15 Best Adult Apps for Android to Become Independent

If you read “Adult Apps” and your mind wandered to the kinky side, it happens. When my editor told me to write about best adult apps for Android, I thought no way I’m installing “those” apps on my phone.

Thankfully the best adult apps for Android are meant to ease you into becoming an adult. I remember being kicked out of house right after my 18th birthday with only a single bag and no warning. Now I look back and envision how it would have been better if I had the best adult apps for Android on my side.

Note: The 15 best adult apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. The apps performed fine and no problems were faced during testing. The apps are not any specific order.

1. Trulia – Free

Trulia - Adult apps for Android

Find Me A Place

Trulia is a great looking app which helps you in finding that affordable apartment you always wanted. Sure you can check out Craigslist apps to track down a good offer but Trulia gives you much more. To be honest I’m afraid to use Craigslist these days thanks to the extras I seem to attract from sellers.

Trulia gives you a map of your area and lists the prices right near it. This way it is easier to track a nice apartment and keep your budget in consideration. The interface looks great on both tablets and smartphones. The only downside I can write is there are not many listings on the app.


  • A highly intuitive and interactive interface.
  • Tap on a listing to immediately view it.
  • The map is color coded according to time of listing.

Notable Feature:

The app allows sellers/owners to show pictures of their apartments/homes as well. This means you can simply tap on a listing and take a look at the place without actually visiting.


2. Google Maps – Free


Where To Go?

This app is a no brainer and I recommend it to everyone all the time. Google Maps is an amazing app which helps you in not getting lost. When I rode with my dad, I never took notice of the roads and turns.

As a result when I started driving, I often found myself lost. Google Maps is a great way to know where you are going and how to get there. I highly advise you to take this app with you in terrible weather. The best GPS apps and offline navigation ones will come in handy too.


  • Fast and reliable maps.
  • Tells you if there is an accident.
  • Maps short routes easily.

Notable Feature:

The satellite view is amazing and helps in identifying landmarks.


3. Mobi Calculator – Free and $3.20

Mobi Calculator

Number Cruncher

3.A Free Version

I wish high school taught me to do taxes. Sure chemistry was important but H2SO4 is not helping me, now is it? There are no dedicated tax apps which are worthy of your time though, thanks to different taxes in different places.

But Mobi calculator can help you while you do them. It will also help you in higher studies with its great looking scientific side. If you are looking for more you can check out the dedicated calculator apps we have listed. Or if money management is your problem the best budget apps will certainly make it go away.


  • Can be as simple as you want it to be.
  • Logarithmic functions are available.
  • Digit grouping and colored themes.

Notable Feature:

The app has trigonometric functions, Degree-Minute-Second feature and Radians and degrees as well. This means whether you are majoring in computational physics or advanced geometry, you are covered.


3.B Paid Version

The paid version of the app adds (pun intended) the ability to store records of your calculations. You can also edit the expression on the screen. The paid version also comes with additional themes.


4. Evernote – Free with In-app Purchases


Take Notice

By now you must know that I secretly work for Evernote as the app has crept up in many of my lists. But that is not the case; the app is just so versatile and amazing that I can never resist listing it.

It can do so much for you in so little time and that too in a manageable and tangible way. The app basically makes the best adult apps for Android lists thanks to its intense note taking ability. Using a stylus while taking notes makes you look 300 percent more adult and mature.

In-app Purchases: $1.00 – $49.99 per item


  • Incredible user interface.
  • Make lengthy notes or set reminders.
  • Synchronize the app across all your devices.

Notable Feature:

Sharing ideas, images and notes is very easy with this app. You can share whole notebooks with friends and colleagues. I have used this feature to much success during class projects.


5. Mobile electrician – Free and $1.69

Mobile electrician

Wired Up

5.a Free Version

Living alone has its fair share of problems. I didn’t know how to replace a blown fuse when I moved out (yes shameful). Thanks to adult apps for Android like Mobile electrician I now know more than enough about the wiring in my apartment.

This app is designed to be used by professionals and armatures alike. If you are a pro you will appreciate all the calculators which are built in. If you are a newbie, you will love how the app explains everything.


  • A practical interface, although a bit bland.
  • Calculators are an amazing feature.
  • Best for students of engineering, especially of the electrical kind.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with an online and offline handbook which is highly useful. The app also allows you to save the results of some calculations in HTML format which can then be accessed at your own leisure.


5.b Paid Version

The paid version removes ads.


6. First Aid – Free

First Aid - adult apps for Android

Doctor is In

This is an important entry on the best adult apps for Android list. Usually we don’t know what to do in case of a medical emergency. I do recommend that you read the app when you have spare time but in case you need a reminder, this app can do an amazing job.

The app is associated with the American Red Cross so the information and content is authentic. The app comes with clear and precise instruction in case of a medical situation. I also recommend the best pedometer apps and fitness ones to keep you up to the mark.


  • The pictures are very detailed and informative.
  • The app even shows videos for specific injuries.
  • The app even comes with a Spanish language toggle, important for those who speak it.

Notable Feature:

You can call 911 right from the emergency help screen. Simply tap in the big red button (shown in the screenshot above) and you will be connected to emergency services. Of course this feature is only useful in the US.


7. – Free with In-app Purchases

The Checklist

Being an adult doesn’t mean you can party all the time. Unfortunately as Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility”, adult life can be hard.

If you are a forgetful kind then this app is a must have for you. This to do list app can ease your brain by tracking the things you need done for you. This way you can focus on the task at hand instead of straining your brain to remember what you need to do next.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 – $44.99 per item


  • A solid and fast paced entry system.
  • Civilized reminders which won’t jolt the whole room.
  • Looks great on phones as well as tablets.

