Android Apps for Quotes

The 5 Best Android Apps for Quotes

Do you also want to appear intelligent and insightful without thinking for yourself? Do you need amazing status updates that will get all the likes in the world? Then the best Android apps for quotes have your back. All you need to do is open one of these apps and simply copy a thoughtful quote and paste it on your social media. That new office girl you just added on Facebook will be impressed beyond words.

Jokes aside, there are a lot of great Android apps for quotes available on the Google Play Store but most of them repeat the same quotes over and over again. I had a hard time finding apps that don’t recycle popular quotes and call it a day. However, I have to warn you, there are some quotes that are simply not correct.

So, I advise you to be cautious while sharing quotes attributed to someone famous, which may have a negative impact on your image. That being said, I had a great time reading through some inspirational quotes on these apps. Unfortunately for me, I am too lazy to act on any of them, so I simply took them at face value and enjoyed them.

Note: The 5 best Android apps for quotes were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. The apps require an active Internet connection to work properly as not all quotes are stored on your device, especially the ones pasted on pictures. Apps performed fine and there were no problems faced during the testing. As they are of very similar nature and hardly come with a difference, the apps are not in any particular order.

Another Note: please for the love of God do not use these quotes on random pictures. No one, I mean no one likes to read deep meaningful quotes above the picture of burnt cookies you just made. So, please stop.

1. Brilliant Quotes & Quotations

Brilliant Quotes and Quotations App Icon

If you are in the market for a simple and easy to use quotes app for Android, then this app is made for you. It is one of the best apps in terms of designs and accessibility simply because of the simplistic interface as well as amazing quotes.

The app comes with a dark as well as a light theme so, if you’re into reading quotes all day long, you won’t have to stress your eyes out. Another good thing about this app is the quote of the day feature, it basically displays the most liked quote. Alternatively you can enable the daily quote option and get notifications when they change.

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2. Quotes Book

Quotes Book App Icon

Quotes Book is one of the most straightforward apps I have seen in a long while. It basically lists a ton of quotes from different sources on a singular page that you can scroll through. The app features a collection of quotes from various personalities and makes it easier to share them with your friends and family.

As the interface is bare-bones, the app has no trouble loading quotes extremely fast. If your smartphone is old and low on resources, you can get incredibly fast performance out of this app with ease. Want to share a quote with your social media friends? Tap on a quote and you’ll get the option to share it instantly right from the app.

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3. Picture Quotes

Picture Quotes App Icon

What if you want something fancier than a simple text quote? What if you want a picture to go with it? This app is the answer. Now you can pick a wide variety of quartz already available, but you can also customize how the picture looks with easy-to-use editing tools.

One great thing about this app is that it provides you with a lot of different categories, so you are not short of great material to use. You can also use photos from your own gallery, preferably taken with some of the best camera apps for Android. You can even decorate the pictures with messages as well.

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4. 53,000+ Famous Quotes Free

53,000+ Famous Quotes Free App Icon

Some apps have around 10 thousand quotes but this one goes well beyond reasonable limits and includes over 50,000 quotes. They say they are all famous but I highly doubt that, still I applaud them for including this amount of quotes.

The interface is fairly simple as we have seen in previous apps but the developers do try to include a better background for the quotes to improve readability. I also like that there is a search bar, so you can easily find the quotes you need because browsing through 50,000 quotes is kind of impossible.

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5. Funny Quotes Free

Funny Quotes Free App Icon

Want to be funny without actually being funny? Funny Quotes have your back. These are some of the best funny quotes with pictures that can be instantly shared with your friends or social media.

To be honest, these are thinly veiled memes masquerading as quotes but in their defense, they are actually pretty funny. So if meme “quotes” are your thing, this app will soon become your favorite. There is a simple category system which is based on user votes, much like the other funny apps for Android.

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These were the 5 best Android apps for quotes and I’m sure you will find a ton of them for inspiration as well as public admiration. Some people are easily motivated and these apps will actually benefit them the most. Reading an uplifting quote is a sure-fire way to get you motivated. Unfortunately, if you are a lazy guy like me, these will only serve an entertaining purpose and perhaps, a slightly educational one.

Sound off in the comments below what you think about these apps and quotes in general.

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