Anatomy Apps for Android: The Best Way To Learn About the Inner You

I’m one of those people who needs a dedicated note taking app just to keep their life together. So being a medical student seems like a nightmare to me. Thankfully for all those aspiring doctors, pharmacists and physiotherapists there are some great anatomy apps for Android available.

There is so much to remember when you are becoming a doctor. There are gigantic books to devour before the final exams and you have to remember which bone is which. There is also the pressure of always being right. An electrical engineer can get some calculations wrong and they can be reverted easily, but a doctor can’t afford to make that mistake.

Frankly speaking I wouldn’t want an ill-equipped doctor to operate on me. So kids, use one of these Android anatomy apps to make yourself the best doctor there is.

Note: The anatomy apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked fine and no problems were faced during testing. Some of the apps need an active internet connection

1. Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas

This is one of the most comprehensive apps I have tested for this article. Although there are some inconsistencies with English, the app itself provides stellar information at a fast rate. If you are looking to have a great looking and functioning Anatomy Atlas on Android, this is a great choice.

There are detailed diagrams to guide you through the whole body. There are some deep 3D images that can help you learn the location of parts. There are a few downsides as well; the app can’t work offline for some reason. I would have loved to see some details along the labels to help me understand what a thing does, but I guess the educated users will have a better experience.

Free Version

2. Visual Anatomy

You can learn a lot faster with well-labeled diagrams. I have studied almost my whole life, and this is a fact. Colorful images remain in your memory longer and help you identify things faster and clearly. This is the reason why Visual Anatomy resonated well with me.

The app comes with labeled diagrams of human anatomy. The app is highly accurate and can be even used to supplement your text book. The app loads in no time and has the information ready to roll instantly.

One of the best features is the label popup system. Touch an organ and the app will tell you what it is. This way you can test your memory and how much you’ve learned on the app as well.

Free Version

3. Anatomy Guide

If you are looking for a traditional anatomy guide, then there is no app better than this one. The app provides extended information about almost everything in one neatly packed package. Although the interface is a little rusty and inconsistent, the app does have a plethora of facts and definitions to provide.

The app intelligently categorizes the internal human systems. It is traditional in a sense that most of the info is text-based. Beginners need not worry; there is only basic information given so there is no way you will find the app overwhelming. It is still one of the best on the go guides on the Android scene right now.

Free Version

4. 3D Bones and Organs

Personally I think 3D is the best thing that ever happened to us. I love best looking games on Android as well as best 3D games on the platform. It is the most immersive medium to catch some quality entertainment. Max Fury Road looks spectacular in 3D as well.

Naturally, 3D Bones and Organs app can really take you into the action as well. If you can’t rent a full-size skeleton from the college to study, there is a less creepy alternative.

The app comes with an insane level of details, even the littlest things are mentioned. The app is extremely thorough and covers everything. Even the 360 images are of amazing quality. This is hands down the most visually striking anatomy app for Android I have tested.

5. Muscular System 3D

Sometimes you need to check out the muscular system instead of bones, for those times this app will work great. The app provides accurate, and an extremely detailed images of every muscle found on the human body.

If you love taking care of your body by using one of the best exercise apps or bodybuilding apps for Android, this app will supplement your passion. The app has an easy to use user interface that places the muscles right at the center of attention. Even the details are displayed at the bottom of the screen which when needed can by brought up.

Free Version

6. Organs 3D

This is another app from the same people who made Muscular System 3D. The app has the very same interface and controls but features organs instead of muscles. The app works great and has every human internal organ you would need to study.

This 3D app is a great way to familiarize yourself without actually holding the real things in your hand. Sure this will not beat feeling the actual organs in your hands, but it can be used while lying in bed or eating your evening supper.

The app supports English, Spanish, French and Portuguese which is a plus. The app can also help you differentiate between male and female organs.

Free Version


This ends the best anatomy apps for Android list. These apps were the best ones who helped an uneducated man learn the difference between some important things. I didn’t know that lungs were that big, so I did take away something from all this testing.

What are you looking for in an anatomy app? 

Please share your needs in the comments below and I will try to find a suitable app and add it to the list.

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