so much time at home to spare, you can’t use them all on Netflix and browsing the Internet. You also need to take care of your physical health.

We understand that people can’t go to the gym due to quarantine, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise at home. There are tons of workout tutorials out there that can help you stay physically healthy, even while staying at home.

YouTube App

If you’re looking for some, you can try searching workout videos on Youtube. Exercising won’t take much of your time, so before you start your movie marathon, try some workouts like the one below.

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5. Tour Museums Digitally


Now that most of us are staying home for our safety, we are all probably on Netflix or browsing the Internet all day. Things can be repetitive and boring when time passes on.

If you’re looking for something new and different to do, we recommend visiting and touring museums online. Google Arts & Culture has collaborated with numerous museums around the world to show you different artworks and exhibits wherever you are.

Google Arts & Culture

With the Google Arts & Culture app, you can view digital exhibits from different points in our history. This app is perfect for art lovers and enthusiasts out there.

Are you interested in the culture and artworks of different places? Get Google Arts & Culture now by clicking the button below!

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6. Clean Your House


With so much time to spend at home due to the quarantine, maybe you can use those extra time to clean your home. After all, it isn’t a bad thing to do general cleaning at your house once in a while.

We’re not kidding! Organizing and cleaning your house can reduce stress. Also, who wouldn’t want a clean and organized place to live?

7. Rest


You don’t have to be overly obsessed about being productive during the quarantine. Whether you’re working, watching movies, or playing video games at home, we recommend that you rest and sleep properly.

Staying at home for a long time doesn’t mean that you can play video games or watch all night. Our body needs enough sleep and rest to stay healthy.

So if you’re trying to be productive at home, make sure to rest from time to time.

Related Questions Other People Ask

To sum it all up

Staying at home for a long time could be difficult for some people. They are looking for entertainment and positive messages to help them get through this quarantine.

To help you, we curated a list of the best activities to do while on quarantine. We hope that these activities will entertain you and keep your morale high during these tough times.

Did we miss something that should be on the list? If you have any suggestions, please leave us a message in the comments section below.

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