Highly Addictive Games for Android

6 Best Addictive Games for Android

This article took me 2 weeks to write! That’s right, I played the games for two whole weeks before I was ready to type a single word. These games, these brain capturing and life halting games are some of the most addictive ones I have ever seen.

I’m also one of those guys who need an excuse to play extensive games in work hours. It’s a great thing that I can call this “research” and get away with it. The Android addictive games are numerous, but only the games which click with you are truly time killers.

I have tested all the games intensively and explored them for days. This is the reason why I’m still thinking about harvesting my little farm in Hay Day and recruiting new dwellers in Fallout.

Note: The 6 addictive games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III and Sony Xperia Z smartphones. The apps worked fine on both smartphones. Some of the apps require an active internet connection to work properly.

1. Crossy Road

Back in the days there was a game about a frog who wanted to cross a road. I just can’t remember its name right now but it was one of the most popular ones in old days. Crossy Road is a spiritual successor for that game. The game follows the same principle. You can select a character and will need to move it across the road. This time, you have to collect coins and avoid accidents.

There are also water streams and other hazards which you need to avoid in your road crossing adventures. You get special coins every few hours which allow you to unlock additional characters.

This is the biggest catch of the game. This unlocking stuff becomes quite addictive in the long run. It also doesn’t help that each character can do something new, changing the way you play the game. The graphics are deliberately retro blocky.

The game has a certain charm about it and this is why it is one of the best addictive games on Android. It can also be included in the best endless runner games for Android list or rather the endless jumper one.

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2. Fallout Shelter

I’ll be honest here, Fallout has been one of my favorite games of all time. I have even preordered Fallout 4 for PC and PS4 (Special Edition). So when Bethesda announced they will be launching Fallout Shelter, a mobile game, I was skeptical yet excited. Now it has been almost a month since the game made its debut on Android and has gained a lot of traction on the platform.

The premise is simple, in an alternate universe there was a nuclear war and everything was wiped out. You are the overseer of a doomsday vault and you need to make sure everyone does their part. You can add in new rooms, get new clothes and weapons for defense and stat boosts for the dwellers and even make them learn new skills.

The graphics are 2D but there are some neat effects thrown in the game. This is a highly polished game which will keep you occupied for a very long time. Did I mention that you can open up cute lunchboxes to gain great weapons, characters and resources? Yes you can.

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3. Hay Day

Ever since I got my first notification from Farmville on Facebook, farming games have been an important part of my daily routines. The games I play are not necessarily about farming though, they can be about anything but they are still there on my smartphones.

Last year it was The Simpsons and this year it is Sim City, all of them belong to management games for Android list.

Hay Day is the latest addition to the farming games for Android and it has proven itself to be one of the best ones around. The graphics are semi-3D which makes the game a lot more beautiful than we give it credit.

The gameplay is still the same which boils down to simple tasks which require a timer to be completed. This is one of those games which you, your kids and even your great aunt will enjoy playing.

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4. Subway Surfers

This is perhaps the most iconic Android game after Angry Birds. Subway Surfers has evolved more times than I can remember. It was one of the best endless runner games I have tested and it is among the most addictive games for Android as well. The gameplay is simple, you are going to run away from the cop after vandalizing a subway train.

There are coins on the path which you need to collect. The collected coins can then be exchanged for characters or character improvements. There are power ups to be collected in your journey that will help you score higher. The game has cartoonish yet great looking 3D graphics.

The app is not taxing on your hardware but will drain the battery at a higher rate when you play it. The gameplay is kept simple with the help of intuitive swipes and slides. One of the best things about the game are the updates. They drastically change the locale and colors of the game. A new city, a new beginning.

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5. Jetpack Joyride

Here is a basic rule of making something additive, keep it simple. This is the exact way Flappy Bird became one of the highest grossing games in history. Jetpack Joyride knows that and implements this rule in its controls.

I have seen many endless running games use complicated controls to make things harder than they need to be.

Jetpack Joyride is a 2D side scrolling game which tasks you with joyriding a jetpack. Playing the game is simple, press the button to go up and release it to go down. You will need to avoid obstacles and collect coins to post the highest scores. There are a bunch of insanely awesome powerups which will help you in your journey. One of them is a freaking mechsuit, which in my books is the single greatest thing in a videogame.

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6. Candy Crush – Saga

My aunt is addicted to this game and in a way this forced me to check it out. The number of people who play the game is staggering. The premise has been around for a very long time but King, the developers of the game, streamlined the whole process.

You need to match the same candies in a certain order to clear a level. This is where things get interesting. While there are many ways you can clear a round, some of them will actually tease your brain. You see even if a single candy remains, you can’t win the level. This qualifies Candy Crush Saga to be a puzzle game for Android as well.

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These were some of the most additive games on Android. I know you can be addicted to any of the other games. Some people are addicted with the virtual glory of shooter games for Android while others are addicted to the fuel fumes from best racing games for Android. I personally find RPG games to be addicting as hell. But these are the ones which captured a broad range of players. So what game is your favorite? Do tell us in the comments below.

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