5 Great Android Apps Under $2 Worth Spending On

Something outstanding about Android apps is that they are usually cheap, if not downright free. However, there are some Android apps for under $2 that simply can’t be missed just because there is a price tag on them. I mean, in all honesty, we pay three times the price for a burnt cup of coffee in the morning and don’t even bat an eye. Asking $2 for a good app is a steal, and you should take this opportunity to steal legally.

I have been using Android apps for quite some time now and in the past year alone, I have tested around 800 apps. Yes, some of the apps made it to the lists we have done here on Joy of Android while others were left alone on the cutting board. I have purchased and tested a ton of apps, except the apps that are not worth your money.

Making this list of great Android apps for under $2 was a little harder than I anticipated, it’s because surprisingly not many apps fall under this price range. Sure we have already listed the best apps for $1 previously, and that is why I had to select apps above the fabled $1 and doubly expensive $2. Thankfully, some of my friends pitched in with the ideas, and we have a great list of Android apps under $2.

Note: All of the great Android apps for under $2 were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked just as intended and no problems were faced during testing. The last app took a long time to verify login the first time, after that it was smooth sailing.

1. Shuttle+ Music Player

This is an under-rated music player which is overlooked by a ton of people, including me. I’m a huge fan of Poweramp Music Player, which was also the number one app on the best music apps for Android. However, if I just needed a stable and clean looking music player with a beautifully managed design, I would go for Shuttle Music Player. Everything about this player is polished and provides a flawless experience.

Sure, there are not many extra bells and whistles here, but those that are there ring pretty perfectly. This is not a half-baked app that does one thing well while overlooking other features. Shuttle Music Player provides a wholesome and highly stable music experience. Even little things like menu transitions and subtle animations add into the overall amazingness of this nifty little app. The best part is, the free version is available for you to actually test the app before purchase.

Paid Version

2. Lightning Web Browser +

Using Firefox for work and Chrome on mobile devices leaves no chance of another browser in my life. A ton of people use these two as their daily drivers. Some Mac people also throw in Safari into the mix. However, after using Lightning Web Browser and actually playing around with it, I can safely say it is going to stay on my smartphone.

I won’t be using it as my daily web browser, though, honestly I’m too invested in the Google Chrome ecosystem to change that. However, if a need arose for another great web browser, Lightning will do a great job.

As the name suggests, this browser is all about speed, even though it is marginally better than the competition. The interface is designed really well and directly rivals the industry leaders. I especially liked the reading mode that is only two taps away.

Paid Version

3. Cameringo+ Effects Camera

The price of this app changed a lot back when I was testing it for the first time as a potential addition to best camera apps for Android list; it was somewhere around the 5 dollar mark. Now it is available for $2 in some regions while other have different prices. If you happen to be the lucky one who can get this stellar camera app for $1.99, I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

It is a relatively new app and already it has become my favorite camera app. The images I take with this app look amazing compared to the standard camera app. Even the overly simplified Google Camera pales in comparison against this robust camera app for Android.

I thoroughly enjoyed testing and playing around this app; there are a ton of effects and settings you can tweak here. The level of control is simply amazing, and if you already are familiar with a DSLR, you will really appreciate the detailed options available on the app.

Paid Version

4. Sleep Cycle alarm clock

I really hate waking up to either someone yelling at my face or my alarm blaring a repetitive tune. I have used the best alarm clock apps for testing, and while they do wake me up, it is always abrupt. I’m pretty sure you also don’t want to wake up like it’s the end of the world. This is where this neat Sleep Cycle alarm comes into work.

It basically notices your body’s movements determining the best time to wake you up gently. The app uses motion sensing (accelerometer) to know when your sleep is the lightest.

Don’t worry, you still enter the appropriate time to wake up, the rest of it is up to the app. I can personally testify that the app works wonderfully unless you smack your phone off the bed in the middle of the night.

Paid Version


Well, this concludes the best Android apps for under $2 list. I hope that I haven’t missed any other important app from the list. If you have another app that deserves to be on the list, feel free to contact me in the comments and I will rightfully give it a place on the list.

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to talk to a tech-friendly face, say hello below.

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