5 Best Android Chrome Adblocker Apps – Stop Annoying Pop-Up Ads

The internet is overflown with commercial ads and pop-ups that just get the best of us all the time. The aery adds and popup content always appears out of nowhere. But what about malware, third party surveillance, and cookies? Well, them too.

The majority of us are prone to buy a new device to enhance our internet experience. Surfing, liking, and exploring can be a pure joy if we only hadn’t had to deal with the pesky advertisement. Installing apps and learning about its features for some time. I liked the accessibility of various pages and apps. However, over time the more I used my phone, the more I realized how annoying the ads are, pop-ups and the advertisement in general.

But here’s a few apps that can fix and prevent those annoying ads to appear again.

5 Best Android Chrome Adblocker Apps

To disable those annoying pop-up ads, we researched and found 5 adblockers to help you have a better experience online.

1. AdBlock Plus +


This Android Chrome Adblocker is one of the first ones that appear in the search results in the Google Play Store. It’s a convenient and powerful extension to your browser that enables a better browsing experience.


  • Compatible with Chrome and Firefox
  • Practical interface
  • Blocks cookies
  • Saves the battery
  • Blocks ads on YouTube as well
  • Controls the incoming of advertisement, banners, and videos

2. AdShield


The AdShield app is the upper class of adblockers you can find in the Google Play Store. For only 0,99 USD, you can download this adblocker and enjoy your surfing without being disturbed. The interface of this tool is very practical, once you install the app, you’re good to go! One of the best features is that this app enables you to choose what is your priority when browsing without stressing. Pretty good huh!? What about cookies? Yes, them too! It also saves battery and enables faster surfing. YouTube? That too! Ironically, banners appear within the app itself once it’s started.

It has a high-ranking place among Android users. The UK places this adblocker on #39 of top-selling apps in 2019.


  • Simple and minimalistic interface
  • No rooting
  • It is compatible with phones and tablets
  • It is compatible with numerous browsers
  • Blocks banners, ads, and adult content
  • Child user-friendly

3. WebGuard


WebGuard disables ads but also serves as a protection from surveillance. Besides, this app is available for everyone, it’s free and to download it all you need to do is to subscribe, however, there is a trial period of usage. When it comes to those annoying, continuously interrupting ads, this add-on to Chrome can solve your problem. You will be able to experience the full joy of uninterrupted browsing only by installing this add-on.

WebGuard has a review of 4.5 and its features are very interesting. It blocks ads and malware. The best thing about this add-on is that it works on the principle of elimination, you just tick the box and make a list of what needs to be blocked! That’s it!

You can always choose to select different ads, only to block some of them or all of them, it’s entirely up to you. To permit a certain content, you only add it to a whitelist.


  • Disables ads
  • Protects from surveillance
  • Protects from malicious sites
  • Enables anonymous browsing
  • Provides safety of sensitive information
  • Does not require rooting
  • Applicable to many known browsers

4. Adult Block


This is an advanced and quite light adblocker that disables the adult content, meaning it is child-friendly and safe. This particular application uses the identification of adult elements, performs an automated analysis and blocks it. This app is available for 7-Day-Free Trial and if it’s a fit, you can use it for only 1.5 USD per month. This Android adblocker protects any mobile device from malicious sites, enables anonymity and many other features. This app encrypts data for protection when you browse in open networks giving you safety when you share sensitive information.

One of the best features that this app has is that it blocks sites that contain malicious data and requires no rooting! Best of all, what is the most important thing, it does not require a specific browser! You can use it on any browser, in this case, it works pretty good with Chrome!


  • Password protection
  • Allow or denied a certain domain of your preference
  • List customization of certain words
  • You can specify the level of protection
  • Can be used for most known browsers

5. Filter Chrome Browser by Manage SPIN

Filter Chrome Browser by Manage SPIN-adblocker-plus-best-android-chrome-app

This application is one of the best filtering apps there is on the Google Play Store. This powerful app helps block nudity and adult content on the web. This is an extension to the Chrome browser and it operates by blocking all nudity and obscene content. It has also had its browser, but it’s not mandatory to use it.


  • Blocks adult content by default
  • Automatically blocks apps and unfiltered sites
  • Has built-in blockers for social media platforms
  • Child-friendly
  • Has a 7-days-free trial period

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best ad blocker for Android Chrome?

Researching this topic, I have come to encounter different problems. Firstly, it was difficult to find a suitable adblocker addon for Chrome Android, secondly, most of the available apps in the Google Play Store are browsers. What I found to work the best was the AdShield adblocker that has a wide spectrum of protection and adblocking. This adblocker is not exclusively made for Chrome, it’s compatible with numerous other internet browsers.

Is Adblock for Android Chrome free?

The AdBlock that is provided with the Chrome browser is free, however, you can purchase additional adblocker on Google Play Store or download for free. It’s best to research what suits you best before doing anything.

How to disable AdBlock on Chrome?

To disable AdBlock on Chrome, go to the browser’s Settings -> Site Settings -> Pop-ups and redirects then set it to Allowed by tapping on it.

Is Adblock an Android Chrome addon?

Yes. Here we researched only addons without having to install an entirely new browser, now you can use only the addon. However, you can find a full app with a browser and the AdBlock option. It’s entirely up to you.

AdBlocker Apps for Chrome on Android

You can always find new adblockers available in Google Play Store, this changes over time and the quality can vary. Most of them greatly depends on your device and browser. Ones that are paid for offer better longevity of the app, however, that’s not applicable for all cases. I was well surprised by several of the above-mentioned apps! I used two mobile devices to test them, Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy. Both devices gave good responses to all of the apps, no more ads! Yes!


Firewalla, an all-in-one intelligent firewall that connects to your router and protects your devices from cyber attacks. An advanced solution to safeguard your personal data, monitor and control your kids’ internet usage, block ads, and continue protecting your information from threats when you’re using your device on the road. There is no monthly fee!


The positive side is that they all work on some level. However, it was difficult to find ones that are suitable for Chrome Android without having to install an entirely new browser. Most of them are applicable for a wide spectrum of browsers, yet a very small amount can be used precisely for Android Chrome. Try them out, especially if you have a new phone, it will be worth it. Tell us what do you think about this topic in the comment section down below. What were your experiences, which mobile devices do you use and what was the best adblocker for you?

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