Android Apps to Know If It Is a Spam Call

Android Apps to Know If It Is a Spam Call

Spam calls, we all get them from time to time and we all hate them to the core. I have never heard a spam call that was in anyway beneficial to me, especially social security scam calls. Thankfully, there are Android apps to know if it is a spam call you are getting or not. That’s right, with these apps on your Android smartphone, you can now almost reliably avoid the spammers and have a great afternoon nap in the office.

If you are a Nexus device user or use Google Pixel, you already have a great system in place against spam calls. Google’s own phone app is capable of detecting spam numbers and will inform you reliably. So Google Pixel users, you have no need to install one of these apps to know if you are getting a spam call or not. For the rest of the people who are always behind the curve when it comes to Android updates, these apps will do a pretty great job.

Note: The apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as well as a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. They performed fine and were somewhat accurate. I personally use the first app on the list and it is around 90% accurate in screening spam calls. I have a spammer friend (overly religious bulk messages sender) and all of the apps were able to catch that. However, I’m sure some new spam numbers will get through them. So, go in knowing that you won’t be safe from spam calls a hundred percent.

1. Truecaller

Truecaller icon

Truecaller is one of the best dialer apps for Android and there are numerous reasons behind its well-deserved success. First and foremost, the design is kept quite simple and intuitive, this makes it a great alternative to at least the dialer app you get with your smartphone.

That’s not all, it is a fully loaded dialer app that comes with the phone book, a contact list and many features that are absent natively on Android smartphones. Chief among those is the ability to detect if you’re getting a spam call or not.

The app can even detect spam calls when you’re not connected to the Internet but it is highly recommended that you stay connected for accurate results. I’ve been using this app for more than 3 years and it rarely fails. This is one of those lists where I blatantly placed the app that I have used right on the top simply because I have tested it extensively.

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2. Mr. Number-Block Calls & Spam

Mr. Number-Block calls & spam icon

If I were the developer of this app I would have simply gone with Mr. Number but hey, that’s just me. Despite the odd name, the app offers a lot of great features all the while keeping the user interface elements fairly standard.

From blocking calls and SMS texts to stopping telemarketers from calling you, this app has a slew of great features to provide. The app is also capable of intercepting calls from private/unknown numbers and hanging them up automatically.

You can also set up a voicemail to automatically send spam callers to it. The only downside is that the text messages are not blocked on newer versions of Android.

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3. CallApp Caller ID

Caller ID & Block by CallApp icon

This app has one of the sleekest looking interfaces I’ve seen and it works just as well. The main aim of this app is to inform you of who is calling as well as block spammers and marketers.

With this app on your smartphone, you’ll be able to find who is calling you with the most advanced caller ID system, this is what the app description says. In normal people terms, this is actually quite true, the app is able to block scammers, spam calls and telemarketers with ease.

You won’t be getting any Robot calls after installing this app on your smartphone. The database of this app contains billions of phone numbers all over the world and is quite accurate when it comes to identifying spam calls.

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These are a couple of Android apps to know if it is a spam call or not. While these apps may not be 100% accurate in determining spam callers, they are certainly far from no warning system.

What do you think about these apps? Are they helpful where you live or are they kind of useless? Do tell us your experiences in the comments below, we love to hear them.

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