Notable Feature:

The app is not a half-baked to do list either; it comes with speech recognition, gestures support and multimedia notes. If you need a further hand, check the best to do list apps for Android too.


8. Cookpad Recipes – Free with In-app Purchases

Cookpad Recipes

Smells Delicious

Cooking is not that hard if you know what you are meant to do. When I was young and stupid I was afraid to turn on the stove, now I can make 3 kinds of omelets. I can also make a variety of rice and chicken dishes too.

This is thanks to this great cooking app right here. I know most of the young adults will think, “Dang, I ain’t no cooking wiz”. But trust me, try just one recipe and you will be hooked. The app comes with ingredient list, pictures and clear step by step instructions.

In-app Purchases: $2.99 per item


  • A great interface which facilitates the user.
  • Instructions are newbie friendly.
  • Can contact the author directly from the app.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with forums which are dedicated to food. This is a great way to understand and gain new hands-on knowledge from others. Try the calorie counter apps as well to make your diet healthier.


9. Houzz Interior Design – Free

Houzz Interior Design

Impressive Interior

I’m no expert in making my place look great but I do want it to happen. However creative you might be, there is nothing wrong in getting inspiration.

Houzz is the only inspirational app in the best adult apps for Android list because it imparts great ideas on the users. The app shows beautiful pictures of interior design which you can use to style your own home.


  • The interface is great and easy to use.
  • Pictures are of great quality.
  • Some of the designs are remarkable.

Notable Feature:

The app categorizes the designs according to rooms. For example if you want to redecorate your bedroom, you can go over to that category and browse for ideas.


10. aCar – Free and $5.99


A Clean Ride

10.a Free Version

So you have gotten a sweet new ride, well too bad now you have to take care of it too. Fortunately, aCar app is all about car management and mileage.

Simply enter the data the app requires and you will know when to change oils and whatnot. The app is also great for tracking the performance of your car. I recommend this app to those who want to keep their car healthy for as long as possible.


  • A deep and customizable interface.
  • Graphs, charts and numbers.
  • A good alert system is in place.

Notable Feature:

The fuel mileage or as Americans call it Gas mileage can be calculated with multiple units. This means everyone can get results which they understand. No more gallons to liter conversions needed here.


10.b Paid Version

The paid version includes additional features like sharing your stats and translation to many different languages.


11. Baby Care – Free and $1.99

Baby Care

Baby’s Day In

11.a Free Version

If you are a new parent taking care of your little one, it can be daunting especially if it’s a first born. Baby Care aims to take the stress off your shoulders by giving you sound advice about your baby.

No need to call mom every time the little guy pukes his dinner now. Simply consult the app and chart your baby’s growth. If you find something strange, consult the doctor and you will be fine.


  • Detailed albeit a little cramped interface.
  • Graphs, charts and numbers.
  • Growth tracing features with references.

Notable Feature:

There is a neat baby calendar tucked inside the app. It will really help you chart your baby’s growth and compare stats.


11.b Paid Version

The paid version has no ads and less permissions.


12. Duolingo – Free


Ola Senior

Duolingo is the number one language learning app available on the Play Store. This is not my personal opinion but everyone else seems to agree with that too.

The app is one of the best adult apps for Android and allows you to learn a new language at your own pace. The method of teaching is unique and remarkable in this app. A fair warning though, once you start it will be hard to stop.


  • A simple and easy to use interface.
  • Learn a lot of languages for free.
  • There are no ads or gimmicks here.

Notable Feature:

I’m not a great student and I find it hard to stay focused. But Duolingo has the uncanny ability to grab my attention and hold it for hours. I can speak Spanish somewhat despite never needing it or ever speaking it to anyone else. I call it addictive learning.


13. WorldMate – Free with In-app Purchases


Travel Around

If you are planning on taking a trip, WorldMate can be your best mate. The app is simple to use and very user friendly. WorldMate basically allows you to manage every angle of your trip, from booking to accommodations the app has it all covered.

Don’t be deceived by the World in its name, the app can be perfectly used for local travels as well. One of the best parts of the app is its home screen usage, it displays all the info you will need.

In-app Purchases: $9.99 per item


  • Itinerary Manager to store vital information.
  • Flight status right on the app.
  • The app will remind you of your flight timings.

Notable Feature:

If you like to travel you will have a good time using this app. It stores all the information of the previous trips as well.


14. iTranslate – Free


Translating Ease

A mobile translator comes in very handy when you are traveling to foreign lands. I can’t stress the importance of asking, “Where is the washroom” in French (happened to Joe not me).

This app supports over 50 languages which will cover all the major ones. It also comes with dictionaries and even gives suggestions to the words you are translating. If you need more, be sure to check out the best translators for Android list too.


  • A good yet overly simple interface.
  • Comes with voice recognition.
  • You can share results easily.

Notable Feature:

The app is also compatible with the landscape view on both smartphones and tablets.


15. Google Docs – Free

Google Docs

Write Applications

This app here is highly important if you need to write professional looking stuff. This app is featured on our writing apps list too and it is making a return here just because it is simple to use and can be installed on almost any Android device.

The best part of this elaborate Word processor is that everything is saved on the cloud so there is no chance of data loss. Combine it with a good printing app and you have a winner on your hands.


  • The app is made my Google, so it follows a straight design philosophy.
  • Creating new documents or opening existing ones is easy.
  • Sharing and collaboration is highly easy to execute.

Notable Feature:

You can add comments to an already written document. This means if you share a group project with your team mates, they will be able to give suggestions without damaging the original copy.



These were the best Adult apps for Android. I hope these apps will help you ride the early hard few years of adulthood with ease and style.

Management is always an issue when you become an adult but these apps will allow you to manage your time and money well. Just like always, if you have any suggestions, feel free to sound off in the comments below.

Featured Image Credit: Rennett Stowe

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