5 Best Android Apps for Toddlers

As cute as they are, toddlers can sometimes be a handful. Thankfully you can take aid from the best Android apps for toddlers and take a momentary sigh of relief. These apps are designed not only to fully capture your toddler’s attention but also help him/her learn new things. This is practically a win-win situation for the parents as they can hand a tablet to the toddler and see it have fun own its own.

Best Android Apps for Toddlers

These apps are also great short term babysitters and can help you answer that ringing phone call and come back with no problems. However I still recommend keeping an eye on the young ones who are below 2 years of age.

Apps for toddlers are colorful and provide exciting activities for the kids. But sometimes they don’t work at all. You know how toddlers can be sometimes right? I gave my nephew this amazing looking coloring book app and he simply drooled on the screen. But when I showed him the alphabet app his eyes suddenly lit up and he devoured that one with zeal. What I mean to say is, try all the apps from the list and see what gels with your toddler. Try not to force an app just because you think it will help in school or something.

Note: The best Android apps for toddlers were tested primarily on a cheap Asus tablet. That is because I don’t want my expensive phone to be thrown out of the crib. My various nieces and nephews “volunteered” to be the testers. The kids responded well to apps and sometimes actually left me alone for 15 minutes. It is hard being the favorite uncle.

1. Endless Alphabet – Free with In- app Purchases

Endless Alphabet - Android Apps for Toddlers

Amazing Characters

Endless Alphabet is my personal favorite app for toddlers. Why? Well because it is designed amazingly and comes with some really cute looking monsters. I love that “” vibe which the app exhibits. This is the only app which resonated well with children above 3 years of age. The app basically allows kids to make words by dragging and dropping them on the blueprint. This is a super easy app which makes learning alphabets and new words a real joy. There are a ton of words for the kids to learn too.

In-app Purchases: $5.99 per item


This app is made for toddlers so there are no failures, limits or high scores in the app. This is a stress free app which lets the kids do things at their own personal pace. I personally believe that challenges and competitions should only be introduced after the 4th grade. This app makes it easy for the kids to learn and just have fun.


While there are a lot of words for the kids to learn, after a while they all get used. I would have liked to have truly endless alphabets.


2. Puzzingo – Free with In-app Purchases


Brain Teasers

Puzzingo is a great app for young ones which will not only keep them entertained but also provide ample mental exercise. The puzzles are not as hard as the ones found on the best puzzle games for Android list but they are challenging for the little guys. The interface is colorful which is great because kids tend to dislike dull colors. The controls are fairly simple and most of the puzzles can be solved by dragging and dropping objects to the designated places. I recommend that you play the puzzles with your kids and aid them if they get stuck; especially very young ones can get a little confused.

In-app Purchases: $1.99 – $14.99 per item


The controls are great and responsive. The objects will drop magnetically onto place so there is no need for extreme precision.


While there are 8 free puzzles to solve a lot of them are locked behind a pay wall. This is not a con per say but if you are looking for a completely free app, this is not the one.


3. Animals for Toddlers – Free and $2.99

Animals for Toddlers

I Say Mooo

3.A Free Version

Animals for Toddlers provide cute looking animals for the toddlers to play with. The art style is very friendly and works well for the kids. The free version of the app comes with one farm but there are a lot of animals there. The app is very simple with no time restrictions or limits of any kind. The screen shows a lot of animals and when you tap one it talks back.  By talk I mean the cow moos, the cat meows and the frog croaks. This is a great way to make your kid familiar with all the animals and their sounds. A unique app among the best Android Apps for Toddlers around.


There are secrets hidden in the level. For example if you tap on a bush a frog might hop out. The barn door is also interactive. These little touches will surly immerse the kids more.


Only one farm comes with the free version. I mean sure you need to make a living but giving only one farm is a bit less than I’m used to.


3.B Paid Version

As you have read, the free version of the app comes with one farm. While the farm does have some great animals, your kid will get bored really soon. You can purchase the full version of to unlock the rest of the levels. I count 6 more farms in the app itself. The paid app landing page comes with almost no information regarding the additional levels or future updates.


4. Educational Games – Free with In-app Purchases

Educational Games

A Lot of Options

As the name suggests, the app brings a lot of free games for toddlers. This is the only free app for toddlers on Android which doesn’t ask for your cash at each and every turn. The app is simple to use and comes with a lot of content which is entertaining as well as educational. The app is suitable for the kids who are going to start school soon and are in need of some home grooming. If your kid is growing fast and need something challenging, this is the app made for you.

In-app Purchases: $2.99 per item


The app has a lot of activities to partake in. From counting to alphabets, all are included in a great package.


I wish the developers used an actual artist and not just someone off the dev team to make the objects. They lack the polish and quality of high tier Android Apps for Toddlers.


5. Toddler Coloring Book – Free

Toddler Coloring Book

Simple Colors

This app here is a fine example of a simplistic app which can work well with kids. You see, kids are not like us, they only need to have fun. This app provides just what the doctor ordered, a simple interface, one blank drawing and a lot of colors to mess with. The app is perfect for the very young kids because they don’t need to master their digits in order to paint a picture. Tap on the colors to select them and tap anywhere to fill the section with that color. It is definitely not on par with the best drawing apps for Android but kids don’t need a ton of options.


The minimalistic controls are amazing for little kids. They will have a blast using this app because there is very little risk in changing colors.


The app comes with only 3 drawings. The drawings are not that hard either; they seem to be made by an actually kid which is a good thing. I do wish there was an option of adding in my own black and white drawings.



These were some of the good apps for toddlers on Android. There are certainly more apps out there which will work just fine, I selected these because they worked well with the kids I associate with. The apps are simple to use and are colorful enough to grab extended periods of attention. The apps can be installed on the best phones for kids and work really well in conjunction with the best Android games for kids as well. I suggest you try them all out just not all by yourself. Who knows what you don’t like, your kid might actually adore. If you have any suggestions, I’m always on the hunt for new apps.

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