Best Android Apps for Improving Memory

If you forget important things frequently, the first thing you need to do is to get one of the best to do list apps for Android. Those apps are a short-term solution for your cranky memory and work really well. Of course, you will also need the best Android apps for improving memory to actually remember things.

These apps will help train your brain to remember things even when you don’t have your smartphone with you. While the human brain is a very complex organ and we cannot simply improve memory by using apps. It’s not like a PC on which we can shove more RAM to increase the memory, it is a lot more complex and delicate.

These great Android apps for improving memory are not going to magically transform you into a genius. You won’t be able to remember everything you see on the streets with pinpoint accuracy. These apps, however, are designed to stimulate the brain into remembering things with ease. While your actual memory capacity might be inherited, you can just as easily try to improve it with these great memory improving apps for Android.

These apps will also not work instantaneously on you, you will need to practice with these apps to gain some tangible advancement. So, please be patient with these apps and use them regularly to actually improve your memory. Also, if your elementary school teacher has Alzheimer’s now, these apps will not work on her either, believe me I tried.

Note: The best Android apps for improving memory were tested on a Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone. The apps worked fine, and no problems were faced during the testing phase. Some of the apps on the list may require an active Internet connection to provide full feature sets. I only tested the apps as apps and didn’t have the time to improve my memory. However, the methods these apps are using are very effective and detailed.

1. NeuroNation

NeuroNation – brain training is one of the best brain training apps for Android around. Not only it helps you strengthen your memory, but also helps you in other departments as well. For example, this app will also help you improve your attention, help you in making decisions faster and even increase your intelligence.

I don’t know how accurate the claims the developer made about this app are, but the app has some really efficient methods to improve your memory.

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2. Memorado

This app is more of a game than a dedicated Android app for improving memory. However, it helps you in improving your brain activity with a lot of different activities. This app has 15 games in it based on the neuroscience. The games are designed in such a way that five key areas of your brain get exercise.

Using this app you will be able to improve memory, concentration, reaction, speed and logic of your brain. The app also comes with great looking graphics which make things a lot easier to digest. There is also a great statistics system that allows you to gauge your progress.

The app has 15 different games to train your brain and over 450 levels to play through. Personally, I think that it is a great way to engage younger audiences because the games are very fun to play. While the games are not as “gamey” as the best puzzle games for Android, they still are very entertaining.

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3. Elevate

If you’re looking for a great Android app for improving memory then Elevate – Brain Training is a great option. It is one of the best-designed apps on this list and works extremely well. There are 35+ brain games which help you in not only improving your memory but also other skills. By using this app, you will improve your focus, processing, math and precision as well as comprehension.

Something about this appI like is it personalizes your daily workouts so that you can focus on the skill you want to improve. For example, if you are amazing at comprehension but your memory is somewhat shaky, you can concentrate the effort on the memory in this app. The app also has adaptive difficulty progression, to make sure that you are adequately challenged at later levels.

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4. Peak

There are not a lot of Android apps for improving memory which are as effective as this one. I was introduced to this app back in 2015 and have tried it out for a very long time. I took this app more as a game than a memory improving app. However, I have seen good results by using it for more than a month.

There are about 30 challenges that help you improve different aspects of your brain. Memory, focus, mental agility, problem-solving and language. One great thing about this app is that it includes adaptive and dynamic game difficulty changes to keep you on your toes. Another good thing about this app is that it is being regularly updated, which is surprising as it was released a while back.

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5. Lumosity

Lumosity is the most popular game on the best Android apps for improving memory list. This app is used by over 70 million people worldwide, and there was a good reason behind it. The 25+ cognitive games in this app that help you in challenging your brain.

The beneficial thing about the games is that they adapt to your unique performances and are always challenging. The developers are also scientists who have experience in making your brain work harder. The app is designed with simple graphics but they contribute to the overall appeal of the product well.

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6. How To Improve Memory

How To Improve Memory

If you want to learn how you can improve your memory by reading important text then this is the app you need. It is basically an e-book about memory improvement and is presented in a well-managed manner. How to improve memory is basically a guide in text format that will introduce you to some great methods of retaining memories.

If you regularly forget important things or tasks, this app will come in handy after you have read it. These methods are proven scientifically and will help you in better understanding why and how you forget things. Thankfully, the app also tells you some great methods on preserving the memories.

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These were a few wonderful apps for improving memory. I hope that these apps help you in remembering a lot of stuff with ease. Improving your memory is not a very simple process, so it will take time for you to see any kind of improvement. I recommend that you select one app and stick to it, especially if it is among the first five entries on this list.

So what do you think about this app list? If you have any suggestions or opinions, please don’t forget to write to us in the comments below.

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