The Best Android Browsers for Downloading: 10 Great Apps

Your Android phone is probably the essential thing in your life right now. Your phone contains nearly every information about yourself, and it stores a lot of your precious memories and documents. You need your mobile device to be functional and easy to use, which is why you need to think about choosing the best Android browser for downloading.

One of the crucial aspects of having an Android phone is the ability to download files on-the-go. You want to make sure you get the best Android browser for downloading, to help you manage a critical yet straightforward task for your day. There are many Android browsers out there, so which one should you get and why?

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1. Apus

If you are looking for a lightweight but powerful Android browser, consider downloading Apus. Apus is good enough to meet your daily needs, and it can provide both high and low-end smartphones with a smooth and fluid browsing experience.

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Not only can you navigate the internet at high-speed, but you can also expect the same results for your downloads. You can expect a speedy and stable download with the browser, and you can manage the files directly in the browser.


  • Smallest browser.
  • Renders pages faster-using speed mode.
  • Locks websites for private access.
  • Faster browsing for people with slow internet.


  • Lacks some essential features common to some popular browsers.

2. Brave

If you are into privacy and security, you should check out the Brave browser. It makes sure to block pop-ups and other trackers, to make sure you have a safe and secure browsing experience. One of the greatest feature this browser has is its ability to load a page while you head on to opening a new tab.


  • Allows multi-tasking and productivity.
  • Safe and secured browser.
  • Free.


  • Not a lot of add-ons available yet.
  • Occasional glitches.

3. Dolphin

Dolphin is an excellent alternative to your stock Android browser. The browsers UI is highly intuitive, and it allows you to access all your bookmarks and shortcuts instantly. A great feature this browser has is its built-in flash player and pop-up blocker, which can surely make your browsing experience smooth and reliable.

Downloading through this browser is also pretty fast and reliable. You can even download some flash videos and store it in your file manager. Don’t let this browser’s simplicity fool you, because it is also capable of being a powerhouse. Power users can enjoy advanced features like voice search, gesture support, and personalized search.


  • UI is customizable and personalized.
  • Easily syncs and stores bookmarks.


  • Add-ons to the browser are not compelling in comparison t

4. Google Chrome

Everyone knows this browser to be one of the quickest and best, even to Android phones. Chrome provides enough features for you to personalize, and has some of the best built-in features we all love and need.

Downloading using Google Chrome is easy because it has a dedicated download button for you to easily download any video, pictures, or even the entire web page in one press. You can also manage your downloads within the browser, and access them also while you are offline.

Google Chrome


  • Built-in Flash player.
  • Incognito window for private searching.
  • Syncs data across devices if you have an account.
  • Free download for any device.
  • Fast and reliable browser.


  • May not perform well in low-end smartphones because of the processing power and RAM it needs to operate.
  • Requires more storage to perform.

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5. Maxthon

Maxthon is pretty basic but remains to be a brilliant choice for many Android users. You can browse and download files on the internet at an optimum speed, and experience a smooth UI. The browser has some of the essential features you look for in a browser such as Incognito mode and flash player, which you can rely on.

Downloading a file is also simple, and you can customize where you want to store the file. You can choose between saving it on your cloud storage, or in a local folder on your phone. If you are looking for your next browser, you might want to check this out.


  • Automatically fills forms for you.
  • Fast browsing.
  • Allows you to download live stream videos.


  • Adblocker is not yet polished, so expect a few ads.

6. Mercury Browser

If you are looking for a simple browser with a nice UI, check out Mercury browser. It comes with a built-in file manager, which makes it easy for you to manage all your downloaded files. That best part about this file manager is it allows you to explore the files both in your phone and cloud storage. The browser has a unique file synchronization and management feature which allows you to manage and store your downloads.

Mercury Browser


  • Great storage management and flexibility.
  • Allows a lot customizability.


  • Some pop-ups once in a while.

7. Mozilla Firefox

Before Google Chrome existed, Mozilla Firefox was dominating the browser in the market. Firefox still performs well in comparison to other browsers, and it still has the familiar features you might have grown to love. Firefox stepped up its game by providing an abundance of add-ons for you to install on your browser, to help personalize your needs.

Mozilla Firefox


  • Blocks trackers and web malware.
  • Synchronizes your existing Firefox browsers from all platforms.
  • Free.


  • It does not work well for users who have low internet speed.

8. Opera Browser

Opera is everyone’s favourite browser, and through the years it has been getting better.

One of the best features Opera has is the Data Saving function, which can significantly reduce the cellular data it consumes when loading some pages. Another noteworthy feature is its built-in the newsfeed, which allows you to browse through some of the trendiest news around the world.


  • Data are saving features to reduce cellular data consumption.
  • Opera Turbo which can render pages faster.
  • Enables private browsing.
  • Prohibits pop-ups and anonymous ads.


  • The sponsored notification may pop-up.
  • Limited add-ons.

9. Puffin Browser

Puffin is a good browser choice and is pretty reliable considering some of its smart features. You can experience fast browsing even with slow connections because of its advanced javascript rendering engine. When it comes to storing your downloads, you can choose between saving them on your phone or the cloud.


  • Fast browsing experience.
  • Free to download.


  • Limited streaming of flash content.
  • Limited accessibility unless you pay for the Pro version.

10. UC Browser

You might have also seen UC Browser grow and know that a lot has changed for this Android browser. UC overtook some of its rivals because of how fast it can access the internet and UI. UC is one of the best browsers for downloading, and you don’t even need a separate download manager on your phone.

UC is customizable, and you can choose from various add-ons to help personalize your browser. However, be prepared to experience some promotional pop-ups and notifications once in a while. Unfortunately, you cannot disable the pop-ups, unlike other browsers.


  • Easy and smooth browsing.
  • Fast download.


  • Collects unnecessary information.
  • Keeps asking for application permissions, which can be annoying.
  • Too many sponsored articles.
  • Consumes too much RAM.

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Last Thoughts on the Best Android Browser for Downloading

There are a lot of Android browsers out there, and all of them are trying to out-perform one another. These browsers, however, are the ones that stand out from the rest.

And don’t forget: regardless of what browser you use, always keep in mind that you want to make sure the application is safe and secure.

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So which web browser are you using at the moment? Did we sell you on an Android browser for downloading from this list? Is downloading efficiency even a factor for you when choosing a web browser in the first place? Answer these questions and ask your own in the comment section below!

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  1. Are there any browsers that allow you to choose default download location? Read. some stuff about UC browser but it does not work and is very confusing. I think this is amended feature of a good downloading browser.

    1. Hi Ray, actually there are. For example, in Google Chrome. Launch the app then proceed to downloads. You will find additional settings in the download UI. From there, you will be able to change the directory of download as you wish. For UC Browser, all you have to do is proceed to the download settings UI. Tap on Default Path and keep tapping on the “/” backslash icon. By doing so, the path will go back to choosing between the internal storage or the installed Micro SD Card. If you wish to change the path to your Micro SD Card, simply tap the folder with more numbers then tap “OK.” That should work.

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