5 Great Android Apps for seniors

I can’t wait to get old; yep I’m one of those guys who likes the prospect of solitude and ample free time. I look at my grandpa and see a happy retired guy with a ton of time to do whatever he wants. These are some of the great Android apps for seniors which they don’t automatically hate and can actually use.

I pushed social media on my elders only to be rejected repeatedly. One of my great aunts refuses to take a selfie with me and one of my great uncles hates Facebook. But not all seniors are alike; some are really into the Android lifestyle. If you are one of those lucky seniors who have an Android phone or tablet at disposal, these apps are cherry picked just for you.

Note: The Android apps for seniors were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps performed perfectly. Some apps will need an internet connection to work.

1. The Guardian


The Guardian is one of the most reliable and fast new sources. The app reflects that level of responsiveness and urgency of providing news. The app comes with a good interface which presents news according to your preferences. From live news to sports almost everything is thoroughly covered. One of the best things about the app is that the text remains readable no matter which device you are using. Although I would recommend a tablet in landscape mode for an easier and immersive experience, the app works well in portrait modes of phones too.

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2. Wattpad


Wattpad is one of the best free book apps on Android. I love how the app presents the good stuff right on the top and allows you to read for as long as you want. Most of the books are absolutely free and some of them of extremely high caliber. Sure you won’t be able to find the high and mighty authors on the app but there are numerous talented and wonderful writers on the app. So sit back and take an adventure trip right from your comfy couch.

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As the name suggest, this is an app which aims to provide superior intake of the current market situations. If you like to play around with the extra cash you have, this is one of the best apps out there. The app provides you with real time live quotes for over 40 thousand financial instruments. That’s not all it covered over 70 global exchanges so no one is left alone in clever investments. Although I recommend using one of the best fitness apps to make your heart stronger, the markets are unpredictable these days.

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4. Chess Free

Chess is one of the best Android apps for seniors. This is because it is one of most efficient brain exercise and can allow you to socialize as well. If you have a friend over and need to play a healthy game of chess, this app can help you with that. With the two player mode you can take chess wherever you go with you. Want to challenge your buddy after the morning jog? Simply take out your phone and boot up the app. This is a highly polished app which comes with a great looking interface.

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5. Google Keep


If your memory is not what it used to be back in the days, you will need the services of Google Keep. It’s an easy to use and manage note taking app. It can also be doubled as a to-do list app as well. While it is not deep as Evernote, it is highly user friendly which makes it one of the good ones for elders. This Android app for seniors can help them in taking medication and perform other tasks which regularly slip their minds. Now you won’t have a dry plant anymore.

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These were some of the apps which can help you in your day to day adventures as a retired fun loving person. We will be expanding this list as we explore the vast sea of Android apps on Google play so stay tuned to Joy of Android for more updates. If you have another app which you would like us to check, give us a hint in the comments below and I will test and put it on the list as well.

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